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STT: Stateful Tracking with Transformers for Autonomous Driving

no code implementations30 Apr 2024 Longlong Jing, Ruichi Yu, Xu Chen, Zhengli Zhao, Shiwei Sheng, Colin Graber, Qi Chen, Qinru Li, Shangxuan Wu, Han Deng, Sangjin Lee, Chris Sweeney, Qiurui He, Wei-Chih Hung, Tong He, Xingyi Zhou, Farshid Moussavi, Zijian Guo, Yin Zhou, Mingxing Tan, Weilong Yang, CongCong Li

In this paper, we propose STT, a Stateful Tracking model built with Transformers, that can consistently track objects in the scenes while also predicting their states accurately.

Autonomous Driving

Local Compressed Video Stream Learning for Generic Event Boundary Detection

1 code implementation27 Sep 2023 Libo Zhang, Xin Gu, CongCong Li, Tiejian Luo, Heng Fan

Specifically, we use lightweight ConvNets to extract features of the P-frames in the GOPs and spatial-channel attention module (SCAM) is designed to refine the feature representations of the P-frames based on the compressed information with bidirectional information flow.

Boundary Detection Generic Event Boundary Detection +1

Pedestrian Crossing Action Recognition and Trajectory Prediction with 3D Human Keypoints

no code implementations1 Jun 2023 Jiachen Li, Xinwei Shi, Feiyu Chen, Jonathan Stroud, Zhishuai Zhang, Tian Lan, Junhua Mao, Jeonhyung Kang, Khaled S. Refaat, Weilong Yang, Eugene Ie, CongCong Li

Accurate understanding and prediction of human behaviors are critical prerequisites for autonomous vehicles, especially in highly dynamic and interactive scenarios such as intersections in dense urban areas.

Action Recognition Autonomous Vehicles +3

SC-Transformer++: Structured Context Transformer for Generic Event Boundary Detection

1 code implementation25 Jun 2022 Dexiang Hong, Xiaoqi Ma, Xinyao Wang, CongCong Li, YuFei Wang, Longyin Wen

This report presents the algorithm used in the submission of Generic Event Boundary Detection (GEBD) Challenge at CVPR 2022.

Boundary Detection Decoder +2

Structured Context Transformer for Generic Event Boundary Detection

no code implementations7 Jun 2022 CongCong Li, Xinyao Wang, Dexiang Hong, YuFei Wang, Libo Zhang, Tiejian Luo, Longyin Wen

To capture temporal context information of each frame, we design the structure context transformer (SC-Transformer) by re-partitioning input frame sequence.

Boundary Detection Generic Event Boundary Detection

Multi-modal 3D Human Pose Estimation with 2D Weak Supervision in Autonomous Driving

no code implementations22 Dec 2021 Jingxiao Zheng, Xinwei Shi, Alexander Gorban, Junhua Mao, Yang song, Charles R. Qi, Ting Liu, Visesh Chari, Andre Cornman, Yin Zhou, CongCong Li, Dragomir Anguelov

3D human pose estimation (HPE) in autonomous vehicles (AV) differs from other use cases in many factors, including the 3D resolution and range of data, absence of dense depth maps, failure modes for LiDAR, relative location between the camera and LiDAR, and a high bar for estimation accuracy.

3D Human Pose Estimation Autonomous Driving

Generic Event Boundary Detection Challenge at CVPR 2021 Technical Report: Cascaded Temporal Attention Network (CASTANET)

1 code implementation1 Jul 2021 Dexiang Hong, CongCong Li, Longyin Wen, Xinyao Wang, Libo Zhang

In this work, we design a Cascaded Temporal Attention Network (CASTANET) for GEBD, which is formed by three parts, the backbone network, the temporal attention module, and the classification module.

Boundary Detection Generic Event Boundary Detection

Learning to Prevent Leakage: Privacy-Preserving Inference in the Mobile Cloud

no code implementations18 Dec 2019 Shuang Zhang, Liyao Xiang, CongCong Li, YiXuan Wang, Quanshi Zhang, Wei Wang, Bo Li

Powered by machine learning services in the cloud, numerous learning-driven mobile applications are gaining popularity in the market.

Neural Architecture Search Privacy Preserving +1

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