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An ASP-based Solution to the Chemotherapy Treatment Scheduling problem

no code implementations5 Aug 2021 Carmine Dodaro, Giuseppe Galatà, Andrea Grioni, Marco Maratea, Marco Mochi, Ivan Porro

The problem of scheduling chemotherapy treatments in oncology clinics is a complex problem, given that the solution has to satisfy (as much as possible) several requirements such as the cyclic nature of chemotherapy treatment plans, maintaining a constant number of patients, and the availability of resources, e. g., treatment time, nurses, and drugs.

Operating Room (Re)Scheduling with Bed Management via ASP

no code implementations5 May 2021 Carmine Dodaro, Giuseppe Galatà, Muhammad Kamran Khan, Marco Maratea, Ivan Porro

The Operating Room Scheduling (ORS) problem is the task of assigning patients to operating rooms, taking into account different specialties, lengths and priority scores of each planned surgery, operating room session durations, and the availability of beds for the entire length of stay both in the Intensive Care Unit and in the wards.

Manipulation of Articulated Objects using Dual-arm Robots via Answer Set Programming

no code implementations2 Oct 2020 Riccardo Bertolucci, Alessio Capitanelli, Carmine Dodaro, Nicola Leone, Marco Maratea, Fulvio Mastrogiovanni, Mauro Vallati

We validate the overall framework in the extended scenario, thereby confirming the applicability of ASP also in more realistic Robotics settings, and showing the usefulness of macro actions for the robot-based manipulation of articulated objects.

Managing caching strategies for stream reasoning with reinforcement learning

no code implementations7 Aug 2020 Carmine Dodaro, Thomas Eiter, Paul Ogris, Konstantin Schekotihin

In particular, we study the applicability of reinforcement learning to continuously assess the utility of learned constraints computed in previous invocations of the solving algorithm for the current one.

Decision Making

Inconsistency Proofs for ASP: The ASP-DRUPE Format

no code implementations24 Jul 2019 Mario Alviano, Carmine Dodaro, Johannes K. Fichte, Markus Hecher, Tobias Philipp, Jakob Rath

Verifying whether a claimed answer set is formally a correct answer set of the program can be decided in polynomial time for (normal) programs.

Partial Compilation of ASP Programs

no code implementations24 Jul 2019 Bernardo Cuteri, Carmine Dodaro, Francesco Ricca, Peter Schüller

In this paper, we propose an extended architecture for ASP systems, in which parts of the input program are compiled into an ad-hoc evaluation algorithm (i. e., we obtain a specific binary for a given program), and might not be subject to the grounding step.

Better Paracoherent Answer Sets with Less Resources

no code implementations22 Jul 2019 Giovanni Amendola, Carmine Dodaro, Francesco Ricca

Answer Set Programming (ASP) is a well-established formalism for logic programming.

Abstract Solvers for Computing Cautious Consequences of ASP programs

no code implementations22 Jul 2019 Giovanni Amendola, Carmine Dodaro, Marco Maratea

We show how to improve the current abstract solvers for cautious reasoning in ASP with new techniques borrowed from backbone computation in SAT, in order to design new solving algorithms.

The External Interface for Extending WASP

no code implementations5 Nov 2018 Carmine Dodaro, Francesco Ricca

Moreover, we review the applications of the interface witnessing it can be successfully used to extend WASP for solving effectively hard instances of both real-world and synthetic problems.

Debugging Non-Ground ASP Programs: Technique and Graphical Tools

no code implementations1 Aug 2018 Carmine Dodaro, Philip Gasteiger, Kristian Reale, Francesco Ricca, Konstantin Schekotihin

Answer Set Programming (ASP) is one of the major declarative programming paradigms in the area of logic programming and non-monotonic reasoning.

On the Computation of Paracoherent Answer Sets

no code implementations21 Jul 2017 Giovanni Amendola, Carmine Dodaro, Wolfgang Faber, Nicola Leone, Francesco Ricca

Answer Set Programming (ASP) is a well-established formalism for nonmonotonic reasoning.

Driving CDCL Search

no code implementations16 Nov 2016 Carmine Dodaro, Philip Gasteiger, Nicola Leone, Benjamin Musitsch, Francesco Ricca, Konstantin Schekotihin

The CDCL algorithm is the leading solution adopted by state-of-the-art solvers for SAT, SMT, ASP, and others.

Combining Answer Set Programming and Domain Heuristics for Solving Hard Industrial Problems (Application Paper)

1 code implementation2 Aug 2016 Carmine Dodaro, Philip Gasteiger, Nicola Leone, Benjamin Musitsch, Francesco Ricca, Kostyantyn Shchekotykhin

In this paper the combination of ASP and domain-specific heuristics is studied with the goal of effectively solving real-world problem instances of PUP and CCP.

Anytime Computation of Cautious Consequences in Answer Set Programming

no code implementations14 May 2014 Mario Alviano, Carmine Dodaro, Francesco Ricca

Query answering in Answer Set Programming (ASP) is usually solved by computing (a subset of) the cautious consequences of a logic program.

Preliminary Report on WASP 2.0

no code implementations28 Apr 2014 Mario Alviano, Carmine Dodaro, Francesco Ricca

This paper reports on the recent improvements of the ASP solver WASP.

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