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ArXiving Before Submission Helps Everyone

no code implementations11 Oct 2020 Dmytro Mishkin, Amy Tabb, Jiri Matas

We claim, and present evidence, that allowing arXiv publication before a conference or journal submission benefits researchers, especially early career, as well as the whole scientific community.

Solving the Robot-World Hand-Eye(s) Calibration Problem with Iterative Methods

1 code implementation Machine Vision and Applications 2019 Amy Tabb, Khalil M. Ahmad Yousef

Robot-world, hand-eye calibration is the problem of determining the transformation between the robot end-effector and a camera, as well as the transformation between the robot base and the world coordinate system.

Using cameras for precise measurement of two-dimensional plant features: CASS

2 code implementations30 Apr 2019 Amy Tabb, Germán A Holguín, Rachel Naegele

The use of this protocol for two-dimensional plant phenotyping will allow data capture from different cameras and environments, with comparison on the same physical scale.

Calibration of Asynchronous Camera Networks: CALICO

1 code implementation15 Mar 2019 Amy Tabb, Henry Medeiros, Mitchell J. Feldmann, Thiago T. Santos

Camera network and multi-camera calibration for external parameters is a necessary step for a variety of contexts in computer vision and robotics, ranging from three-dimensional reconstruction to human activity tracking.

Camera Calibration Object Reconstruction

FreeLabel: A Publicly Available Annotation Tool based on Freehand Traces

2 code implementations18 Feb 2019 Philipe A. Dias, Zhou Shen, Amy Tabb, Henry Medeiros

Large-scale annotation of image segmentation datasets is often prohibitively expensive, as it usually requires a huge number of worker hours to obtain high-quality results.

Semantic Segmentation

Segmenting root systems in X-ray computed tomography images using level sets

1 code implementation17 Sep 2018 Amy Tabb, Keith E. Duncan, Christopher N. Topp

In this paper, we describe a method based on level sets and specifically adapted for this segmentation problem.

Apple Flower Detection using Deep Convolutional Networks

no code implementations17 Sep 2018 Philipe A. Dias, Amy Tabb, Henry Medeiros

To optimize fruit production, a portion of the flowers and fruitlets of apple trees must be removed early in the growing season.

A robotic vision system to measure tree traits

no code implementations17 Jul 2017 Amy Tabb, Henry Medeiros

The autonomous measurement of tree traits, such as branching structure, branch diameters, branch lengths, and branch angles, is required for tasks such as robotic pruning of trees as well as structural phenotyping.


Automatic segmentation of trees in dynamic outdoor environments

no code implementations24 Feb 2017 Amy Tabb, Henry Medeiros

Segmentation in dynamic outdoor environments can be difficult when the illumination levels and other aspects of the scene cannot be controlled.


Fast and robust curve skeletonization for real-world elongated objects

2 code implementations24 Feb 2017 Amy Tabb, Henry Medeiros

We consider the problem of extracting curve skeletons of three-dimensional, elongated objects given a noisy surface, which has applications in agricultural contexts such as extracting the branching structure of plants.

Decision Making

Shape from Silhouette Probability Maps: Reconstruction of Thin Objects in the Presence of Silhouette Extraction and Calibration Error

no code implementations CVPR 2013 Amy Tabb

This paper considers the problem of reconstructing the shape of thin, texture-less objects such as leafless trees when there is noise or deterministic error in the silhouette extraction step or there are small errors in camera calibration.

Camera Calibration

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