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Waypoint Models for Instruction-guided Navigation in Continuous Environments

1 code implementation ICCV 2021 Jacob Krantz, Aaron Gokaslan, Dhruv Batra, Stefan Lee, Oleksandr Maksymets

Little inquiry has explicitly addressed the role of action spaces in language-guided visual navigation -- either in terms of its effect on navigation success or the efficiency with which a robotic agent could execute the resulting trajectory.

Visual Navigation

GaussiGAN: Controllable Image Synthesis with 3D Gaussians from Unposed Silhouettes

no code implementations24 Jun 2021 Youssef A. Mejjati, Isa Milefchik, Aaron Gokaslan, Oliver Wang, Kwang In Kim, James Tompkin

We present an algorithm that learns a coarse 3D representation of objects from unposed multi-view 2D mask supervision, then uses it to generate detailed mask and image texture.

Image Generation Object Reconstruction

THDA: Treasure Hunt Data Augmentation for Semantic Navigation

no code implementations ICCV 2021 Oleksandr Maksymets, Vincent Cartillier, Aaron Gokaslan, Erik Wijmans, Wojciech Galuba, Stefan Lee, Dhruv Batra

We show that this is a natural consequence of optimizing for the task metric (which in fact penalizes exploration), is enabled by powerful observation encoders, and is possible due to the finite set of training environment configurations.

Data Augmentation PointGoal Navigation

MatryODShka: Real-time 6DoF Video View Synthesis using Multi-Sphere Images

1 code implementation ECCV 2020 Benjamin Attal, Selena Ling, Aaron Gokaslan, Christian Richardt, James Tompkin

Our approach is to simultaneously learn depth and disocclusions via a multi-sphere image representation, which can be rendered with correct 6DoF disparity and motion parallax in VR.

ObjectNav Revisited: On Evaluation of Embodied Agents Navigating to Objects

3 code implementations23 Jun 2020 Dhruv Batra, Aaron Gokaslan, Aniruddha Kembhavi, Oleksandr Maksymets, Roozbeh Mottaghi, Manolis Savva, Alexander Toshev, Erik Wijmans

In particular, the agent is initialized at a random location and pose in an environment and asked to find an instance of an object category, e. g., find a chair, by navigating to it.

Generating Object Stamps

1 code implementation1 Jan 2020 Youssef Alami Mejjati, Zejiang Shen, Michael Snower, Aaron Gokaslan, Oliver Wang, James Tompkin, Kwang In Kim

We present an algorithm to generate diverse foreground objects and composite them into background images using a GAN architecture.

Learning Deep Parameterized Skills from Demonstration for Re-targetable Visuomotor Control

2 code implementations23 Oct 2019 Jonathan Chang, Nishanth Kumar, Sean Hastings, Aaron Gokaslan, Diego Romeres, Devesh Jha, Daniel Nikovski, George Konidaris, Stefanie Tellex

We demonstrate that our model trained on 33% of the possible goals is able to generalize to more than 90% of the targets in the scene for both simulation and robot experiments.

Improving Shape Deformation in Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation

4 code implementations ECCV 2018 Aaron Gokaslan, Vivek Ramanujan, Daniel Ritchie, Kwang In Kim, James Tompkin

Unsupervised image-to-image translation techniques are able to map local texture between two domains, but they are typically unsuccessful when the domains require larger shape change.

Semantic Segmentation Translation +1

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