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Efficient Transformers with Dynamic Token Pooling

1 code implementation17 Nov 2022 Piotr Nawrot, Jan Chorowski, Adrian Łańcucki, Edoardo M. Ponti

Transformers achieve unrivalled performance in modelling language, but remain inefficient in terms of memory and time complexity.

Variable-rate hierarchical CPC leads to acoustic unit discovery in speech

1 code implementation5 Jun 2022 Santiago Cuervo, Adrian Łańcucki, Ricard Marxer, Paweł Rychlikowski, Jan Chorowski

The success of deep learning comes from its ability to capture the hierarchical structure of data by learning high-level representations defined in terms of low-level ones.

Acoustic Unit Discovery Disentanglement +4

Contrastive prediction strategies for unsupervised segmentation and categorization of phonemes and words

1 code implementation29 Oct 2021 Santiago Cuervo, Maciej Grabias, Jan Chorowski, Grzegorz Ciesielski, Adrian Łańcucki, Paweł Rychlikowski, Ricard Marxer

We investigate the performance on phoneme categorization and phoneme and word segmentation of several self-supervised learning (SSL) methods based on Contrastive Predictive Coding (CPC).

Self-Supervised Learning

Aligned Contrastive Predictive Coding

1 code implementation24 Apr 2021 Jan Chorowski, Grzegorz Ciesielski, Jarosław Dzikowski, Adrian Łańcucki, Ricard Marxer, Mateusz Opala, Piotr Pusz, Paweł Rychlikowski, Michał Stypułkowski

We investigate the possibility of forcing a self-supervised model trained using a contrastive predictive loss to extract slowly varying latent representations.

FastPitch: Parallel Text-to-speech with Pitch Prediction

6 code implementations11 Jun 2020 Adrian Łańcucki

We present FastPitch, a fully-parallel text-to-speech model based on FastSpeech, conditioned on fundamental frequency contours.

A Talker Ensemble: the University of Wrocław's Entry to the NIPS 2017 Conversational Intelligence Challenge

no code implementations21 May 2018 Jan Chorowski, Adrian Łańcucki, Szymon Malik, Maciej Pawlikowski, Paweł Rychlikowski, Paweł Zykowski

We present Poetwannabe, a chatbot submitted by the University of Wroc{\l}aw to the NIPS 2017 Conversational Intelligence Challenge, in which it ranked first ex-aequo.

Chatbot Question Answering

GGP with Advanced Reasoning and Board Knowledge Discovery

no code implementations22 Jan 2014 Adrian Łańcucki

Quality of General Game Playing (GGP) matches suffers from slow state-switching and weak knowledge modules.

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