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DOTmark - A Benchmark for Discrete Optimal Transport

1 code implementation11 Oct 2016 Jörn Schrieber, Dominic Schuhmacher, Carsten Gottschlich

The Wasserstein metric or earth mover's distance (EMD) is a useful tool in statistics, machine learning and computer science with many applications to biological or medical imaging, among others.

Perfect Fingerprint Orientation Fields by Locally Adaptive Global Models

no code implementations20 Jun 2016 Carsten Gottschlich, Benjamin Tams, Stephan Huckemann

OFs are used for image enhancement, fingerprint alignment, for fingerprint liveness detection, fingerprint alteration detection and fingerprint matching.

Image Enhancement

Simultaneous Inpainting and Denoising by Directional Global Three-part Decomposition: Connecting Variational and Fourier Domain Based Image Processing

no code implementations9 Jun 2016 Duy Hoang Thai, Carsten Gottschlich

We consider the very challenging task of restoring images (i) which have a large number of missing pixels, (ii) whose existing pixels are corrupted by noise and (iii) the ideal image to be restored contains both cartoon and texture elements.

Denoising Image Restoration

Directional Global Three-part Image Decomposition

no code implementations6 Oct 2015 Duy Hoang Thai, Carsten Gottschlich

Decomposition of an image by DG3PD results in a cartoon image, a texture image and a residual image.

Image Compression Optical Character Recognition

Global Variational Method for Fingerprint Segmentation by Three-part Decomposition

no code implementations18 May 2015 Duy Hoang Thai, Carsten Gottschlich

The first processing step after fingerprint image acquisition is segmentation, i. e. dividing a fingerprint image into a foreground region which contains the relevant features for the comparison algorithm, and a background region.

Skilled Impostor Attacks Against Fingerprint Verification Systems And Its Remedy

no code implementations16 Mar 2015 Carsten Gottschlich

In this study we describe a novel attack vector against fingerprint verification systems which we coin skilled impostor attack.

Speaker Recognition

Filter Design and Performance Evaluation for Fingerprint Image Segmentation

no code implementations9 Jan 2015 Duy Hoang Thai, Stephan Huckemann, Carsten Gottschlich

Fingerprint recognition plays an important role in many commercial applications and is used by millions of people every day, e. g. for unlocking mobile phones.

Semantic Segmentation

The Filament Sensor for Near Real-Time Detection of Cytoskeletal Fiber Structures

no code implementations18 Aug 2014 Benjamin Eltzner, Carina Wollnik, Carsten Gottschlich, Stephan Huckemann, Florian Rehfeldt

Further, we provide a benchmark dataset of real cell images along with filaments manually marked by a human expert as well as simulated benchmark images.

Separating the Real from the Synthetic: Minutiae Histograms as Fingerprints of Fingerprints

no code implementations19 Apr 2013 Carsten Gottschlich, Stephan Huckemann

MHs provide a fixed-length feature vector for a fingerprint which are invariant under rotation and translation.


Curved Gabor Filters for Fingerprint Image Enhancement

no code implementations21 Apr 2011 Carsten Gottschlich

Gabor filters play an important role in many application areas for the enhancement of various types of images and the extraction of Gabor features.

Image Enhancement

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