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PirateNets: Physics-informed Deep Learning with Residual Adaptive Networks

1 code implementation1 Feb 2024 Sifan Wang, Bowen Li, Yuhan Chen, Paris Perdikaris

While physics-informed neural networks (PINNs) have become a popular deep learning framework for tackling forward and inverse problems governed by partial differential equations (PDEs), their performance is known to degrade when larger and deeper neural network architectures are employed.

Radio Map Assisted Approach for Interference-Aware Predictive UAV Communications

no code implementations1 Feb 2024 Bowen Li, Junting Chen

Such predictive optimization raises the second challenge of developing a low-complexity solution for a batch of transmission strategies over T time slots for N receivers before the flight.

Optimisation-Based Multi-Modal Semantic Image Editing

no code implementations28 Nov 2023 Bowen Li, Yongxin Yang, Steven McDonagh, Shifeng Zhang, Petru-Daniel Tudosiu, Sarah Parisot

Image editing affords increased control over the aesthetics and content of generated images.

Acquiring Weak Annotations for Tumor Localization in Temporal and Volumetric Data

1 code implementation23 Oct 2023 Yu-Cheng Chou, Bowen Li, Deng-Ping Fan, Alan Yuille, Zongwei Zhou

In summary, this research proposes an efficient annotation strategy for tumor detection and localization that is less accurate than per-pixel annotations but useful for creating large-scale datasets for screening tumors in various medical modalities.

Weakly-supervised Learning

An Investigation of LLMs' Inefficacy in Understanding Converse Relations

1 code implementation8 Oct 2023 Chengwen Qi, Bowen Li, Binyuan Hui, Bailin Wang, Jinyang Li, Jinwang Wu, Yuanjun Laili

Our ConvRE features two tasks, Re2Text and Text2Re, which are formulated as multi-choice question answering to evaluate LLMs' ability to determine the matching between relations and associated text.

Knowledge Graph Completion Question Answering +1

Early Detection and Localization of Pancreatic Cancer by Label-Free Tumor Synthesis

1 code implementation6 Aug 2023 Bowen Li, Yu-Cheng Chou, Shuwen Sun, Hualin Qiao, Alan Yuille, Zongwei Zhou

We further investigate the per-voxel segmentation performance of pancreatic tumors if AI is trained on a combination of CT scans with synthetic tumors and CT scans with annotated large tumors at an advanced stage.


ImDiffusion: Imputed Diffusion Models for Multivariate Time Series Anomaly Detection

1 code implementation3 Jul 2023 Yuhang Chen, Chaoyun Zhang, Minghua Ma, Yudong Liu, Ruomeng Ding, Bowen Li, Shilin He, Saravan Rajmohan, QIngwei Lin, Dongmei Zhang

To the best of our knowledge, ImDiffusion represents a pioneering approach that combines imputation-based techniques with time series anomaly detection, while introducing the novel use of diffusion models to the field.

Anomaly Detection Imputation +2

Linear convergence of Nesterov-1983 with the strong convexity

no code implementations16 Jun 2023 Bowen Li, Bin Shi, Ya-xiang Yuan

For modern gradient-based optimization, a developmental landmark is Nesterov's accelerated gradient descent method, which is proposed in [Nesterov, 1983], so shorten as Nesterov-1983.

Temporal Gradient Inversion Attacks with Robust Optimization

no code implementations13 Jun 2023 Bowen Li, Hanlin Gu, Ruoxin Chen, Jie Li, Chentao Wu, Na Ruan, Xueming Si, Lixin Fan

We investigate a Temporal Gradient Inversion Attack with a Robust Optimization framework, called TGIAs-RO, which recovers private data without any prior knowledge by leveraging multiple temporal gradients.

Federated Learning Privacy Preserving

Causal Document-Grounded Dialogue Pre-training

1 code implementation18 May 2023 Yingxiu Zhao, Bowen Yu, Haiyang Yu, Bowen Li, Jinyang Li, Chao Wang, Fei Huang, Yongbin Li, Nevin L. Zhang

To tackle this issue, we are the first to present a causally-complete dataset construction strategy for building million-level DocGD pre-training corpora.

Can LLM Already Serve as A Database Interface? A BIg Bench for Large-Scale Database Grounded Text-to-SQLs

no code implementations NeurIPS 2023 Jinyang Li, Binyuan Hui, Ge Qu, Jiaxi Yang, Binhua Li, Bowen Li, Bailin Wang, Bowen Qin, Rongyu Cao, Ruiying Geng, Nan Huo, Xuanhe Zhou, Chenhao Ma, Guoliang Li, Kevin C. C. Chang, Fei Huang, Reynold Cheng, Yongbin Li

Our emphasis on database values highlights the new challenges of dirty database contents, external knowledge between NL questions and database contents, and SQL efficiency, particularly in the context of massive databases.

