Versatile Diffusion: Text, Images and Variations All in One Diffusion Model

The recent advances in diffusion models have set an impressive milestone in many generation tasks. Trending works such as DALL-E2, Imagen, and Stable Diffusion have attracted great interest in academia and industry. Despite the rapid landscape changes, recent new approaches focus on extensions and performance rather than capacity, thus requiring separate models for separate tasks. In this work, we expand the existing single-flow diffusion pipeline into a multi-flow network, dubbed Versatile Diffusion (VD), that handles text-to-image, image-to-text, image-variation, and text-variation in one unified model. Moreover, we generalize VD to a unified multi-flow multimodal diffusion framework with grouped layers, swappable streams, and other propositions that can process modalities beyond images and text. Through our experiments, we demonstrate that VD and its underlying framework have the following merits: a) VD handles all subtasks with competitive quality; b) VD initiates novel extensions and applications such as disentanglement of style and semantic, image-text dual-guided generation, etc.; c) Through these experiments and applications, VD provides more semantic insights of the generated outputs. Our code and models are open-sourced at

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