WaveletAE: A Wavelet-enhanced Autoencoder for Wind Turbine Blade Icing Detection

Wind power, as an alternative to burning fossil fuels, is abundant and inexhaustible. To fully utilize wind power, wind farms are usually located in areas of high altitude and facing serious ice conditions, which can lead to serious consequences. Quick detection of blade ice accretion is crucial for the maintenance of wind farms. Unlike traditional methods of installing expensive physical detectors on wind blades, data-driven approaches are increasingly popular for inspecting the wind turbine failures. In this work, we propose a wavelet enhanced autoencoder model (WaveletAE) to identify wind turbine dysfunction by analyzing the multivariate time series monitored by the SCADA system. WaveletAE is enhanced with wavelet detail coefficients to enforce the autoencoder to capture information from multiple scales, and the CNN-LSTM architecture is applied to learn channel-wise and temporal-wise relations. The empirical study shows that the proposed model outperforms other state-of-the-art time series anomaly detection methods for real-world blade icing detection.

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