Semantic Parsing SQL Parsing +1

AirLoc: Object-based Indoor Relocalization

1 code implementation3 Apr 2023 Aryan, Bowen Li, Sebastian Scherer, Yun-Jou Lin, Chen Wang

This results in a robust, accurate, and portable indoor relocalization system, which outperforms the state-of-the-art methods in room-level relocalization by 9. 5% of PR-AUC and 7% of accuracy.


Tracker Meets Night: A Transformer Enhancer for UAV Tracking

1 code implementation20 Mar 2023 Junjie Ye, Changhong Fu, Ziang Cao, Shan An, Guangze Zheng, Bowen Li

To realize reliable UAV tracking at night, a spatial-channel Transformer-based low-light enhancer (namely SCT), which is trained in a novel task-inspired manner, is proposed and plugged prior to tracking approaches.

Blocking Object Tracking +1

Crowd Counting with Online Knowledge Learning

no code implementations18 Mar 2023 Shengqin Jiang, Bowen Li, Fengna Cheng, Qingshan Liu

Moreover, we propose a feature relation distillation method which allows the student branch to more effectively comprehend the evolution of inter-layer features by constructing a new inter-layer relationship matrix.

Crowd Counting Edge-computing +1

Linear Convergence of ISTA and FISTA

no code implementations13 Dec 2022 Bowen Li, Bin Shi, Ya-xiang Yuan

Specifically, assuming the smooth part to be strongly convex is more reasonable for the least-square model, even though the image matrix is probably ill-conditioned.

Siamese Object Tracking for Vision-Based UAM Approaching with Pairwise Scale-Channel Attention

1 code implementation26 Nov 2022 Guangze Zheng, Changhong Fu, Junjie Ye, Bowen Li, Geng Lu, Jia Pan

The key to the visual UAM approaching lies in object tracking, while current UAM tracking typically relies on costly model-based methods.

Object Object Tracking

BatmanNet: Bi-branch Masked Graph Transformer Autoencoder for Molecular Representation

1 code implementation25 Nov 2022 Zhen Wang, Zheng Feng, Yanjun Li, Bowen Li, Yongrui Wang, Chulin Sha, Min He, Xiaolin Li

Although substantial efforts have been made using graph neural networks (GNNs) for AI-driven drug discovery (AIDD), effective molecular representation learning remains an open challenge, especially in the case of insufficient labeled molecules.

Drug Discovery Molecular Property Prediction +4

CGoDial: A Large-Scale Benchmark for Chinese Goal-oriented Dialog Evaluation

no code implementations21 Nov 2022 Yinpei Dai, Wanwei He, Bowen Li, Yuchuan Wu, Zheng Cao, Zhongqi An, Jian Sun, Yongbin Li

Practical dialog systems need to deal with various knowledge sources, noisy user expressions, and the shortage of annotated data.

Goal-Oriented Dialog Retrieval

Learning to Model Multimodal Semantic Alignment for Story Visualization

no code implementations14 Nov 2022 Bowen Li, Thomas Lukasiewicz

Story visualization aims to generate a sequence of images to narrate each sentence in a multi-sentence story, where the images should be realistic and keep global consistency across dynamic scenes and characters.

Sentence Story Visualization

Minimax Concave Penalty Regularized Adaptive System Identification

no code implementations7 Nov 2022 Bowen Li, Suya Wu, Erin E. Tripp, Ali Pezeshki, Vahid Tarokh

We develop a recursive least square (RLS) type algorithm with a minimax concave penalty (MCP) for adaptive identification of a sparse tap-weight vector that represents a communication channel.

Time Series Time Series Analysis

Proximal Subgradient Norm Minimization of ISTA and FISTA

no code implementations3 Nov 2022 Bowen Li, Bin Shi, Ya-xiang Yuan

We apply the tighter inequality discovered in the well-constructed Lyapunov function and then obtain the proximal subgradient norm minimization by the phase-space representation, regardless of gradient-correction or implicit-velocity.

Towards Generalizable and Robust Text-to-SQL Parsing

1 code implementation23 Oct 2022 Chang Gao, Bowen Li, Wenxuan Zhang, Wai Lam, Binhua Li, Fei Huang, Luo Si, Yongbin Li

Text-to-SQL parsing tackles the problem of mapping natural language questions to executable SQL queries.

