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Towards Automated Real-time Evaluation in Text-based Counseling

no code implementations7 Mar 2022 Anqi Li, Jingsong Ma, Lizhi Ma, Pengfei Fang, Hongliang He, Zhenzhong Lan

However, these methods often demand large scale and high quality counseling data, which are difficult to collect.

Imitation Learning via Simultaneous Optimization of Policies and Auxiliary Trajectories

no code implementations7 May 2021 Mandy Xie, Anqi Li, Karl Van Wyk, Frank Dellaert, Byron Boots, Nathan Ratliff

Many IL methods, such as Dataset Aggregation (DAgger), combat challenges like distributional shift by interacting with oracular experts.

Imitation Learning

A Rational Inattention Theory of Echo Chamber

no code implementations21 Apr 2021 Lin Hu, Anqi Li, Xu Tan

Each player allocates his limited attention capacity between biased sources and the other players, and the resulting stochastic attention network facilitates the transmission of information from primary sources to him either directly or indirectly through the other players.

RMP2: A Structured Composable Policy Class for Robot Learning

no code implementations10 Mar 2021 Anqi Li, Ching-An Cheng, M. Asif Rana, Man Xie, Karl Van Wyk, Nathan Ratliff, Byron Boots

Using RMPflow as a structured policy class in learning has several benefits, such as sufficient expressiveness, the flexibility to inject different levels of prior knowledge as well as the ability to transfer policies between robots.

Towards Coordinated Robot Motions: End-to-End Learning of Motion Policies on Transform Trees

no code implementations24 Dec 2020 M. Asif Rana, Anqi Li, Dieter Fox, Sonia Chernova, Byron Boots, Nathan Ratliff

The policy structure provides the user an interface to 1) specifying the spaces that are directly relevant to the completion of the tasks, and 2) designing policies for certain tasks that do not need to be learned.

Electoral Accountability and Selection with Personalized Information Aggregation

no code implementations3 Sep 2020 Anqi Li, Lin Hu

We study a model of electoral accountability and selection (EAS) in which heterogeneous voters can aggregate the incumbent's performance data into personalized signals through paying limited attention.

Euclideanizing Flows: Diffeomorphic Reduction for Learning Stable Dynamical Systems

2 code implementations L4DC 2020 Muhammad Asif Rana, Anqi Li, Dieter Fox, Byron Boots, Fabio Ramos, Nathan Ratliff

The complex motions are encoded as rollouts of a stable dynamical system, which, under a change of coordinates defined by a diffeomorphism, is equivalent to a simple, hand-specified dynamical system.

Density Estimation

The Politics of Personalized News Aggregation

no code implementations24 Oct 2019 Lin Hu, Anqi Li, Ilya Segal

We study how personalized news aggregation for rational inattentive voters (NARI) affects policy polarization and public opinion.

Propaganda, Alternative Media, and Accountability in Fragile Democracies

no code implementations26 Sep 2019 Anqi Li, Davin Raiha, Kenneth W. Shotts

In addition to regular high- and low-competence types, the incumbent may be an aspiring autocrat who controls the mainstream media and will subvert democracy if retained in office.

Multi-Objective Policy Generation for Multi-Robot Systems Using Riemannian Motion Policies

1 code implementation14 Feb 2019 Anqi Li, Mustafa Mukadam, Magnus Egerstedt, Byron Boots

We propose a collection of RMPs for simple multi-robot tasks that can be used for building controllers for more complicated tasks.


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