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A novel method of fuzzy time series forecasting based on interval index number and membership value using support vector machine

no code implementations20 Oct 2020 Kiran Bisht, Arun Kumar

There are generally, four factors that determine the performance of the forecasting method (1) number of intervals (NOIs) and length of intervals to partition universe of discourse (UOD) (2) fuzzification rules or feature representation of crisp time series (3) method of establishing fuzzy logic rule (FLRs) between input and target values (4) defuzzification rule to get crisp forecasted value.

Time Series Time Series Forecasting

Morphological Segmentation Inside-Out

no code implementations EMNLP 2016 Ryan Cotterell, Arun Kumar, Hinrich Schütze

Morphological segmentation has traditionally been modeled with non-hierarchical models, which yield flat segmentations as output.

Hierarchical structure Morphological Analysis

Belief dynamics extraction

no code implementations2 Feb 2019 Arun Kumar, Zhengwei Wu, Xaq Pitkow, Paul Schrater

Estimating the structure of these internal states is crucial for understanding the neural basis of behavior.

Model-based Reinforcement Learning

Document Structure Measure for Hypernym discovery

no code implementations30 Nov 2018 Aswin Kannan, Shanmukha C Guttula, Balaji Ganesan, Hima P Karanam, Arun Kumar

Hypernym discovery is the problem of finding terms that have is-a relationship with a given term.

Hypernym Discovery

Fine Grained Classification of Personal Data Entities

no code implementations23 Nov 2018 Riddhiman Dasgupta, Balaji Ganesan, Aswin Kannan, Berthold Reinwald, Arun Kumar

Entity Type Classification can be defined as the task of assigning category labels to entity mentions in documents.

General Classification

Deep Domain Adaptation under Deep Label Scarcity

no code implementations20 Sep 2018 Amar Prakash Azad, Dinesh Garg, Priyanka Agrawal, Arun Kumar

The goal behind Domain Adaptation (DA) is to leverage the labeled examples from a source domain so as to infer an accurate model in a target domain where labels are not available or in scarce at the best.

Domain Adaptation

Bipedal Walking Robot using Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient

3 code implementations16 Jul 2018 Arun Kumar, Navneet Paul, S. N. Omkar

The control systems community has started to show interest towards several machine learning algorithms from the sub-domains such as supervised learning, imitation learning and reinforcement learning to achieve autonomous control and intelligent decision making.

Decision Making Imitation Learning

Model-based Pricing for Machine Learning in a Data Marketplace

no code implementations26 May 2018 Lingjiao Chen, Paraschos Koutris, Arun Kumar

Finally, we conduct extensive experiments, which validate that the MBP framework can provide high revenue to the seller, high affordability to the buyer, and also operate on low runtime cost.

In-RDBMS Hardware Acceleration of Advanced Analytics

no code implementations8 Jan 2018 Divya Mahajan, Joon Kyung Kim, Jacob Sacks, Adel Ardalan, Arun Kumar, Hadi Esmaeilzadeh

The data revolution is fueled by advances in machine learning, databases, and hardware design.

Are Key-Foreign Key Joins Safe to Avoid when Learning High-Capacity Classifiers?

no code implementations3 Apr 2017 Vraj Shah, Arun Kumar, Xiaojin Zhu

Our results show that these high-capacity classifiers are surprisingly and counter-intuitively more robust to avoiding KFK joins compared to linear classifiers, refuting an intuition from the prior work's analysis.

Morphological Analysis of the Dravidian Language Family

no code implementations EACL 2017 Arun Kumar, Ryan Cotterell, Llu{\'\i}s Padr{\'o}, Antoni Oliver

The Dravidian languages are one of the most widely spoken language families in the world, yet there are very few annotated resources available to NLP researchers.

Morphological Analysis

Tuple-oriented Compression for Large-scale Mini-batch Stochastic Gradient Descent

no code implementations22 Feb 2017 Fengan Li, Lingjiao Chen, Yijing Zeng, Arun Kumar, Jeffrey F. Naughton, Jignesh M. Patel, Xi Wu

We fill this crucial research gap by proposing a new lossless compression scheme we call tuple-oriented compression (TOC) that is inspired by an unlikely source, the string/text compression scheme Lempel-Ziv-Welch, but tailored to MGD in a way that preserves tuple boundaries within mini-batches.

Text Compression

Novelty Learning via Collaborative Proximity Filtering

no code implementations21 Oct 2016 Arun Kumar, Paul Schrater

We meet these challenges by developing a model of novelty preferences that learns and tracks latent user tastes.

Recommendation Systems

Bolt-on Differential Privacy for Scalable Stochastic Gradient Descent-based Analytics

1 code implementation15 Jun 2016 Xi Wu, Fengan Li, Arun Kumar, Kamalika Chaudhuri, Somesh Jha, Jeffrey F. Naughton

This paper takes a first step to remedy this disconnect and proposes a private SGD algorithm to address \emph{both} issues in an integrated manner.

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