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Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning for Cost- and Delay-Sensitive Virtual Network Function Placement and Routing

no code implementations24 Jun 2022 Shaoyang Wang, Chau Yuen, Wei Ni, Guan Yong Liang, Tiejun Lv

Then, the joint VNF P&R problem is decoupled into two iterative subtasks: placement subtask and routing subtask.

Deep Reinforcement Learning Based on Location-Aware Imitation Environment for RIS-Aided mmWave MIMO Systems

no code implementations18 May 2022 Wangyang Xu, Jiancheng An, Chongwen Huang, Lu Gan, Chau Yuen

Reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS) has recently gained popularity as a promising solution for improving the signal transmission quality of wireless communications with less hardware cost and energy consumption.


Pervasive Machine Learning for Smart Radio Environments Enabled by Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces

1 code implementation8 May 2022 George C. Alexandropoulos, Kyriakos Stylianopoulos, Chongwen Huang, Chau Yuen, Mehdi Bennis, Mérouane Debbah

The emerging technology of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RISs) is provisioned as an enabler of smart wireless environments, offering a highly scalable, low-cost, hardware-efficient, and almost energy-neutral solution for dynamic control of the propagation of electromagnetic signals over the wireless medium, ultimately providing increased environmental intelligence for diverse operation objectives.

Multi-Armed Bandits

Slow-varying Dynamics Assisted Temporal Capsule Network for Machinery Remaining Useful Life Estimation

no code implementations30 Mar 2022 Yan Qin, Chau Yuen, Yimin Shao, Bo Qin, XiaoLi Li

Similarly, the estimation accuracy of the milling machine has been improved by 23. 57% compared to LSTM and 19. 54% compared to CapsNet.

Time Series

Time-Varying Channel Prediction for RIS-Assisted MU-MISO Networks via Deep Learning

no code implementations9 Nov 2021 Wangyang Xu, Jiancheng An, Yongjun Xu, Chongwen Huang, Lu Gan, Chau Yuen

To mitigate the effects of shadow fading and obstacle blocking, reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS) has become a promising technology to improve the signal transmission quality of wireless communications by controlling the reconfigurable passive elements with less hardware cost and lower power consumption.

Lithium-ion Battery State of Health Estimation based on Cycle Synchronization using Dynamic Time Warping

no code implementations28 Sep 2021 Kate Qi Zhou, Yan Qin, Billy Pik Lik Lau, Chau Yuen, Stefan Adams

The state of health (SOH) estimation plays an essential role in battery-powered applications to avoid unexpected breakdowns due to battery capacity fading.

Dynamic Time Warping Time Series

Spectrum Learning-Aided Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for 'Green' 6G Networks

no code implementations3 Sep 2021 Bo Yang, Xuelin Cao, Chongwen Huang, Yong Liang Guan, Chau Yuen, Marco Di Renzo, Dusit Niyato, Merouane Debbah, Lajos Hanzo

In the sixth-generation (6G) era, emerging large-scale computing based applications (for example processing enormous amounts of images in real-time in autonomous driving) tend to lead to excessive energy consumption for the end users, whose devices are usually energy-constrained.

Autonomous Driving

Relative Localization of Mobile Robots with Multiple Ultra-WideBand Ranging Measurements

no code implementations19 Jul 2021 Zhiqiang Cao, Ran Liu, Chau Yuen, Achala Athukorala, Benny Kai Kiat Ng, Muraleetharan Mathanraj, U-Xuan Tan

We propose an approach to estimate the relative pose between a group of robots by equipping each robot with multiple UWB ranging nodes.

Pose Tracking

WiFi Fingerprint Clustering for Urban Mobility Analysis

no code implementations4 May 2021 Sumudu HasalaMarakkalage, Billy Pik Lik Lau, Yuren Zhou, Ran Liu, Chau Yuen, Wei Quin Yow, Keng Hua Chong

We propose a system architecture to scan the surrounding WiFi AP, and perform unsupervised learning to demonstrate that it is possible to identify three major insights, namely the indoor POI within a building, neighbourhood activity, and micro-mobility of the users.

