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On the Metrics for Evaluating Monocular Depth Estimation

no code implementations20 Feb 2023 Akhil Gurram, Antonio M. Lopez

In particular, we take the task of 3D object detection on point clouds as a proxy of on-board perception.

3D Object Detection Autonomous Vehicles +3

Scaling Vision-based End-to-End Driving with Multi-View Attention Learning

no code implementations7 Feb 2023 Yi Xiao, Felipe Codevilla, Diego Porres, Antonio M. Lopez

We propose to replace CILRS with CIL++ as a strong vision-based pure end-to-end driving baseline supervised by only vehicle signals and trained by conditional imitation learning.

Imitation Learning Inductive Bias +1

Unstructured Road Segmentation using Hypercolumn based Random Forests of Local experts

1 code implementation23 Jul 2022 Prassanna Ganesh Ravishankar, Antonio M. Lopez, Gemma M. Sanchez

We propose a method to detect and segment roads with a random forest classifier of local experts with superpixel based machine-learned features.

Road Segmentation Superpixels

Action-Based Representation Learning for Autonomous Driving

1 code implementation21 Aug 2020 Yi Xiao, Felipe Codevilla, Christopher Pal, Antonio M. Lopez

Human drivers produce a vast amount of data which could, in principle, be used to improve autonomous driving systems.

Autonomous Driving Representation Learning

Co-training for On-board Deep Object Detection

no code implementations12 Aug 2020 Gabriel Villalonga, Antonio M. Lopez

Providing ground truth supervision to train visual models has been a bottleneck over the years, exacerbated by domain shifts which degenerate the performance of such models.

Domain Adaptation Object +2

Distributed Learning and Inference with Compressed Images

no code implementations22 Apr 2020 Sudeep Katakol, Basem Elbarashy, Luis Herranz, Joost Van de Weijer, Antonio M. Lopez

Moreover, we may only have compressed images at training time but are able to use original images at inference time, or vice versa, and in such a case, the downstream model suffers from covariate shift.

Autonomous Driving Cloud Computing +3

Slanted Stixels: A way to represent steep streets

no code implementations2 Oct 2019 Daniel Hernandez-Juarez, Lukas Schneider, Pau Cebrian, Antonio Espinosa, David Vazquez, Antonio M. Lopez, Uwe Franke, Marc Pollefeys, Juan C. Moure

This work presents and evaluates a novel compact scene representation based on Stixels that infers geometric and semantic information.

Self-supervised Domain Adaptation for Computer Vision Tasks

1 code implementation25 Jul 2019 Jiaolong Xu, Liang Xiao, Antonio M. Lopez

Additionally, we propose two complementary strategies to further boost the domain adaptation accuracy on semantic segmentation within our method, consisting of prediction layer alignment and batch normalization calibration.

Domain Adaptation Object Recognition +3

Joint Coarse-And-Fine Reasoning for Deep Optical Flow

no code implementations22 Aug 2018 Victor Vaquero, German Ros, Francesc Moreno-Noguer, Antonio M. Lopez, Alberto Sanfeliu

We propose a novel representation for dense pixel-wise estimation tasks using CNNs that boosts accuracy and reduces training time, by explicitly exploiting joint coarse-and-fine reasoning.

Optical Flow Estimation

Metric Learning for Novelty and Anomaly Detection

1 code implementation16 Aug 2018 Marc Masana, Idoia Ruiz, Joan Serrat, Joost Van de Weijer, Antonio M. Lopez

When neural networks process images which do not resemble the distribution seen during training, so called out-of-distribution images, they often make wrong predictions, and do so too confidently.

Anomaly Detection Metric Learning +3

Rotate your Networks: Better Weight Consolidation and Less Catastrophic Forgetting

2 code implementations8 Feb 2018 Xialei Liu, Marc Masana, Luis Herranz, Joost Van de Weijer, Antonio M. Lopez, Andrew D. Bagdanov

In this paper we propose an approach to avoiding catastrophic forgetting in sequential task learning scenarios.

From Virtual to Real World Visual Perception using Domain Adaptation -- The DPM as Example

no code implementations29 Dec 2016 Antonio M. Lopez, Jiaolong Xu, Jose L. Gomez, David Vazquez, German Ros

However, since the models learned with virtual data must operate in the real world, we still need to perform domain adaptation (DA).

Domain Adaptation

Node-Adapt, Path-Adapt and Tree-Adapt:Model-Transfer Domain Adaptation for Random Forest

no code implementations9 Nov 2016 Azadeh S. Mozafari, David Vazquez, Mansour Jamzad, Antonio M. Lopez

Random Forest (RF) is a successful paradigm for learning classifiers due to its ability to learn from large feature spaces and seamlessly integrate multi-class classification, as well as the achieved accuracy and processing efficiency.

Domain Adaptation General Classification +4

The SYNTHIA Dataset: A Large Collection of Synthetic Images for Semantic Segmentation of Urban Scenes

no code implementations CVPR 2016 German Ros, Laura Sellart, Joanna Materzynska, David Vazquez, Antonio M. Lopez

In order to answer this question we have generated a synthetic collection of diverse urban images, named SYNTHIA, with automatically generated class annotations.

Autonomous Driving Segmentation +1

Road Detection by One-Class Color Classification: Dataset and Experiments

no code implementations11 Dec 2014 Jose M. Alvarez, Theo Gevers, Antonio M. Lopez

These algorithms reduce the effect of lighting variations and weather conditions by exploiting the discriminant/invariant properties of different color representations.

Autonomous Driving Classification +1

Hierarchical Adaptive Structural SVM for Domain Adaptation

no code implementations22 Aug 2014 Jiaolong Xu, Sebastian Ramos, David Vazquez, Antonio M. Lopez

In both cases, we show how HA-SSVM is effective in increasing the detection/recognition accuracy with respect to adaptation strategies that ignore the structure of the target data.

Domain Adaptation General Classification +5

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