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Superpixel Transformers for Efficient Semantic Segmentation

no code implementations28 Sep 2023 Alex Zihao Zhu, Jieru Mei, Siyuan Qiao, Hang Yan, Yukun Zhu, Liang-Chieh Chen, Henrik Kretzschmar

Finally, we directly project the superpixel class predictions back into the pixel space using the associations between the superpixels and the image pixel features.

Autonomous Driving Segmentation +2

Instance Segmentation with Cross-Modal Consistency

no code implementations14 Oct 2022 Alex Zihao Zhu, Vincent Casser, Reza Mahjourian, Henrik Kretzschmar, Sören Pirk

We demonstrate that this formulation encourages the models to learn embeddings that are invariant to viewpoint variations and consistent across sensor modalities.

Autonomous Driving Contrastive Learning +4

Waymo Open Dataset: Panoramic Video Panoptic Segmentation

1 code implementation15 Jun 2022 Jieru Mei, Alex Zihao Zhu, Xinchen Yan, Hang Yan, Siyuan Qiao, Yukun Zhu, Liang-Chieh Chen, Henrik Kretzschmar, Dragomir Anguelov

We therefore present the Waymo Open Dataset: Panoramic Video Panoptic Segmentation Dataset, a large-scale dataset that offers high-quality panoptic segmentation labels for autonomous driving.

Autonomous Driving Image Segmentation +4

Spike-FlowNet: Event-based Optical Flow Estimation with Energy-Efficient Hybrid Neural Networks

1 code implementation ECCV 2020 Chankyu Lee, Adarsh Kumar Kosta, Alex Zihao Zhu, Kenneth Chaney, Kostas Daniilidis, Kaushik Roy

Spiking Neural Networks (SNNs) serve as ideal paradigms to handle event camera outputs, but deep SNNs suffer in terms of performance due to the spike vanishing phenomenon.

Computational Efficiency Event-based Optical Flow +3

EventGAN: Leveraging Large Scale Image Datasets for Event Cameras

1 code implementation3 Dec 2019 Alex Zihao Zhu, ZiYun Wang, Kaung Khant, Kostas Daniilidis

Event cameras provide a number of benefits over traditional cameras, such as the ability to track incredibly fast motions, high dynamic range, and low power consumption.

2D Human Pose Estimation Image Reconstruction +4

Motion Equivariant Networks for Event Cameras with the Temporal Normalization Transform

no code implementations18 Feb 2019 Alex Zihao Zhu, ZiYun Wang, Kostas Daniilidis

In this work, we propose a novel transformation for events from an event camera that is equivariant to optical flow under convolutions in the 3-D spatiotemporal domain.

Data Augmentation General Classification +1

Robustness Meets Deep Learning: An End-to-End Hybrid Pipeline for Unsupervised Learning of Egomotion

no code implementations20 Dec 2018 Alex Zihao Zhu, Wenxin Liu, ZiYun Wang, Vijay Kumar, Kostas Daniilidis

In this work, we propose a method that combines unsupervised deep learning predictions for optical flow and monocular disparity with a model based optimization procedure for instantaneous camera pose.

Optical Flow Estimation

Unsupervised Event-based Learning of Optical Flow, Depth, and Egomotion

2 code implementations CVPR 2019 Alex Zihao Zhu, Liangzhe Yuan, Kenneth Chaney, Kostas Daniilidis

In this work, we propose a novel framework for unsupervised learning for event cameras that learns motion information from only the event stream.

Optical Flow Estimation

Realtime Time Synchronized Event-based Stereo

no code implementations ECCV 2018 Alex Zihao Zhu, Yibo Chen, Kostas Daniilidis

In this work, we propose a novel event based stereo method which addresses the problem of motion blur for a moving event camera.

EV-FlowNet: Self-Supervised Optical Flow Estimation for Event-based Cameras

2 code implementations19 Feb 2018 Alex Zihao Zhu, Liangzhe Yuan, Kenneth Chaney, Kostas Daniilidis

Event-based cameras have shown great promise in a variety of situations where frame based cameras suffer, such as high speed motions and high dynamic range scenes.

Optical Flow Estimation

The Multi Vehicle Stereo Event Camera Dataset: An Event Camera Dataset for 3D Perception

no code implementations30 Jan 2018 Alex Zihao Zhu, Dinesh Thakur, Tolga Ozaslan, Bernd Pfrommer, Vijay Kumar, Kostas Daniilidis

Event based cameras are a new passive sensing modality with a number of benefits over traditional cameras, including extremely low latency, asynchronous data acquisition, high dynamic range and very low power consumption.


Event-Based Visual Inertial Odometry

no code implementations CVPR 2017 Alex Zihao Zhu, Nikolay Atanasov, Kostas Daniilidis

An Extended Kalman Filter with a structureless measurement model then fuses the feature tracks with the output of the IMU.

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