IIoT-Enabled Health Monitoring for Integrated Heat Pump System Using Mixture Slow Feature Analysis

no code implementations20 Apr 2021 Yan Qin, Wen-Tai Li, Chau Yuen, Wayes Tushar, Tapan Kumar Saha

This revolution delivers a promising solution for the health monitoring problem of heat pump (HP) system, a vital device widely deployed in modern buildings for heating use, to timely evaluate its operation status to avoid unexpected downtime.

A Joint Energy and Latency Framework for Transfer Learning over 5G Industrial Edge Networks

no code implementations19 Apr 2021 Bo Yang, Omobayode Fagbohungbe, Xuelin Cao, Chau Yuen, Lijun Qian, Dusit Niyato, Yan Zhang

In this paper, we propose a transfer learning (TL)-enabled edge-CNN framework for 5G industrial edge networks with privacy-preserving characteristic.

Privacy Preserving Transfer Learning

Intelligent Spectrum Learning for Wireless Networks with Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces

no code implementations2 Mar 2021 Bo Yang, Xuelin Cao, Chongwen Huang, Chau Yuen, Lijun Qian, Marco Di Renzo

Reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS) has become a promising technology for enhancing the reliability of wireless communications, which is capable of reflecting the desired signals through appropriate phase shifts.

Underwater Acoustic Communication Receiver Using Deep Belief Network

no code implementations26 Feb 2021 Abigail Lee-Leon, Chau Yuen, Dorien Herremans

Our proposed receiver system comprises of DBN based de-noising and classification of the received signal.

Multi-hop RIS-Empowered Terahertz Communications: A DRL-based Hybrid Beamforming Design

no code implementations22 Jan 2021 Chongwen Huang, Zhaohui Yang, George C. Alexandropoulos, Kai Xiong, Li Wei, Chau Yuen, Zhaoyang Zhang, Merouane Debbah

We investigate the joint design of digital beamforming matrix at the BS and analog beamforming matrices at the RISs, by leveraging the recent advances in deep reinforcement learning (DRL) to combat the propagation loss.

Time-Series Regeneration with Convolutional Recurrent Generative Adversarial Network for Remaining Useful Life Estimation

no code implementations11 Jan 2021 Xuewen Zhang, Yan Qin, Chau Yuen, Lahiru Jayasinghe, Xiang Liu

Out of this consideration, an enhanced RUL framework focusing on data self-generation is put forward for both non-cyclic and cyclic degradation patterns for the first time.

Time Series

A Transfer Learning-based State of Charge Estimation for Lithium-Ion Battery at Varying Ambient Temperatures

no code implementations11 Jan 2021 Yan Qin, Stefan Adams, Chau Yuen

After that, once the inability of the reference SoC estimation model is detected, consistent temporal dynamics between temperatures are selected for transfer learning.

Transfer Learning

Refined Nonlinear Rectenna Modeling and Optimal Waveform Design for Multi-User Multi-Antenna Wireless Power Transfer

no code implementations31 Dec 2020 Samith Abeywickrama, Rui Zhang, Chau Yuen

Leveraging this new rectenna model, we first consider the single-ER case and study the multisine-based power waveform design based on the wireless channel to maximize the harvested power at the ER.

Information Theory Information Theory

Multiple-Perspective Clustering of Passive Wi-Fi Sensing Trajectory Data

no code implementations22 Dec 2020 Zann Koh, Yuren Zhou, Billy Pik Lik Lau, Chau Yuen, Bige Tuncer, Keng Hua Chong

Information about the spatiotemporal flow of humans within an urban context has a wide plethora of applications.

Urban Space Insights Extraction using Acoustic Histogram Information

no code implementations10 Dec 2020 Nipun Wijerathne, Billy Pik Lik Lau, Benny Kai Kiat Ng, Chau Yuen

In this paper, we study the implementation of low-cost analogue sound sensors to detect outdoor activities and estimate the raining period in an urban residential area.

Hybrid Beamforming for RIS-Empowered Multi-hop Terahertz Communications: A DRL-based Method

no code implementations20 Sep 2020 Chongwen Huang, Zhaohui Yang, George C. Alexandropoulos, Kai Xiong, Li Wei, Chau Yuen, Zhaoyang Zhang

Wireless communication in the TeraHertz band (0. 1--10 THz) is envisioned as one of the key enabling technologies for the future six generation (6G) wireless communication systems.

