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ToKen: Task Decomposition and Knowledge Infusion for Few-Shot Hate Speech Detection

no code implementations25 May 2022 Badr AlKhamissi, Faisal Ladhak, Srini Iyer, Ves Stoyanov, Zornitsa Kozareva, Xian Li, Pascale Fung, Lambert Mathias, Asli Celikyilmaz, Mona Diab

Hate speech detection is complex; it relies on commonsense reasoning, knowledge of stereotypes, and an understanding of social nuance that differs from one culture to the next.

Few-Shot Learning Hate Speech Detection

Meta AI at Arabic Hate Speech 2022: MultiTask Learning with Self-Correction for Hate Speech Classification

no code implementations16 May 2022 Badr AlKhamissi, Mona Diab

The tasks are to predict if a tweet contains (1) Offensive language; and whether it is considered (2) Hate Speech or not and if so, then predict the (3) Fine-Grained Hate Speech label from one of six categories.

Hate Speech Detection

A Review on Language Models as Knowledge Bases

no code implementations12 Apr 2022 Badr AlKhamissi, Millicent Li, Asli Celikyilmaz, Mona Diab, Marjan Ghazvininejad

Recently, there has been a surge of interest in the NLP community on the use of pretrained Language Models (LMs) as Knowledge Bases (KBs).

Pretrained Language Models

How to Learn and Represent Abstractions: An Investigation using Symbolic Alchemy

1 code implementation14 Dec 2021 Badr AlKhamissi, Akshay Srinivasan, Zeb-Kurth Nelson, Sam Ritter

Alchemy is a new meta-learning environment rich enough to contain interesting abstractions, yet simple enough to make fine-grained analysis tractable.


Deep Spiking Neural Networks with Resonate-and-Fire Neurons

no code implementations16 Sep 2021 Badr AlKhamissi, Muhammad ElNokrashy, David Bernal-Casas

In this work, we explore a new Spiking Neural Network (SNN) formulation with Resonate-and-Fire (RAF) neurons (Izhikevich, 2001) trained with gradient descent via back-propagation.

The Emergence of Abstract and Episodic Neurons in Episodic Meta-RL

no code implementations ICLR Workshop Learning_to_Learn 2021 Badr AlKhamissi, Muhammad ElNokrashy, Michael Spranger

In this work, we analyze the reinstatement mechanism introduced by Ritter et al. (2018) to reveal two classes of neurons that emerge in the agent's working memory (an epLSTM cell) when trained using episodic meta-RL on an episodic variant of the Harlow visual fixation task.

Adapting MARBERT for Improved Arabic Dialect Identification: Submission to the NADI 2021 Shared Task

1 code implementation EACL (WANLP) 2021 Badr AlKhamissi, Mohamed Gabr, Muhammad ElNokrashy, Khaled Essam

Tasks are to identify the geographic origin of short Dialectal (DA) and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) utterances at the levels of both country and province.

Dialect Identification

Deep Diacritization: Efficient Hierarchical Recurrence for Improved Arabic Diacritization

1 code implementation COLING (WANLP) 2020 Badr AlKhamissi, Muhammad N. ElNokrashy, Mohamed Gabr

We propose a novel architecture for labelling character sequences that achieves state-of-the-art results on the Tashkeela Arabic diacritization benchmark.

Arabic Text Diacritization

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