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Volumetric Primitives for Modeling and Rendering Scattering and Emissive Media

no code implementations24 May 2024 Jorge Condor, Sebastien Speierer, Lukas Bode, Aljaz Bozic, Simon Green, Piotr Didyk, Adrian Jarabo

Inspired by recent methods for scene reconstruction that leverage mixtures of 3D Gaussians to model radiance fields, we formalize and generalize the modeling of scattering and emissive media using mixtures of simple kernel-based volumetric primitives.

Inverse Rendering

Non-line-of-sight imaging in the presence of scattering media using phasor fields

no code implementations25 Aug 2023 Pablo Luesia, Miguel Crespo, Adrian Jarabo, Albert Redo-Sanchez

In this work, we investigate current state-of-the-art NLOS imaging methods based on phasor fields to reconstruct scenes submerged in scattering media.

Virtual Light Transport Matrices for Non-Line-Of-Sight Imaging

no code implementations ICCV 2021 Julio Marco, Adrian Jarabo, Ji Hyun Nam, Xiaochun Liu, Miguel Ángel Cosculluela, Andreas Velten, Diego Gutierrez

The light transport matrix (LTM) is an instrumental tool in line-of-sight (LOS) imaging, describing how light interacts with the scene and enabling applications such as relighting or separation of illumination components.

Virtual Wave Optics for Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging

no code implementations17 Oct 2018 Xiaochun Liu, Ibón Guillén, Marco La Manna, Ji Hyun Nam, Syed Azer Reza, Toan Huu Le, Diego Gutierrez, Adrian Jarabo, Andreas Velten

Since imaging information cannot be recovered from the irradiance arriving at the relay surface, we introduce the concept of the phasor field, a mathematical construct representing a fast variation in irradiance.

Fast Back-Projection for Non-Line of Sight Reconstruction

no code implementations6 Mar 2017 Victor Arellano, Diego Gutierrez, Adrian Jarabo

These works combine ultrafast imaging systems with computation, which back-projects the recorded space-time signal to build a probabilistic map of the hidden geometry.

A Computational Model of a Single-Photon Avalanche Diode Sensor for Transient Imaging

no code implementations23 Feb 2017 Quercus Hernandez, Diego Gutierrez, Adrian Jarabo

In this work we describe a computational model to simulate the behaviour of SPAD sensors, aiming to provide a realistic camera model for time-resolved light transport simulation, with applications on prototyping new reconstructions techniques based on SPAD time-of-flight data.

Recent Advances in Transient Imaging: A Computer Graphics and Vision Perspective

no code implementations3 Nov 2016 Adrian Jarabo, Belen Masia, Julio Marco, Diego Gutierrez

Transient imaging has recently made a huge impact in the computer graphics and computer vision fields.


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