Offloading Optimization in Edge Computing for Deep Learning Enabled Target Tracking by Internet-of-UAVs

no code implementations18 Aug 2020 Bo Yang, Xuelin Cao, Chau Yuen, Lijun Qian

This motivates us to consider offloading this type of deep learning (DL) tasks to a mobile edge computing (MEC) server due to limited computational resource and energy budget of the UAV, and further improve the inference accuracy.


Invariant learning based multi-stage identification for Lithium-ion battery performance degradation

no code implementations12 Aug 2020 Yan Qin, Chau Yuen, Stefan Adams

By informing accurate performance (e. g., capacity), health state management plays a significant role in safeguarding battery and its powered system.

Channel Estimation for RIS-Empowered Multi-User MISO Wireless Communications

no code implementations4 Aug 2020 Li Wei, Chongwen Huang, George C. Alexandropoulos, Chau Yuen, Zhaoyang Zhang, Mérouane Debbah

We also discuss the downlink achievable sum rate computation with estimated channels and different precoding schemes for the base station.

Dense Small Satellite Networks for Modern Terrestrial Communication Systems: Benefits, Infrastructure, and Technologies

no code implementations30 Jul 2020 Naveed UL Hassan, Chongwen Huang, Chau Yuen, Ayaz Ahmad, Yan Zhang

Dense small satellite networks (DSSN) in low earth orbits (LEO) can benefit several mobile terrestrial communication systems (MTCS).

Predictive Maintenance for Edge-Based Sensor Networks: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach

no code implementations7 Jul 2020 Kevin Shen Hoong Ong, Dusit Niyato, Chau Yuen

In this paper, a model-free Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithm is proposed for predictive equipment maintenance from an equipment-based sensor network context.


Lessons Learned from Accident of Autonomous Vehicle Testing: An Edge Learning-aided Offloading Framework

no code implementations27 Jun 2020 Bo Yang, Xuelin Cao, Xiangfang Li, Chau Yuen, Lijun Qian

This letter proposes an edge learning-based offloading framework for autonomous driving, where the deep learning tasks can be offloaded to the edge server to improve the inference accuracy while meeting the latency constraint.

Autonomous Driving

Secure Beamforming for Multiple Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces Aided mmWave Systems

no code implementations26 Jun 2020 Yue Xiu, Jun Zhao, Chau Yuen, Zhongpei Zhang, Guan Gui

In this system, the secrecy rate is maximized by controlling the on-off status of each IRS as well as optimizing the phase shift matrix of the IRSs.

Efficient Nonnegative Tensor Factorization via Saturating Coordinate Descent

no code implementations7 Mar 2020 Thirunavukarasu Balasubramaniam, Richi Nayak, Chau Yuen

With the advancements in computing technology and web-based applications, data is increasingly generated in multi-dimensional form.

Columnwise Element Selection for Computationally Efficient Nonnegative Coupled Matrix Tensor Factorization

no code implementations7 Mar 2020 Thirunavukarasu Balasubramaniam, Richi Nayak, Chau Yuen

Coupled Matrix Tensor Factorization (CMTF) facilitates the integration and analysis of multiple data sources and helps discover meaningful information.

Cluster Pruning: An Efficient Filter Pruning Method for Edge AI Vision Applications

no code implementations5 Mar 2020 Chinthaka Gamanayake, Lahiru Jayasinghe, Benny Ng, Chau Yuen

Even though the Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) has shown superior results in the field of computer vision, it is still a challenging task to implement computer vision algorithms in real-time at the edge, especially using a low-cost IoT device due to high memory consumption and computation complexities in a CNN.


Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Assisted Multiuser MISO Systems Exploiting Deep Reinforcement Learning

no code implementations24 Feb 2020 Chongwen Huang, Member, IEEE, Ronghong Mo, Chau Yuen, Senior Member

In this paper, we investigate the joint design of transmit beamforming matrix at the base station and the phase shift matrix at the RIS, by leveraging recent advances in deep reinforcement learning (DRL).

