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[RE] Modeling Personalized Item Frequency Information for Next-basket Recommendation

1 code implementation27 Feb 2024 Sławomir Garcarz, Avik Pal, Pim Praat

This paper focuses on reproducing and extending the results of the paper: "Modeling Personalized Item Frequency Information for Next-basket Recommendation" which introduced the TIFU-KNN model and proposed to utilize Personalized Item Frequency (PIF) for Next Basket Recommendation (NBR).

Fairness Next-basket recommendation

Hitting "Probe"rty with Non-Linearity, and More

no code implementations25 Feb 2024 Avik Pal, Madhura Pawar

Additionally, we also use it to qualitatively investigate the structure of dependency trees that BERT encodes in each of its layers.


Locally Regularized Neural Differential Equations: Some Black Boxes Were Meant to Remain Closed!

1 code implementation3 Mar 2023 Avik Pal, Alan Edelman, Chris Rackauckas

Implicit layer deep learning techniques, like Neural Differential Equations, have become an important modeling framework due to their ability to adapt to new problems automatically.

Continuous Deep Equilibrium Models: Training Neural ODEs faster by integrating them to Infinity

1 code implementation28 Jan 2022 Avik Pal, Alan Edelman, Christopher Rackauckas

Additionally, we address the question: is there a way to simultaneously achieve the robustness of implicit layers while allowing the reduced computational expense of an explicit layer?

Opening the Blackbox: Accelerating Neural Differential Equations by Regularizing Internal Solver Heuristics

3 code implementations9 May 2021 Avik Pal, Yingbo Ma, Viral Shah, Christopher Rackauckas

While we can control the computational cost by choosing the number of layers in standard architectures, in NDEs the number of neural network evaluations for a forward pass can depend on the number of steps of the adaptive ODE solver.

BIG-bench Machine Learning

Emergent Road Rules In Multi-Agent Driving Environments

1 code implementation ICLR 2021 Avik Pal, Jonah Philion, Yuan-Hong Liao, Sanja Fidler

For autonomous vehicles to safely share the road with human drivers, autonomous vehicles must abide by specific "road rules" that human drivers have agreed to follow.

Autonomous Vehicles

TorchGAN: A Flexible Framework for GAN Training and Evaluation

1 code implementation8 Sep 2019 Avik Pal, Aniket Das

The key features of TorchGAN are its extensibility, built-in support for a large number of popular models, losses and evaluation metrics, and zero overhead compared to vanilla PyTorch.

Conditional Image Generation

RayTracer.jl: A Differentiable Renderer that supports Parameter Optimization for Scene Reconstruction

1 code implementation16 Jul 2019 Avik Pal

In this paper, we present RayTracer. jl, a renderer in Julia that is fully differentiable using source-to-source Automatic Differentiation (AD).

Fashionable Modelling with Flux

2 code implementations1 Nov 2018 Michael Innes, Elliot Saba, Keno Fischer, Dhairya Gandhi, Marco Concetto Rudilosso, Neethu Mariya Joy, Tejan Karmali, Avik Pal, Viral Shah

Machine learning as a discipline has seen an incredible surge of interest in recent years due in large part to a perfect storm of new theory, superior tooling, renewed interest in its capabilities.

BIG-bench Machine Learning

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