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EISeg: An Efficient Interactive Segmentation Tool based on PaddlePaddle

1 code implementation17 Oct 2022 Yuying Hao, Yi Liu, Yizhou Chen, Lin Han, Juncai Peng, Shiyu Tang, Guowei Chen, Zewu Wu, Zeyu Chen, Baohua Lai

In recent years, the rapid development of deep learning has brought great advancements to image and video segmentation methods based on neural networks.

Image Segmentation Interactive Segmentation +4

PP-OCRv3: More Attempts for the Improvement of Ultra Lightweight OCR System

1 code implementation7 Jun 2022 Chenxia Li, Weiwei Liu, Ruoyu Guo, Xiaoting Yin, Kaitao Jiang, Yongkun Du, Yuning Du, Lingfeng Zhu, Baohua Lai, Xiaoguang Hu, dianhai yu, Yanjun Ma

For text recognizer, the base model is replaced from CRNN to SVTR, and we introduce lightweight text recognition network SVTR LCNet, guided training of CTC by attention, data augmentation strategy TextConAug, better pre-trained model by self-supervised TextRotNet, UDML, and UIM to accelerate the model and improve the effect.

Data Augmentation Optical Character Recognition +2

PP-YOLOE: An evolved version of YOLO

7 code implementations30 Mar 2022 Shangliang Xu, Xinxin Wang, Wenyu Lv, Qinyao Chang, Cheng Cui, Kaipeng Deng, Guanzhong Wang, Qingqing Dang, Shengyu Wei, Yuning Du, Baohua Lai

In this report, we present PP-YOLOE, an industrial state-of-the-art object detector with high performance and friendly deployment.

Dense Object Detection Multi-Object Tracking +3

PP-HumanSeg: Connectivity-Aware Portrait Segmentation with a Large-Scale Teleconferencing Video Dataset

1 code implementation14 Dec 2021 Lutao Chu, Yi Liu, Zewu Wu, Shiyu Tang, Guowei Chen, Yuying Hao, Juncai Peng, Zhiliang Yu, Zeyu Chen, Baohua Lai, Haoyi Xiong

This work is the first to construct a large-scale video portrait dataset that contains 291 videos from 23 conference scenes with 14K fine-labeled frames and extensions to multi-camera teleconferencing.

Portrait Segmentation Segmentation +1

PP-MSVSR: Multi-Stage Video Super-Resolution

1 code implementation6 Dec 2021 Lielin Jiang, Na Wang, Qingqing Dang, Rui Liu, Baohua Lai

Different from the Single Image Super-Resolution(SISR) task, the key for Video Super-Resolution(VSR) task is to make full use of complementary information across frames to reconstruct the high-resolution sequence.

Image Super-Resolution Video Super-Resolution

PaddleSeg: A High-Efficient Development Toolkit for Image Segmentation

1 code implementation15 Jan 2021 Yi Liu, Lutao Chu, Guowei Chen, Zewu Wu, Zeyu Chen, Baohua Lai, Yuying Hao

The toolkit aims to help both developers and researchers in the whole process of designing segmentation models, training models, optimizing performance and inference speed, and deploying models.

Autonomous Driving Human Part Segmentation +5

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