Neural Network simulation reinforcement-learning

Understanding Crowd Behaviors in a Social Event by Passive WiFi Sensing and Data Mining

no code implementations5 Feb 2020 Yuren Zhou, Billy Pik Lik Lau, Zann Koh, Chau Yuen, Benny Kai Kiat Ng

In this paper, therefore, we propose a comprehensive data analysis framework to fully analyze the collected probe requests to extract three types of patterns related to crowd behaviors in a large social event, with the help of statistics, visualization, and unsupervised machine learning.

Holographic MIMO Surfaces for 6G Wireless Networks: Opportunities, Challenges, and Trends

no code implementations27 Nov 2019 Chongwen Huang, Sha Hu, George C. Alexandropoulos, Alessio Zappone, Chau Yuen, Rui Zhang, Marco Di Renzo, Mérouane Debbah

Future wireless networks are expected to evolve towards an intelligent and software reconfigurable paradigm enabling ubiquitous communications between humans and mobile devices.

Resource Allocation in Mobility-Aware Federated Learning Networks: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach

no code implementations21 Oct 2019 Huy T. Nguyen, Nguyen Cong Luong, Jun Zhao, Chau Yuen, Dusit Niyato

However, federated learning faces the energy constraints of the workers and the high network resource cost due to the fact that a number of global model transmissions may be required to achieve the target accuracy.

Federated Learning reinforcement-learning

PSDNet and DPDNet: Efficient channel expansion, Depthwise-Pointwise-Depthwise Inverted Bottleneck Block

no code implementations3 Sep 2019 Guoqing Li, Meng Zhang, Qianru Zhang, Ziyang Chen, Wenzhao Liu, Jiaojie Li, Xuzhao Shen, Jianjun Li, Zhenyu Zhu, Chau Yuen

To design more efficient lightweight concolutional neural netwok, Depthwise-Pointwise-Depthwise inverted bottleneck block (DPD block) is proposed and DPDNet is designed by stacking DPD block.

Benchmarking air-conditioning energy performance of residential rooms based on regression and clustering techniques

no code implementations22 Aug 2019 Yuren Zhou, Clement Lork, Wen-Tai Li, Chau Yuen, Yeong Ming Keow

In this paper, we propose a data-driven approach to fairly benchmark the AC energy performance of residential rooms.

Indoor Signal Focusing with Deep Learning Designed Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces

no code implementations19 May 2019 Chongwen Huang, George C. Alexandropoulos, Chau Yuen, Mérouane Debbah

Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RISs) comprised of tunable unit elements have been recently considered in indoor communication environments for focusing signal reflections to intended user locations.

Deep Learning for UL/DL Channel Calibration in Generic Massive MIMO Systems

no code implementations7 Mar 2019 Chongwen Huang, George C. Alexandropoulos, Alessio Zappone, Chau Yuen, Mérouane Debbah

We then leverage the trained deep neural network with the instantaneously estimated UL channel to calibrate the DL one, which is not observable during the UL transmission phase.

DCASE 2018 Challenge: Solution for Task 5

no code implementations11 Dec 2018 Jeremy Chew, Ying-Xiang Sun, Lahiru Jayasinghe, Chau Yuen

To address Task 5 in the Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events (DCASE) 2018 challenge, in this paper, we propose an ensemble learning system.

Ensemble Learning General Classification

Temporal Convolutional Memory Networks for Remaining Useful Life Estimation of Industrial Machinery

1 code implementation12 Oct 2018 Lahiru Jayasinghe, Tharaka Samarasinghe, Chau Yuen, Jenny Chen Ni Low, Shuzhi Sam Ge

This paper, introduces a system model that incorporates temporal convolutions with both long term and short term time dependencies.

Data Augmentation

Indoor Sound Source Localization with Probabilistic Neural Network

no code implementations21 Dec 2017 Yingxiang Sun, Jiajia Chen, Chau Yuen, Susanto Rahardja

It is known that adverse environments such as high reverberation and low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) pose a great challenge to indoor sound source localization.

Direction of Arrival Estimation

RF-Based Direction Finding of UAVs Using DNN

2 code implementations1 Dec 2017 Samith Abeywickrama, Lahiru Jayasinghe, Hua Fu, Subashini Nissanka, Chau Yuen

This paper presents a sparse denoising autoencoder (SDAE)-based deep neural network (DNN) for the direction finding (DF) of small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).


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