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Health Guardian: Using Multi-modal Data to Understand Individual Health

no code implementations3 Oct 2023 Vince S. Siu, Kuan Yu Hsieh, Italo Buleje, Takashi Itoh, Tian Hao, Ben Civjan, Nigel Hinds, Bing Dang, Jeffrey L. Rogers, Bo Wen

These microservices can be deployed to a clinical cohort specified through the Clinical Task Manager (CTM).

Remote Inference of Cognitive Scores in ALS Patients Using a Picture Description

no code implementations13 Sep 2023 Carla Agurto, Guillermo Cecchi, Bo Wen, Ernest Fraenkel, James Berry, Indu Navar, Raquel Norel

In this paper, we focused on another important aspect, cognitive impairment, which affects 35-50% of the ALS population.

"It Felt Like Having a Second Mind": Investigating Human-AI Co-creativity in Prewriting with Large Language Models

no code implementations20 Jul 2023 Qian Wan, Siying Hu, Yu Zhang, Piaohong Wang, Bo Wen, Zhicong Lu

This collaborative process champions the human in a dominant role, in addition to mixed and shifting levels of initiative that exist between humans and LLMs.

ZLPR: A Novel Loss for Multi-label Classification

no code implementations5 Aug 2022 Jianlin Su, Mingren Zhu, Ahmed Murtadha, Shengfeng Pan, Bo Wen, Yunfeng Liu

To support the application of deep learning in multi-label classification (MLC) tasks, we propose the ZLPR (zero-bounded log-sum-exp \& pairwise rank-based) loss in this paper.

Classification Multi-Label Classification

Experimentally realized memristive memory augmented neural network

no code implementations15 Apr 2022 Ruibin Mao, Bo Wen, Yahui Zhao, Arman Kazemi, Ann Franchesca Laguna, Michael Neimier, X. Sharon Hu, Xia Sheng, Catherine E. Graves, John Paul Strachan, Can Li

Memory augmented neural network has been proposed to achieve the goal, but the memory module has to be stored in an off-chip memory due to its size.

One-Shot Learning

BERT-ASC: Implicit Aspect Representation Learning through Auxiliary-Sentence Construction for Sentiment Analysis

1 code implementation22 Mar 2022 Murtadha Ahmed, Shengfeng Pan, Jianlin Su, Xinxin Cao, Wenze Zhang, Bo Wen, Yunfeng Liu

Unfortunately, the aspect is often expressed implicitly through a set of representatives and thus renders implicit mapping process unattainable unless sufficient labeled examples are available.

Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis (ABSA) +2

PKGM: A Pre-trained Knowledge Graph Model for E-commerce Application

no code implementations2 Mar 2022 Wen Zhang, Chi-Man Wong, Ganqinag Ye, Bo Wen, Hongting Zhou, Wei zhang, Huajun Chen

On the one hand, it could provide item knowledge services in a uniform way with service vectors for embedding-based and item-knowledge-related task models without accessing triple data.

Knowledge Graphs Sequential Recommendation

Multi-Scale Adaptive Graph Neural Network for Multivariate Time Series Forecasting

2 code implementations13 Jan 2022 Ling Chen, Donghui Chen, Zongjiang Shang, Binqing Wu, Cen Zheng, Bo Wen, Wei zhang

Given the multi-scale feature representations and scale-specific inter-variable dependencies, a multi-scale temporal graph neural network is introduced to jointly model intra-variable dependencies and inter-variable dependencies.

Graph Learning Multivariate Time Series Forecasting +1

Learning from Multiple Time Series: A Deep Disentangled Approach to Diversified Time Series Forecasting

no code implementations9 Nov 2021 Ling Chen, Weiqi Chen, Binqing Wu, Youdong Zhang, Bo Wen, Chenghu Yang

Time series forecasting is a significant problem in many applications, e. g., financial predictions and business optimization.

Quantization Time Series +1

Billion-scale Pre-trained E-commerce Product Knowledge Graph Model

no code implementations2 May 2021 Wen Zhang, Chi-Man Wong, Ganqiang Ye, Bo Wen, Wei zhang, Huajun Chen

As a backbone for online shopping platforms, we built a billion-scale e-commerce product knowledge graph for various item knowledge services such as item recommendation.

Knowledge Graphs

RoFormer: Enhanced Transformer with Rotary Position Embedding

18 code implementations20 Apr 2021 Jianlin Su, Yu Lu, Shengfeng Pan, Ahmed Murtadha, Bo Wen, Yunfeng Liu

Then, we propose a novel method named Rotary Position Embedding(RoPE) to effectively leverage the positional information.

Position Semantic Text Matching +1

Linear Convergence of Proximal Gradient Algorithm with Extrapolation for a Class of Nonconvex Nonsmooth Minimization Problems

1 code implementation31 Dec 2015 Bo Wen, Xiaojun Chen, Ting Kei Pong

In this paper, we study the proximal gradient algorithm with extrapolation for minimizing the sum of a Lipschitz differentiable function and a proper closed convex function.

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