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Exponentially Stable Projector-based Control of Lagrangian Systems with Gaussian Processes

no code implementations5 Jun 2024 Giulio Evangelisti, Cosimo Della Santina, Sandra Hirche

Designing accurate yet robust tracking controllers with tight performance guarantees for Lagrangian systems is challenging due to nonlinear modeling uncertainties and conservative stability criteria.

Gaussian Processes Uncertainty Quantification

Swing-Up of a Weakly Actuated Double Pendulum via Nonlinear Normal Modes

no code implementations12 Apr 2024 Arne Sachtler, Davide Calzolari, Maximilian Raff, Annika Schmidt, Yannik P. Wotte, Cosimo Della Santina, C. David Remy, Alin Albu-Schäffer

We identify the nonlinear normal modes spawning from the stable equilibrium of a double pendulum under gravity, and we establish their connection to homoclinic orbits through the unstable upright position as energy increases.


Neural Autoencoder-Based Structure-Preserving Model Order Reduction and Control Design for High-Dimensional Physical Systems

no code implementations11 Dec 2023 Marco Lepri, Davide Bacciu, Cosimo Della Santina

This work concerns control-oriented and structure-preserving learning of low-dimensional approximations of high-dimensional physical systems, with a focus on mechanical systems.

NiSNN-A: Non-iterative Spiking Neural Networks with Attention with Application to Motor Imagery EEG Classification

no code implementations9 Dec 2023 Chuhan Zhang, Wei Pan, Cosimo Della Santina

Motor imagery, an important category in electroencephalogram (EEG) research, often intersects with scenarios demanding low energy consumption, such as portable medical devices and isolated environment operations.

EEG Motor Imagery

Robotic Packaging Optimization with Reinforcement Learning

no code implementations26 Mar 2023 Eveline Drijver, Rodrigo Pérez-Dattari, Jens Kober, Cosimo Della Santina, Zlatan Ajanović

Intelligent manufacturing is becoming increasingly important due to the growing demand for maximizing productivity and flexibility while minimizing waste and lead times.


Robotic Fabric Flattening with Wrinkle Direction Detection

no code implementations8 Mar 2023 Yulei Qiu, Jihong Zhu, Cosimo Della Santina, Michael Gienger, Jens Kober

Deformable Object Manipulation (DOM) is an important field of research as it contributes to practical tasks such as automatic cloth handling, cable routing, surgical operation, etc.

Deformable Object Manipulation

Model Based Control of Soft Robots: A Survey of the State of the Art and Open Challenges

no code implementations4 Oct 2021 Cosimo Della Santina, Christian Duriez, Daniela Rus

Continuum soft robots are mechanical systems entirely made of continuously deformable elements.

Estimating the State of Epidemics Spreading with Graph Neural Networks

no code implementations10 May 2021 Abhishek Tomy, Matteo Razzanelli, Francesco Di Lauro, Daniela Rus, Cosimo Della Santina

When an epidemic spreads into a population, it is often unpractical or impossible to have a continuous monitoring of all subjects involved.

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