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Plug in the Safety Chip: Enforcing Constraints for LLM-driven Robot Agents

no code implementations18 Sep 2023 ZiYi Yang, Shreyas S. Raman, Ankit Shah, Stefanie Tellex

Recent advancements in large language models (LLMs) have enabled a new research domain, LLM agents, for solving robotics and planning tasks by leveraging the world knowledge and general reasoning abilities of LLMs obtained during pretraining.

Imprecise Label Learning: A Unified Framework for Learning with Various Imprecise Label Configurations

no code implementations22 May 2023 Hao Chen, Ankit Shah, Jindong Wang, Ran Tao, Yidong Wang, Xing Xie, Masashi Sugiyama, Rita Singh, Bhiksha Raj

In this paper, we introduce the imprecise label learning (ILL) framework, a unified approach to handle various imprecise label configurations, which are commonplace challenges in machine learning tasks.

Learning with noisy labels Partial Label Learning

Deep PackGen: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Framework for Adversarial Network Packet Generation

no code implementations18 May 2023 Soumyadeep Hore, Jalal Ghadermazi, Diwas Paudel, Ankit Shah, Tapas K. Das, Nathaniel D. Bastian

The knowledge gained from our study on the adversary's ability to make specific evasive perturbations to different types of malicious packets can help defenders enhance the robustness of their NIDS against evolving adversarial attacks.

Network Intrusion Detection reinforcement-learning

Improving Perceptual Quality, Intelligibility, and Acoustics on VoIP Platforms

no code implementations16 Mar 2023 Joseph Konan, Ojas Bhargave, Shikhar Agnihotri, Hojeong Lee, Ankit Shah, Shuo Han, Yunyang Zeng, Amanda Shu, Haohui Liu, Xuankai Chang, Hamza Khalid, Minseon Gwak, Kawon Lee, Minjeong Kim, Bhiksha Raj

In this paper, we present a method for fine-tuning models trained on the Deep Noise Suppression (DNS) 2020 Challenge to improve their performance on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications.

Multi-Task Learning Speech Enhancement +2

Exploiting Contextual Structure to Generate Useful Auxiliary Tasks

no code implementations9 Mar 2023 Benedict Quartey, Ankit Shah, George Konidaris

We propose an approach that maximizes experience reuse while learning to solve a given task by generating and simultaneously learning useful auxiliary tasks.

reinforcement-learning Reinforcement Learning (RL)

Approach to Learning Generalized Audio Representation Through Batch Embedding Covariance Regularization and Constant-Q Transforms

no code implementations7 Mar 2023 Ankit Shah, Shuyi Chen, Kejun Zhou, Yue Chen, Bhiksha Raj

Preliminary results show (1) the proposed BECR can incur a more dispersed embedding on the test set, (2) BECR improves the PaSST model without extra computation complexity, and (3) STFT preprocessing outperforms CQT in all tasks we tested.

Zero-Shot Learning

Lang2LTL: Translating Natural Language Commands to Temporal Robot Task Specification

no code implementations22 Feb 2023 Jason Xinyu Liu, ZiYi Yang, Ifrah Idrees, Sam Liang, Benjamin Schornstein, Stefanie Tellex, Ankit Shah

Lang2LTL achieves an average accuracy of 88. 4% in translating challenging LTL formulas in 22 unseen OSM environments as evaluated on a new corpus of over 10, 000 commands, 22 times better than the previous SoTA.

Conformers are All You Need for Visual Speech Recogntion

no code implementations17 Feb 2023 Oscar Chang, Hank Liao, Dmitriy Serdyuk, Ankit Shah, Olivier Siohan

We achieve a new state-of-the-art of $12. 8\%$ WER for visual speech recognition on the TED LRS3 dataset, which rivals the performance of audio-only models from just four years ago.

speech-recognition Visual Speech Recognition

Deep VULMAN: A Deep Reinforcement Learning-Enabled Cyber Vulnerability Management Framework

no code implementations3 Aug 2022 Soumyadeep Hore, Ankit Shah, Nathaniel D. Bastian

The current approaches are deterministic and one-time decision-making methods, which do not consider future uncertainties when prioritizing and selecting vulnerabilities for mitigation.

Decision Making Management +2

Automated Audio Captioning and Language-Based Audio Retrieval

1 code implementation8 Jul 2022 Clive Gomes, Hyejin Park, Patrick Kollman, Yi Song, Iffanice Houndayi, Ankit Shah

This project involved participation in the DCASE 2022 Competition (Task 6) which had two subtasks: (1) Automated Audio Captioning and (2) Language-Based Audio Retrieval.

Audio captioning Retrieval

Temporal Logic Imitation: Learning Plan-Satisficing Motion Policies from Demonstrations

no code implementations9 Jun 2022 Yanwei Wang, Nadia Figueroa, Shen Li, Ankit Shah, Julie Shah

In this work, we identify the roots of this challenge as the failure of a learned continuous policy to satisfy the discrete plan implicit in the demonstration.

Imitation Learning

Financial Time Series Data Augmentation with Generative Adversarial Networks and Extended Intertemporal Return Plots

no code implementations18 May 2022 Justin Hellermann, Qinzhuan Qian, Ankit Shah

Data augmentation is a key regularization method to support the forecast and classification performance of highly parameterized models in computer vision.