SQL Parsing Text-To-SQL

STAR: SQL Guided Pre-Training for Context-dependent Text-to-SQL Parsing

1 code implementation21 Oct 2022 ZeFeng Cai, Xiangyu Li, Binyuan Hui, Min Yang, Bowen Li, Binhua Li, Zheng Cao, Weijie Li, Fei Huang, Luo Si, Yongbin Li

Concretely, we propose two novel pre-training objectives which respectively explore the context-dependent interactions of NL utterances and SQL queries within each text-to-SQL conversation: (i) schema state tracking (SST) objective that tracks and explores the schema states of context-dependent SQL queries in the form of schema-states by predicting and updating the value of each schema slot during interaction; (ii) utterance dependency tracking (UDT) objective that employs weighted contrastive learning to pull together two semantically similar NL utterances and push away the representations of semantically dissimilar NL utterances within each conversation.

Contrastive Learning SQL Parsing +1

SUN: Exploring Intrinsic Uncertainties in Text-to-SQL Parsers

1 code implementation COLING 2022 Bowen Qin, Lihan Wang, Binyuan Hui, Bowen Li, Xiangpeng Wei, Binhua Li, Fei Huang, Luo Si, Min Yang, Yongbin Li

To improve the generalizability and stability of neural text-to-SQL parsers, we propose a model uncertainty constraint to refine the query representations by enforcing the output representations of different perturbed encoding networks to be consistent with each other.

SQL Parsing Text-To-SQL

Lightweight Long-Range Generative Adversarial Networks

no code implementations8 Sep 2022 Bowen Li, Thomas Lukasiewicz

In this paper, we introduce novel lightweight generative adversarial networks, which can effectively capture long-range dependencies in the image generation process, and produce high-quality results with a much simpler architecture.

Image Generation

Memory-Driven Text-to-Image Generation

no code implementations15 Aug 2022 Bowen Li, Philip H. S. Torr, Thomas Lukasiewicz

We introduce a memory-driven semi-parametric approach to text-to-image generation, which is based on both parametric and non-parametric techniques.

Generative Adversarial Network

Word-Level Fine-Grained Story Visualization

1 code implementation3 Aug 2022 Bowen Li, Thomas Lukasiewicz

Story visualization aims to generate a sequence of images to narrate each sentence in a multi-sentence story with a global consistency across dynamic scenes and characters.

Sentence Story Visualization

Proton: Probing Schema Linking Information from Pre-trained Language Models for Text-to-SQL Parsing

2 code implementations28 Jun 2022 Lihan Wang, Bowen Qin, Binyuan Hui, Bowen Li, Min Yang, Bailin Wang, Binhua Li, Fei Huang, Luo Si, Yongbin Li

The importance of building text-to-SQL parsers which can be applied to new databases has long been acknowledged, and a critical step to achieve this goal is schema linking, i. e., properly recognizing mentions of unseen columns or tables when generating SQLs.

SQL Parsing Text-To-SQL

Universal Learned Image Compression With Low Computational Cost

no code implementations23 Jun 2022 Bowen Li, Yao Xin, Youneng Bao, Fanyang Meng, Yongsheng Liang, Wen Tan

Recently, learned image compression methods have developed rapidly and exhibited excellent rate-distortion performance when compared to traditional standards, such as JPEG, JPEG2000 and BPG.

Image Compression MS-SSIM +1

Siamese Object Tracking for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: A Review and Comprehensive Analysis

1 code implementation9 May 2022 Changhong Fu, Kunhan Lu, Guangze Zheng, Junjie Ye, Ziang Cao, Bowen Li, Geng Lu

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-based visual object tracking has enabled a wide range of applications and attracted increasing attention in the field of intelligent transportation systems because of its versatility and effectiveness.

Visual Object Tracking

S$^2$SQL: Injecting Syntax to Question-Schema Interaction Graph Encoder for Text-to-SQL Parsers

no code implementations14 Mar 2022 Binyuan Hui, Ruiying Geng, Lihan Wang, Bowen Qin, Bowen Li, Jian Sun, Yongbin Li

The task of converting a natural language question into an executable SQL query, known as text-to-SQL, is an important branch of semantic parsing.

