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A survey of the Vision Transformers and its CNN-Transformer based Variants

no code implementations17 May 2023 Asifullah Khan, Zunaira Rauf, Anabia Sohail, Abdul Rehman, Hifsa Asif, Aqsa Asif, Umair Farooq

This survey presents a taxonomy of the recent vision transformer architectures and more specifically that of the hybrid vision transformers.

CB-HVTNet: A channel-boosted hybrid vision transformer network for lymphocyte assessment in histopathological images

no code implementations16 May 2023 Momina Liaqat Ali, Zunaira Rauf, Asifullah Khan, Anabia Sohail, Rafi Ullah, Jeonghwan Gwak

To address this issue, we propose a Channel Boosted Hybrid Vision Transformer (CB HVT) that uses transfer learning to generate boosted channels and employs both transformers and CNNs to analyse lymphocytes in histopathological images.

Medical Diagnosis Transfer Learning

MaxViT-UNet: Multi-Axis Attention for Medical Image Segmentation

2 code implementations15 May 2023 Abdul Rehman Khan, Asifullah Khan

The proposed Hybrid Decoder, based on MaxViT-block, is designed to harness the power of both the convolution and self-attention mechanisms at each decoding stage with a nominal memory and computational burden.

Image Segmentation Inductive Bias +2

Early Risk Prediction of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia with Protein Sequences using Machine Learning-based Meta-Ensemble

no code implementations8 Feb 2023 Madiha Hameed, Muhammad Bilal, Tuba Majid, Abdul Majid, Asifullah Khan

In the study, we developed a multi-layer-perception-based meta-ensemble system using protein amino acid sequences for early risk prediction of CML.

A Survey of Deep Learning Techniques for the Analysis of COVID-19 and their usability for Detecting Omicron

no code implementations13 Feb 2022 Asifullah Khan, Saddam Hussain Khan, Mahrukh Saif, Asiya Batool, Anabia Sohail, Muhammad Waleed Khan

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in December 2019 has become an ongoing threat to humans worldwide, creating a health crisis that infected millions of lives, as well as devastating the global economy.

COVID-19 Diagnosis

IoT Malware Detection Architecture using a Novel Channel Boosted and Squeezed CNN

no code implementations8 Feb 2022 Muhammad Asam, Saddam Hussain Khan, Tauseef Jamal, Asifullah Khan

The proposed architecture exploits the concepts of edge and smoothing, multi-path dilated convolutional operations, channel squeezing, and boosting in CNN.

Malware Detection

A New Deep Hybrid Boosted and Ensemble Learning-based Brain Tumor Analysis using MRI

no code implementations14 Jan 2022 Mirza Mumtaz Zahoor, Shahzad Ahmad Qureshi, Saddam Hussain Khan, Asifullah Khan

While in the second phase, a new hybrid features fusion-based brain tumor classification approach is proposed, comprised of dynamic-static feature and ML classifier to categorize different tumor types.

Ensemble Learning

Segmentation of Shoulder Muscle MRI Using a New Region and Edge based Deep Auto-Encoder

no code implementations26 Aug 2021 Saddam Hussain Khan, Asifullah Khan, Yeon Soo Lee, Mehdi Hassan, Woong Kyo jeong

The performances of the proposed MRI segmentation based DAE architectures have been tested using a 3D MRI shoulder muscle dataset using the hold-out cross-validation technique.

MRI segmentation Transfer Learning

FANCA: In-Silico deleterious mutation analysis for early prediction of leukemia

no code implementations19 Jul 2021 Madiha Hameed, Abdul Majiid, Asifullah Khan

First, we study individual SNPs in the coding region of FANCA and computational tools like PROVEAN, PolyPhen2, MuPro, and PANTHER to compute deleterious mutation scores.

Drug Discovery

Malware Classification Using Deep Boosted Learning

no code implementations8 Jul 2021 Muhammad Asam, Saddam Hussain Khan, Tauseef Jamal, Umme Zahoora, Asifullah Khan

In the hybrid learning, Deep features are extracted from customized CNN architectures and fed into the conventional machine learning classifier to improve the classification performance.

Classification Malware Classification +1

COVID-19 Detection in Chest X-Ray Images using a New Channel Boosted CNN

2 code implementations8 Dec 2020 Saddam Hussain Khan, Anabia Sohail, Asifullah Khan

In this work, a new classification technique CB-STM-RENet based on deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Channel Boosting is proposed for the screening of COVID-19 in chest X-Rays.

Domain Adaptation Transfer Learning

Extracting Signals of Higgs Boson From Background Noise Using Deep Neural Networks

no code implementations16 Oct 2020 Muhammad Abbas, Asifullah Khan, Aqsa Saeed Qureshi, Muhammad Waleed Khan

Higgs boson is a fundamental particle, and the classification of Higgs signals is a well-known problem in high energy physics.

General Classification

Classification and Region Analysis of COVID-19 Infection using Lung CT Images and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

1 code implementation16 Sep 2020 Saddam Hussain Khan, Anabia Sohail, Asifullah Khan, Yeon Soo Lee

In the second stage, the CT images classified as infectious images are provided to the segmentation models for the identification and analysis of COVID-19 infectious regions.

Semantic Segmentation

Wind Speed Prediction using Deep Ensemble Learning with a Jet-like Architecture

no code implementations28 Feb 2020 Aqsa Saeed Qureshi, Asifullah Khan, Muhammad Waleed Khan

Inspired by the shape and working of a jet, a novel Deep Ensemble Learning using Jet-like Architecture (DEL-Jet) technique is proposed to enhance the diversity and robustness of a learning system against the variations in the input space.

Ensemble Learning Time Series Analysis

Transfer Learning and Meta Classification Based Deep Churn Prediction System for Telecom Industry

no code implementations18 Jan 2019 Uzair Ahmed, Asifullah Khan, Saddam Hussain Khan, Abdul Basit, Irfan Ul Haq, Yeon Soo Lee

However, the development of a churn prediction system for a telecom industry is a challenging task, mainly due to the large size of the data, high dimensional features, and imbalanced distribution of the data.

General Classification Transfer Learning

A Survey of the Recent Architectures of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

no code implementations17 Jan 2019 Asifullah Khan, Anabia Sohail, Umme Zahoora, Aqsa Saeed Qureshi

The availability of a large amount of data and improvement in the hardware technology has accelerated the research in CNNs, and recently interesting deep CNN architectures have been reported.

Image Classification object-detection +3

Deep Belief Networks Based Feature Generation and Regression for Predicting Wind Power

no code implementations31 Jul 2018 Asifullah Khan, Aneela Zameer, Tauseef Jamal, Ahmad Raza

It is experimentally shown that the deep learning and unsupervised pre-training capabilities of DBN based model has comparable and in some cases better results than hybrid and complex learning techniques proposed for wind power prediction.

Multi-Task Learning regression +1

A New Channel Boosted Convolutional Neural Network using Transfer Learning

no code implementations23 Apr 2018 Asifullah Khan, Anabia Sohail, Amna Ali

In the proposed methodology, a deep CNN is boosted by various channels available through TL from already trained Deep Neural Networks, in addition to its original channel.

Transfer Learning

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