Data Augmentation Time Series +1

Ontological Learning from Weak Labels

no code implementations4 Mar 2022 Larry Tang, Po Hao Chou, Yi Yu Zheng, Ziqian Ge, Ankit Shah, Bhiksha Raj

We find that the baseline Siamese does not perform better by incorporating ontology information in the weak and multi-label scenario, but that the GCN does capture the ontology knowledge better for weak, multi-labeled data.

An Overview of Techniques for Biomarker Discovery in Voice Signal

no code implementations10 Oct 2021 Rita Singh, Ankit Shah, Hira Dhamyal

This paper reflects on the effect of several categories of medical conditions on human voice, focusing on those that may be hypothesized to have effects on voice, but for which the changes themselves may be subtle enough to have eluded observation in standard analytical examinations of the voice signal.

Supervised Bayesian Specification Inference from Demonstrations

no code implementations6 Jul 2021 Ankit Shah, Pritish Kamath, Shen Li, Patrick Craven, Kevin Landers, Kevin Oden, Julie Shah

When observing task demonstrations, human apprentices are able to identify whether a given task is executed correctly long before they gain expertise in actually performing that task.

Probabilistic Programming

Training image classifiers using Semi-Weak Label Data

no code implementations19 Mar 2021 Anxiang Zhang, Ankit Shah, Bhiksha Raj

Thus, this paper introduces a novel semi-weak label learning paradigm as a middle ground to mitigate the problem.

Multiple Instance Learning

A Reinforcement Learning Approach for Rebalancing Electric Vehicle Sharing Systems

1 code implementation5 Oct 2020 Aigerim Bogyrbayeva, Sungwook Jang, Ankit Shah, Young Jae Jang, Changhyun Kwon

This paper proposes a reinforcement learning approach for nightly offline rebalancing operations in free-floating electric vehicle sharing systems (FFEVSS).

reinforcement-learning Reinforcement Learning (RL)

Interactive Robot Training for Non-Markov Tasks

no code implementations4 Mar 2020 Ankit Shah, Samir Wadhwania, Julie Shah

Defining sound and complete specifications for robots using formal languages is challenging, while learning formal specifications directly from demonstrations can lead to over-constrained task policies.

Active Learning

Bayes-TrEx: a Bayesian Sampling Approach to Model Transparency by Example

1 code implementation19 Feb 2020 Serena Booth, Yilun Zhou, Ankit Shah, Julie Shah

To address these challenges, we introduce a flexible model inspection framework: Bayes-TrEx.

Domain Adaptation

Sampling Prediction-Matching Examples in Neural Networks: A Probabilistic Programming Approach

no code implementations9 Jan 2020 Serena Booth, Ankit Shah, Yilun Zhou, Julie Shah

In this paper, we consider the problem of exploring the prediction level sets of a classifier using probabilistic programming.

General Classification Probabilistic Programming

Sound event detection in domestic environments withweakly labeled data and soundscape synthesis

1 code implementation26 Oct 2019 Nicolas Turpault, Romain Serizel, Ankit Shah, Justin Salamon

This paper presents Task 4 of the Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events (DCASE) 2019 challenge and provides a first analysis of the challenge results.

Event Detection Sound Event Detection

Bayesian Inference of Temporal Task Specifications from Demonstrations

no code implementations NeurIPS 2018 Ankit Shah, Pritish Kamath, Julie A. Shah, Shen Li

When observing task demonstrations, human apprentices are able to identify whether a given task is executed correctly long before they gain expertise in actually performing that task.

Probabilistic Programming

Two Can Play That Game: An Adversarial Evaluation of a Cyber-alert Inspection System

no code implementations13 Oct 2018 Ankit Shah, Arunesh Sinha, Rajesh Ganesan, Sushil Jajodia, Hasan Cam

In order to explain this observation, we extend the earlier RL model to a game model and show that there exists defender policies that can be robust against any adversarial policy.

Reinforcement Learning (RL)

CADP: A Novel Dataset for CCTV Traffic Camera based Accident Analysis

1 code implementation16 Sep 2018 Ankit Shah, Jean Baptiste Lamare, Tuan Nguyen Anh, Alexander Hauptmann

Our experiments indicate a considerable improvement in object detection accuracy: +8. 51% for CM and +6. 20% for ACM.

object-detection Object Detection +1

Natural Language Person Search Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

no code implementations2 Sep 2018 Ankit Shah, Tyler Vuong

Deep Reinforcement learning with appropriate constraints would look only for the relevant person in the image as opposed to an unconstrained approach where each individual objects in the image are ranked.

object-detection Object Detection +4

A Closer Look at Weak Label Learning for Audio Events

1 code implementation24 Apr 2018 Ankit Shah, Anurag Kumar, Alexander G. Hauptmann, Bhiksha Raj

In this work, we first describe a CNN based approach for weakly supervised training of audio events.

Audio Classification Event Detection +2

Framework for evaluation of sound event detection in web videos

no code implementations2 Nov 2017 Rohan Badlani, Ankit Shah, Benjamin Elizalde, Anurag Kumar, Bhiksha Raj

The framework crawls videos using search queries corresponding to 78 sound event labels drawn from three datasets.

Event Detection Sound Event Detection

An Approach for Self-Training Audio Event Detectors Using Web Data

no code implementations20 Sep 2016 Benjamin Elizalde, Ankit Shah, Siddharth Dalmia, Min Hun Lee, Rohan Badlani, Anurag Kumar, Bhiksha Raj, Ian Lane

The audio event detectors are trained on the labeled audio and ran on the unlabeled audio downloaded from YouTube.

Event Detection

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