Semantic Parsing Text-To-SQL

Accurate and Generalizable Quantitative Scoring of Liver Steatosis from Ultrasound Images via Scalable Deep Learning

no code implementations12 Oct 2021 Bowen Li, Dar-In Tai, Ke Yan, Yi-Cheng Chen, Shiu-Feng Huang, Tse-Hwa Hsu, Wan-Ting Yu, Jing Xiao, Le Lu, Adam P. Harrison

High diagnostic performance was observed across all viewpoints: area under the curves of the ROC to classify >=mild, >=moderate, =severe steatosis grades were 0. 85, 0. 90, and 0. 93, respectively.

FedIPR: Ownership Verification for Federated Deep Neural Network Models

1 code implementation27 Sep 2021 Bowen Li, Lixin Fan, Hanlin Gu, Jie Li, Qiang Yang

To address these risks, the ownership verification of federated learning models is a prerequisite that protects federated learning model intellectual property rights (IPR) i. e., FedIPR.

Federated Learning

Federated Deep Learning with Bayesian Privacy

no code implementations27 Sep 2021 Hanlin Gu, Lixin Fan, Bowen Li, Yan Kang, Yuan YAO, Qiang Yang

To address the aforementioned perplexity, we propose a novel Bayesian Privacy (BP) framework which enables Bayesian restoration attacks to be formulated as the probability of reconstructing private data from observed public information.

Federated Learning Image Classification +1

Label-Assemble: Leveraging Multiple Datasets with Partial Labels

2 code implementations25 Sep 2021 Mintong Kang, Bowen Li, Zengle Zhu, Yongyi Lu, Elliot K. Fishman, Alan L. Yuille, Zongwei Zhou

We discovered that learning from negative examples facilitates both computer-aided disease diagnosis and detection.

COVID-19 Diagnosis Specificity

Blindly Assess Quality of In-the-Wild Videos via Quality-aware Pre-training and Motion Perception

1 code implementation19 Aug 2021 Bowen Li, Weixia Zhang, Meng Tian, Guangtao Zhai, Xianpei Wang

The inaccessibility of reference videos with pristine quality and the complexity of authentic distortions pose great challenges for this kind of blind video quality assessment (BVQA) task.

Action Recognition Image Quality Assessment +3

HiFT: Hierarchical Feature Transformer for Aerial Tracking

1 code implementation ICCV 2021 Ziang Cao, Changhong Fu, Junjie Ye, Bowen Li, Yiming Li

Most existing Siamese-based tracking methods execute the classification and regression of the target object based on the similarity maps.

Decision Making

DarkLighter: Light Up the Darkness for UAV Tracking

1 code implementation30 Jul 2021 Junjie Ye, Changhong Fu, Guangze Zheng, Ziang Cao, Bowen Li

Recent years have witnessed the fast evolution and promising performance of the convolutional neural network (CNN)-based trackers, which aim at imitating biological visual systems.

Unity Perception: Generate Synthetic Data for Computer Vision

no code implementations9 Jul 2021 Steve Borkman, Adam Crespi, Saurav Dhakad, Sujoy Ganguly, Jonathan Hogins, You-Cyuan Jhang, Mohsen Kamalzadeh, Bowen Li, Steven Leal, Pete Parisi, Cesar Romero, Wesley Smith, Alex Thaman, Samuel Warren, Nupur Yadav

We introduce the Unity Perception package which aims to simplify and accelerate the process of generating synthetic datasets for computer vision tasks by offering an easy-to-use and highly customizable toolset.

object-detection Object Detection +1

SiamAPN++: Siamese Attentional Aggregation Network for Real-Time UAV Tracking

1 code implementation16 Jun 2021 Ziang Cao, Changhong Fu, Junjie Ye, Bowen Li, Yiming Li

By virtue of the attention mechanism, we conduct a special attentional aggregation network (AAN) consisting of self-AAN and cross-AAN for raising the representation ability of features eventually.

ADTrack: Target-Aware Dual Filter Learning for Real-Time Anti-Dark UAV Tracking

1 code implementation4 Jun 2021 Bowen Li, Changhong Fu, Fangqiang Ding, Junjie Ye, Fuling Lin

The target-aware mask can be applied to jointly train a target-focused filter that assists the context filter for robust tracking.

Learning from Subjective Ratings Using Auto-Decoded Deep Latent Embeddings

no code implementations12 Apr 2021 Bowen Li, Xinping Ren, Ke Yan, Le Lu, Lingyun Huang, Guotong Xie, Jing Xiao, Dar-In Tai, Adam P. Harrison

Importantly, ADDLE does not expect multiple raters per image in training, meaning it can readily learn from data mined from hospital archives.

