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KVQuant: Towards 10 Million Context Length LLM Inference with KV Cache Quantization

1 code implementation31 Jan 2024 Coleman Hooper, Sehoon Kim, Hiva Mohammadzadeh, Michael W. Mahoney, Yakun Sophia Shao, Kurt Keutzer, Amir Gholami

LLMs are seeing growing use for applications such as document analysis and summarization which require large context windows, and with these large context windows KV cache activations surface as the dominant contributor to memory consumption during inference.


Learned Best-Effort LLM Serving

no code implementations15 Jan 2024 Siddharth Jha, Coleman Hooper, Xiaoxuan Liu, Sehoon Kim, Kurt Keutzer

Many applications must provide low-latency LLM service to users or risk unacceptable user experience.

S-LoRA: Serving Thousands of Concurrent LoRA Adapters

1 code implementation6 Nov 2023 Ying Sheng, Shiyi Cao, Dacheng Li, Coleman Hooper, Nicholas Lee, Shuo Yang, Christopher Chou, Banghua Zhu, Lianmin Zheng, Kurt Keutzer, Joseph E. Gonzalez, Ion Stoica

To capitalize on these opportunities, we present S-LoRA, a system designed for the scalable serving of many LoRA adapters.

SPEED: Speculative Pipelined Execution for Efficient Decoding

no code implementations18 Oct 2023 Coleman Hooper, Sehoon Kim, Hiva Mohammadzadeh, Hasan Genc, Kurt Keutzer, Amir Gholami, Sophia Shao

For Transformer decoders that employ parameter sharing, the memory operations for the tokens executing in parallel can be amortized, which allows us to accelerate generative LLM inference.

SqueezeLLM: Dense-and-Sparse Quantization

2 code implementations13 Jun 2023 Sehoon Kim, Coleman Hooper, Amir Gholami, Zhen Dong, Xiuyu Li, Sheng Shen, Michael W. Mahoney, Kurt Keutzer

When applied to the LLaMA models, our 3-bit quantization significantly reduces the perplexity gap from the FP16 baseline by up to 2. 1x as compared to the state-of-the-art methods with the same memory requirement.


Full Stack Optimization of Transformer Inference: a Survey

no code implementations27 Feb 2023 Sehoon Kim, Coleman Hooper, Thanakul Wattanawong, Minwoo Kang, Ruohan Yan, Hasan Genc, Grace Dinh, Qijing Huang, Kurt Keutzer, Michael W. Mahoney, Yakun Sophia Shao, Amir Gholami

In this work, we survey different approaches for efficient Transformer inference, including: (i) analysis and profiling of the bottlenecks in existing Transformer architectures and their similarities and differences with previous convolutional models; (ii) implications of Transformer architecture on hardware, including the impact of non-linear operations such as Layer Normalization, Softmax, and GELU, as well as linear operations, on hardware design; (iii) approaches for optimizing a fixed Transformer architecture; (iv) challenges in finding the right mapping and scheduling of operations for Transformer models; and (v) approaches for optimizing Transformer models by adapting the architecture using neural architecture search.

Neural Architecture Search Scheduling

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