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Adaptive Texture Filtering for Single-Domain Generalized Segmentation

1 code implementation6 Mar 2023 Xinhui Li, Mingjia Li, Yaxing Wang, Chuan-Xian Ren, Xiaojie Guo

Domain generalization in semantic segmentation aims to alleviate the performance degradation on unseen domains through learning domain-invariant features.

Domain Generalization Semantic Segmentation

MOT: Masked Optimal Transport for Partial Domain Adaptation

no code implementations CVPR 2023 You-Wei Luo, Chuan-Xian Ren

A novel masked OT (MOT) methodology on conditional distributions is proposed by defining a mask operation with label information.

Partial Domain Adaptation

Bures Joint Distribution Alignment with Dynamic Margin for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation

no code implementations14 Mar 2022 Yong-Hui Liu, Chuan-Xian Ren, Xiao-Lin Xu, Ke-Kun Huang

Specifically, we propose a novel alignment loss term that minimizes the kernel Bures-Wasserstein distance between the joint distributions.

Contrastive Learning Transfer Learning +1

Generalized Label Shift Correction via Minimum Uncertainty Principle: Theory and Algorithm

no code implementations26 Feb 2022 You-Wei Luo, Chuan-Xian Ren

As a fundamental problem in machine learning, dataset shift induces a paradigm to learn and transfer knowledge under changing environment.

Learning Theory

SPNet: A novel deep neural network for retinal vessel segmentation based on shared decoder and pyramid-like loss

no code implementations19 Feb 2022 Geng-Xin Xu, Chuan-Xian Ren

Also, to strengthen characterization on the capillaries and the edges of blood vessels, we define a residual pyramid architecture which decomposes the spatial information in the decoding phase.

Retinal Vessel Segmentation Segmentation

Cross-Site Severity Assessment of COVID-19 from CT Images via Domain Adaptation

no code implementations8 Sep 2021 Geng-Xin Xu, Chen Liu, Jun Liu, Zhongxiang Ding, Feng Shi, Man Guo, Wei Zhao, Xiaoming Li, Ying WEI, Yaozong Gao, Chuan-Xian Ren, Dinggang Shen

Particularly, we propose a domain translator and align the heterogeneous data to the estimated class prototypes (i. e., class centers) in a hyper-sphere manifold.

Computed Tomography (CT) Domain Adaptation +1

Conditional Bures Metric for Domain Adaptation

no code implementations CVPR 2021 You-Wei Luo, Chuan-Xian Ren

A conditional distribution matching network is proposed to learn the conditional invariant and discriminative features for UDA.

Transfer Learning Unsupervised Domain Adaptation

Learning Target Domain Specific Classifier for Partial Domain Adaptation

no code implementations25 Aug 2020 Chuan-Xian Ren, PengFei Ge, Peiyi Yang, Shuicheng Yan

Previous UDA methods assume that the source and target domains share an identical label space, which is unrealistic in practice since the label information of the target domain is agnostic.

Partial Domain Adaptation Unsupervised Domain Adaptation

Learning Kernel for Conditional Moment-Matching Discrepancy-based Image Classification

no code implementations24 Aug 2020 Chuan-Xian Ren, PengFei Ge, Dao-Qing Dai, Hong Yan

KLN can simultaneously learn a more expressive kernel and label prediction distribution, thus, it can be used to improve the classification performance in both supervised and semi-supervised learning scenarios.

General Classification Image Classification

Dual Adversarial Auto-Encoders for Clustering

no code implementations23 Aug 2020 Pengfei Ge, Chuan-Xian Ren, Jiashi Feng, Shuicheng Yan

By performing variational inference on the objective function of Dual-AAE, we derive a new reconstruction loss which can be optimized by training a pair of Auto-encoders.

Clustering Variational Inference

Unsupervised Domain Adaptation via Discriminative Manifold Propagation

no code implementations23 Aug 2020 You-Wei Luo, Chuan-Xian Ren, Dao-Qing Dai, Hong Yan

Second, batch-wise training of deep learning limits the characterization of the global structure.

Unsupervised Domain Adaptation

Discriminative Residual Analysis for Image Set Classification with Posture and Age Variations

1 code implementation23 Aug 2020 Chuan-Xian Ren, You-Wei Luo, Xiao-Lin Xu, Dao-Qing Dai, Hong Yan

Consequently, the crucial point of image set recognition is to mine the intrinsic connection or structural information from the image batches with variations.

General Classification Retrieval +1

Domain Adaptation and Image Classification via Deep Conditional Adaptation Network

no code implementations14 Jun 2020 Pengfei Ge, Chuan-Xian Ren, Dao-Qing Dai, Hong Yan

In this paper, we consider a more general application scenario where the label distributions of the source and target domains are not the same.

Classification General Classification +2

Domain Adaptive Person Re-Identification via Camera Style Generation and Label Propagation

no code implementations14 May 2019 Chuan-Xian Ren, Bo-Hua Liang, Zhen Lei

We derive a camera style adaptation framework to learn the style-based mappings between different camera views, from the target domain to the source domain, and then we can transfer the identity-based distribution from the source domain to the target domain on the camera level.

Domain Adaptive Person Re-Identification Person Re-Identification +1

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