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Pareto-Optimal Quantized ResNet Is Mostly 4-bit

1 code implementation7 May 2021 Amirali Abdolrashidi, Lisa Wang, Shivani Agrawal, Jonathan Malmaud, Oleg Rybakov, Chas Leichner, Lukasz Lew

In this work, we use ResNet as a case study to systematically investigate the effects of quantization on inference compute cost-quality tradeoff curves.


Transferable Graph Optimizers for ML Compilers

no code implementations NeurIPS 2020 Yanqi Zhou, Sudip Roy, Amirali Abdolrashidi, Daniel Wong, Peter Ma, Qiumin Xu, Hanxiao Liu, Phitchaya Mangpo Phothilimthana, Shen Wang, Anna Goldie, Azalia Mirhoseini, James Laudon

Most compilers for machine learning (ML) frameworks need to solve many correlated optimization problems to generate efficient machine code.

Age and Gender Prediction From Face Images Using Attentional Convolutional Network

no code implementations8 Oct 2020 Amirali Abdolrashidi, Mehdi Minaei, Elham Azimi, Shervin Minaee

We train our model in a multi-task learning fashion, and augment the feature embedding of the age classifier, with the predicted gender, and show that doing so can further increase the accuracy of age prediction.

Gender Prediction Multi-Task Learning

Palm-GAN: Generating Realistic Palmprint Images Using Total-Variation Regularized GAN

no code implementations21 Mar 2020 Shervin Minaee, Mehdi Minaei, Amirali Abdolrashidi

We apply this framework to a popular palmprint databases, and generate images which look very realistic, and similar to the samples in this database.

Biometrics Recognition Using Deep Learning: A Survey

1 code implementation30 Nov 2019 Shervin Minaee, Amirali Abdolrashidi, Hang Su, Mohammed Bennamoun, David Zhang

Deep learning-based models have been very successful in achieving state-of-the-art results in many of the computer vision, speech recognition, and natural language processing tasks in the last few years.

Gait Recognition Speech Recognition

GDP: Generalized Device Placement for Dataflow Graphs

no code implementations28 Sep 2019 Yanqi Zhou, Sudip Roy, Amirali Abdolrashidi, Daniel Wong, Peter C. Ma, Qiumin Xu, Ming Zhong, Hanxiao Liu, Anna Goldie, Azalia Mirhoseini, James Laudon

Runtime and scalability of large neural networks can be significantly affected by the placement of operations in their dataflow graphs on suitable devices.

FingerNet: Pushing The Limits of Fingerprint Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network

no code implementations28 Jul 2019 Shervin Minaee, Elham Azimi, Amirali Abdolrashidi

Fingerprint recognition has been utilized for cellphone authentication, airport security and beyond.

DeepIris: Iris Recognition Using A Deep Learning Approach

no code implementations22 Jul 2019 Shervin Minaee, Amirali Abdolrashidi

Iris recognition has been an active research area during last few decades, because of its wide applications in security, from airports to homeland security border control.

Iris Recognition

Deep-Sentiment: Sentiment Analysis Using Ensemble of CNN and Bi-LSTM Models

no code implementations8 Apr 2019 Shervin Minaee, Elham Azimi, Amirali Abdolrashidi

With the popularity of social networks, and e-commerce websites, sentiment analysis has become a more active area of research in the past few years.

Sentiment Analysis

Deep-Emotion: Facial Expression Recognition Using Attentional Convolutional Network

2 code implementations4 Feb 2019 Shervin Minaee, Amirali Abdolrashidi

In recent years, several works proposed an end-to-end framework for facial expression recognition, using deep learning models.

Facial Expression Recognition

Finger-GAN: Generating Realistic Fingerprint Images Using Connectivity Imposed GAN

no code implementations25 Dec 2018 Shervin Minaee, Amirali Abdolrashidi

Through experimental results, we show that the generated fingerprint images have a good diversity, and are able to capture different parts of the prior distribution.

Iris-GAN: Learning to Generate Realistic Iris Images Using Convolutional GAN

no code implementations12 Dec 2018 Shervin Minaee, Amirali Abdolrashidi

Generating iris images which look realistic is both an interesting and challenging problem.

Multispectral Palmprint Recognition Using Textural Features

no code implementations28 Aug 2014 Shervin Minaee, Amirali Abdolrashidi

In order to utilize identification to the best extent, we need robust and fast algorithms and systems to process the data.

Highly Accurate Multispectral Palmprint Recognition Using Statistical and Wavelet Features

no code implementations16 Aug 2014 Shervin Minaee, Amirali Abdolrashidi

Palmprint is one of the most useful physiological biometrics that can be used as a powerful means in personal recognition systems.

General Classification

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