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The I/O Complexity of Attention, or How Optimal is Flash Attention?

no code implementations12 Feb 2024 Barna Saha, Christopher Ye

This leads to the main question of our work: Is FlashAttention I/O optimal for all values of $M$?

Community Recovery in the Geometric Block Model

no code implementations22 Jun 2022 Sainyam Galhotra, Arya Mazumdar, Soumyabrata Pal, Barna Saha

We show that a simple triangle-counting algorithm to detect communities in the geometric block model is near-optimal.

Community Detection Stochastic Block Model

How to Design Robust Algorithms using Noisy Comparison Oracle

no code implementations12 May 2021 Raghavendra Addanki, Sainyam Galhotra, Barna Saha

Metric based comparison operations such as finding maximum, nearest and farthest neighbor are fundamental to studying various clustering techniques such as $k$-center clustering and agglomerative hierarchical clustering.


Sublinear-Time Algorithms for Computing & Embedding Gap Edit Distance

no code implementations24 Jul 2020 Tomasz Kociumaka, Barna Saha

For the gap edit distance problem, we give a greedy algorithm that distinguishes in time $\tilde{O}(\frac{n}{k}+k^2)$ between length-$n$ input strings with edit distance at most $k$ and those with edit distance more than $4k^2$.

Data Structures and Algorithms

Fair Correlation Clustering

no code implementations10 Feb 2020 Saba Ahmadi, Sainyam Galhotra, Barna Saha, Roy Schwartz

We consider two variations of fairness constraint for the problem of correlation clustering where each node has a color, and the goal is to form clusters that do not over-represent vertices of any color.

Clustering Fairness

Correlation Clustering with Same-Cluster Queries Bounded by Optimal Cost

1 code implementation14 Aug 2019 Barna Saha, Sanjay Subramanian

An algorithm in this setting has access to an oracle with full knowledge of an optimal clustering, and the algorithm can ask the oracle queries of the form, "Does the optimal clustering put vertices $ u $ and $ v $ in the same cluster?"

Clustering Graph Clustering

Paper Matching with Local Fairness Constraints

3 code implementations28 May 2019 Ari Kobren, Barna Saha, Andrew McCallum

Automatically matching reviewers to papers is a crucial step of the peer review process for venues receiving thousands of submissions.

Data Structures and Algorithms Digital Libraries

Connectivity in Random Annulus Graphs and the Geometric Block Model

no code implementations12 Apr 2018 Sainyam Galhotra, Arya Mazumdar, Soumyabrata Pal, Barna Saha

Our next contribution is in using the connectivity of random annulus graphs to provide necessary and sufficient conditions for efficient recovery of communities for {\em the geometric block model} (GBM).

Community Detection Stochastic Block Model

The Geometric Block Model

no code implementations16 Sep 2017 Sainyam Galhotra, Arya Mazumdar, Soumyabrata Pal, Barna Saha

To capture the inherent geometric features of many community detection problems, we propose to use a new random graph model of communities that we call a Geometric Block Model.

Community Detection Stochastic Block Model

Query Complexity of Clustering with Side Information

no code implementations NeurIPS 2017 Arya Mazumdar, Barna Saha

A natural noisy model is where similarity values are drawn independently from some arbitrary probability distribution $f_+$ when the underlying pair of elements belong to the same cluster, and from some $f_-$ otherwise.

Clustering Community Detection +1

Clustering with Noisy Queries

no code implementations NeurIPS 2017 Arya Mazumdar, Barna Saha

In this paper, we provide the first information theoretic lower bound on the number of queries for clustering with noisy oracle in both situations.

Clustering Entity Resolution +1

A Theoretical Analysis of First Heuristics of Crowdsourced Entity Resolution

no code implementations3 Feb 2017 Arya Mazumdar, Barna Saha

Entity resolution (ER) is the task of identifying all records in a database that refer to the same underlying entity, and are therefore duplicates of each other.

Entity Resolution

Clustering Via Crowdsourcing

no code implementations7 Apr 2016 Arya Mazumdar, Barna Saha

A major contribution of this paper is to reduce the query complexity to linear or even sublinear in $n$ when mild side information is provided by a machine, and even in presence of crowd errors which are not correctable via resampling.

Clustering Entity Resolution

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