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Towards Automatic Variant Analysis of Ancient Devotional Texts

no code implementations WS 2019 Amir Hazem, B{\'e}atrice Daille, Dominique Stutzmann, Jacob Currie, Christine Jacquin

Based on the manual observation of 772 Obsecro Te copies which show more than 21, 000 variants, we show that the proposed methodology is helpful for an automatic study of variants and may serve as basis to analyze and to depict useful information from devotional texts.

R\'eutilisation de Textes dans les Manuscrits Anciens (Text Reuse in Ancient Manuscripts)

no code implementations JEPTALNRECITAL 2019 Amir Hazem, B{\'e}atrice Daille, Dominique Stutzmann, Jacob Currie, Christine Jacquin

Nous nous int{\'e}ressons dans cet article {\`a} la probl{\'e}matique de r{\'e}utilisation de textes dans les livres liturgiques du Moyen {\^A}ge.

Terminology systematization for Cybersecurity domain in Italian Language

no code implementations JEPTALNRECITAL 2019 Claudia Lanza, B{\'e}atrice Daille

This paper aims at presenting the first steps to improve the quality of the first draft of an Italian thesaurus for Cybersecurity terminology that has been realized for a specific project activity in collaboration with CybersecurityLab at Informatics and Telematics Institute (IIT) of the National Council of Research (CNR) in Italy.

Extraction d'expressions-cibles de l'opinion : de l'anglais au fran\ccais (Opinion Target Expression extraction : from English to French)

no code implementations JEPTALNRECITAL 2016 Gr{\'e}goire Jadi, Laura Monceaux, Vincent Claveau, B{\'e}atrice Daille

Dans cet article, nous pr{\'e}sentons le d{\'e}veloppement d{'}un syst{\`e}me d{'}extraction d{'}expressions-cibles pour l{'}anglais et sa transposition au fran{\c{c}}ais.

Segmentation automatique d'un texte en rh\`eses (Automatic segmentation of a text into rhesis)

no code implementations JEPTALNRECITAL 2016 Victor Pineau, Constance Nin, Solen Quiniou, B{\'e}atrice Daille

La segmentation d{'}un texte en rh{\`e}ses, unit{\'e}s-membres signifiantes de la phrase, permet de fournir des adaptations de celui-ci pour faciliter la lecture aux personnes dyslexiques.

Extraction de lexiques bilingues \`a partir de corpus comparables sp\'ecialis\'es \`a travers une langue pivot (Bilingual lexicon extraction from specialized comparable corpora using a pivot language)

no code implementations JEPTALNRECITAL 2016 Alexis Linard, Emmanuel Morin, B{\'e}atrice Daille

Des travaux pr{\'e}c{\'e}dents en extraction de lexiques bilingues {\`a} partir de corpus parall{\`e}les ont d{\'e}montr{\'e} que l{'}utilisation de plus de deux langues peut {\^e}tre utile pour am{\'e}liorer la qualit{\'e} des alignements extraits.

Ambiguity Diagnosis for Terms in Digital Humanities

no code implementations LREC 2016 B{\'e}atrice Daille, Evelyne Jacquey, Ga{\"e}l Lejeune, Luis Felipe Melo, Yannick Toussaint

If a lexical unit is indeed a term of the domain, it is not true, even in a specialised corpus, that all its occurrences are terminological.

Word Sense Disambiguation

Bilingual Lexicon Extraction at the Morpheme Level Using Distributional Analysis

no code implementations LREC 2016 Amir Hazem, B{\'e}atrice Daille

We also show that the adapted approach significantly improve bilingual lexicon extraction from comparable corpora compared to the approach at the word level.


TermITH-Eval: a French Standard-Based Resource for Keyphrase Extraction Evaluation

no code implementations LREC 2016 Adrien Bougouin, Sabine Barreaux, Laurent Romary, Florian Boudin, B{\'e}atrice Daille

The output keyphrases of automatic keyphrase extraction methods for test documents are typically evaluated by comparing them to manually assigned reference keyphrases.

Keyphrase Extraction

Evaluating Lexical Similarity to build Sentiment Similarity

no code implementations LREC 2016 Gr{\'e}goire Jadi, Vincent Claveau, B{\'e}atrice Daille, Laura Monceaux

In this article, we propose to evaluate the lexical similarity information provided by word representations against several opinion resources using traditional Information Retrieval tools.

Information Retrieval Semantic Similarity +2

Vers un diagnostic d'ambigu\"\it\'e des termes candidats d'un texte

no code implementations JEPTALNRECITAL 2015 Ga{\"e}l Lejeune, B{\'e}atrice Daille

Dans cet article, nous nous int{\'e}ressons {\`a} l{'}ambigu{\"\i}t{\'e} d{'}un terme en domaine de sp{\'e}cialit{\'e}.

Extraction de Contextes Riches en Connaissances en corpus sp\'ecialis\'es

no code implementations JEPTALNRECITAL 2015 Firas Hmida, Emmanuel Morin, B{\'e}atrice Daille

Les banques terminologiques et les dictionnaires sont des ressources pr{\'e}cieuses qui facilitent l{'}acc{\`e}s aux connaissances des domaines sp{\'e}cialis{\'e}s. Ces ressources sont souvent assez pauvres et ne proposent pas toujours pour un terme {\`a} illustrer des exemples permettant d{'}appr{\'e}hender le sens et l{'}usage de ce terme.

Semi-compositional Method for Synonym Extraction of Multi-Word Terms

no code implementations LREC 2014 B{\'e}atrice Daille, Amir Hazem

Automatic synonyms and semantically related word extraction is a challenging task, useful in many NLP applications such as question answering, search query expansion, text summarization, etc.

Question Answering Text Summarization

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