Predictive Visual Tracking: A New Benchmark and Baseline Approach

2 code implementations8 Mar 2021 Bowen Li, Yiming Li, Junjie Ye, Changhong Fu, Hang Zhao

As a crucial robotic perception capability, visual tracking has been intensively studied recently.

Visual Tracking

All-Day Object Tracking for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

1 code implementation21 Jan 2021 Bowen Li, Changhong Fu, Fangqiang Ding, Junjie Ye, Fuling Lin

However, prior tracking methods have merely focused on robust tracking in the well-illuminated scenes, while ignoring trackers' capabilities to be deployed in the dark.

Object Visual Object Tracking

Manipulating the anisotropic phase separation in strained VO2 epitaxial films by nanoscale ion-implantation

no code implementations18 Jan 2021 Changlong Hu, Liang Li, Xiaolei Wen, Yuliang Chen, Bowen Li, Hui Ren, Shanguang Zhao, Chongwen Zou

Manipulating the strain induced poly-domains and phase transition in correlated oxide material are important for high performance devices fabrication.

Materials Science Strongly Correlated Electrons

Lightweight Generative Adversarial Networks for Text-Guided Image Manipulation

1 code implementation NeurIPS 2020 Bowen Li, Xiaojuan Qi, Philip H. S. Torr, Thomas Lukasiewicz

To achieve this, a new word-level discriminator is proposed, which provides the generator with fine-grained training feedback at word-level, to facilitate training a lightweight generator that has a small number of parameters, but can still correctly focus on specific visual attributes of an image, and then edit them without affecting other contents that are not described in the text.

Generative Adversarial Network Image Manipulation +1

Correlation Filters for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Based Aerial Tracking: A Review and Experimental Evaluation

1 code implementation13 Oct 2020 Changhong Fu, Bowen Li, Fangqiang Ding, Fuling Lin, Geng Lu

Aerial tracking, which has exhibited its omnipresent dedication and splendid performance, is one of the most active applications in the remote sensing field.

Computational Efficiency Visual Tracking

Knowledge Graph Extraction from Videos

1 code implementation20 Jul 2020 Louis Mahon, Eleonora Giunchiglia, Bowen Li, Thomas Lukasiewicz

Nearly all existing techniques for automated video annotation (or captioning) describe videos using natural language sentences.

Multilingual Chart-based Constituency Parse Extraction from Pre-trained Language Models

1 code implementation Findings (EMNLP) 2021 Taeuk Kim, Bowen Li, Sang-goo Lee

As it has been unveiled that pre-trained language models (PLMs) are to some extent capable of recognizing syntactic concepts in natural language, much effort has been made to develop a method for extracting complete (binary) parses from PLMs without training separate parsers.

Constituency Parsing Cross-Lingual Transfer

Image-to-Image Translation with Text Guidance

no code implementations12 Feb 2020 Bowen Li, Xiaojuan Qi, Philip H. S. Torr, Thomas Lukasiewicz

The goal of this paper is to embed controllable factors, i. e., natural language descriptions, into image-to-image translation with generative adversarial networks, which allows text descriptions to determine the visual attributes of synthetic images.

Image-to-Image Translation Part-Of-Speech Tagging +1

ManiGAN: Text-Guided Image Manipulation

3 code implementations12 Dec 2019 Bowen Li, Xiaojuan Qi, Thomas Lukasiewicz, Philip H. S. Torr

The goal of our paper is to semantically edit parts of an image matching a given text that describes desired attributes (e. g., texture, colour, and background), while preserving other contents that are irrelevant to the text.

Generative Adversarial Network Image Manipulation +1

Controllable Text-to-Image Generation

2 code implementations NeurIPS 2019 Bowen Li, Xiaojuan Qi, Thomas Lukasiewicz, Philip H. S. Torr

In this paper, we propose a novel controllable text-to-image generative adversarial network (ControlGAN), which can effectively synthesise high-quality images and also control parts of the image generation according to natural language descriptions.

Generative Adversarial Network

An Imitation Learning Approach to Unsupervised Parsing

1 code implementation ACL 2019 Bowen Li, Lili Mou, Frank Keller

In our work, we propose an imitation learning approach to unsupervised parsing, where we transfer the syntactic knowledge induced by the PRPN to a Tree-LSTM model with discrete parsing actions.

Imitation Learning Language Modelling +1

Dependency Grammar Induction with a Neural Variational Transition-based Parser

no code implementations14 Nov 2018 Bowen Li, Jianpeng Cheng, Yang Liu, Frank Keller

Transition-based models enable faster inference with $O(n)$ time complexity, but their performance still lags behind.

Dependency Grammar Induction Variational Inference

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