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On Responsible Machine Learning Datasets with Fairness, Privacy, and Regulatory Norms

no code implementations24 Oct 2023 Surbhi Mittal, Kartik Thakral, Richa Singh, Mayank Vatsa, Tamar Glaser, Cristian Canton Ferrer, Tal Hassner

However, machine and deep learning algorithms, popular in the AI community today, depend heavily on the data used during their development.


VPA: Fully Test-Time Visual Prompt Adaptation

no code implementations26 Sep 2023 Jiachen Sun, Mark Ibrahim, Melissa Hall, Ivan Evtimov, Z. Morley Mao, Cristian Canton Ferrer, Caner Hazirbas

Inspired by the success of textual prompting, several studies have investigated the efficacy of visual prompt tuning.

Domain Adaptation Pseudo Label +3

Code Llama: Open Foundation Models for Code

1 code implementation24 Aug 2023 Baptiste Rozière, Jonas Gehring, Fabian Gloeckle, Sten Sootla, Itai Gat, Xiaoqing Ellen Tan, Yossi Adi, Jingyu Liu, Tal Remez, Jérémy Rapin, Artyom Kozhevnikov, Ivan Evtimov, Joanna Bitton, Manish Bhatt, Cristian Canton Ferrer, Aaron Grattafiori, Wenhan Xiong, Alexandre Défossez, Jade Copet, Faisal Azhar, Hugo Touvron, Louis Martin, Nicolas Usunier, Thomas Scialom, Gabriel Synnaeve

We release Code Llama, a family of large language models for code based on Llama 2 providing state-of-the-art performance among open models, infilling capabilities, support for large input contexts, and zero-shot instruction following ability for programming tasks.

Code Generation Instruction Following

The Casual Conversations v2 Dataset

no code implementations8 Mar 2023 Bilal Porgali, Vítor Albiero, Jordan Ryda, Cristian Canton Ferrer, Caner Hazirbas

This paper introduces a new large consent-driven dataset aimed at assisting in the evaluation of algorithmic bias and robustness of computer vision and audio speech models in regards to 11 attributes that are self-provided or labeled by trained annotators.


A Whac-A-Mole Dilemma: Shortcuts Come in Multiples Where Mitigating One Amplifies Others

1 code implementation CVPR 2023 Zhiheng Li, Ivan Evtimov, Albert Gordo, Caner Hazirbas, Tal Hassner, Cristian Canton Ferrer, Chenliang Xu, Mark Ibrahim

Key to advancing the reliability of vision systems is understanding whether existing methods can overcome multiple shortcuts or struggle in a Whac-A-Mole game, i. e., where mitigating one shortcut amplifies reliance on others.

Domain Generalization Image Classification +1

Localized Uncertainty Attacks

no code implementations17 Jun 2021 Ousmane Amadou Dia, Theofanis Karaletsos, Caner Hazirbas, Cristian Canton Ferrer, Ilknur Kaynar Kabul, Erik Meijer

Under this threat model, we create adversarial examples by perturbing only regions in the inputs where a classifier is uncertain.

Adversarial Evaluation of Multimodal Models under Realistic Gray Box Assumption

no code implementations25 Nov 2020 Ivan Evtimov, Russel Howes, Brian Dolhansky, Hamed Firooz, Cristian Canton Ferrer

This work examines the vulnerability of multimodal (image + text) models to adversarial threats similar to those discussed in previous literature on unimodal (image- or text-only) models.

General Classification Text Augmentation

Adversarial Threats to DeepFake Detection: A Practical Perspective

no code implementations19 Nov 2020 Paarth Neekhara, Brian Dolhansky, Joanna Bitton, Cristian Canton Ferrer

We perform our evaluations on the winning entries of the DeepFake Detection Challenge (DFDC) and demonstrate that they can be easily bypassed in a practical attack scenario by designing transferable and accessible adversarial attacks.

DeepFake Detection Face Swapping +1

Adversarial collision attacks on image hashing functions

no code implementations18 Nov 2020 Brian Dolhansky, Cristian Canton Ferrer

Hashing images with a perceptual algorithm is a common approach to solving duplicate image detection problems.

The DeepFake Detection Challenge (DFDC) Dataset

7 code implementations12 Jun 2020 Brian Dolhansky, Joanna Bitton, Ben Pflaum, Jikuo Lu, Russ Howes, Menglin Wang, Cristian Canton Ferrer

In addition to Deepfakes, a variety of GAN-based face swapping methods have also been published with accompanying code.

DeepFake Detection Face Swapping

Deep Poisoning: Towards Robust Image Data Sharing against Visual Disclosure

no code implementations14 Dec 2019 Hao Guo, Brian Dolhansky, Eric Hsin, Phong Dinh, Cristian Canton Ferrer, Song Wang

Due to respectively limited training data, different entities addressing the same vision task based on certain sensitive images may not train a robust deep network.

Face Recognition Image Classification

The Deepfake Detection Challenge (DFDC) Preview Dataset

no code implementations19 Oct 2019 Brian Dolhansky, Russ Howes, Ben Pflaum, Nicole Baram, Cristian Canton Ferrer

In this paper, we introduce a preview of the Deepfakes Detection Challenge (DFDC) dataset consisting of 5K videos featuring two facial modification algorithms.

DeepFake Detection Face Swapping

Hate Speech in Pixels: Detection of Offensive Memes towards Automatic Moderation

1 code implementation5 Oct 2019 Benet Oriol Sabat, Cristian Canton Ferrer, Xavier Giro-i-Nieto

This work addresses the challenge of hate speech detection in Internet memes, and attempts using visual information to automatically detect hate speech, unlike any previous work of our knowledge.

Hate Speech Detection

Eye In-Painting with Exemplar Generative Adversarial Networks

2 code implementations CVPR 2018 Brian Dolhansky, Cristian Canton Ferrer

This paper introduces a novel approach to in-painting where the identity of the object to remove or change is preserved and accounted for at inference time: Exemplar GANs (ExGANs).


Towards social pattern characterization in egocentric photo-streams

no code implementations5 Sep 2017 Maedeh Aghaei, Mariella Dimiccoli, Cristian Canton Ferrer, Petia Radeva

Following the increasingly popular trend of social interaction analysis in egocentric vision, this manuscript presents a comprehensive study for automatic social pattern characterization of a wearable photo-camera user, by relying on the visual analysis of egocentric photo-streams.

Time Series Time Series Analysis

Disentangling Motion, Foreground and Background Features in Videos

1 code implementation13 Jul 2017 Xunyu Lin, Victor Campos, Xavier Giro-i-Nieto, Jordi Torres, Cristian Canton Ferrer

This paper introduces an unsupervised framework to extract semantically rich features for video representation.

Learning by tracking: Siamese CNN for robust target association

no code implementations26 Apr 2016 Laura Leal-Taixé, Cristian Canton Ferrer, Konrad Schindler

This paper introduces a novel approach to the task of data association within the context of pedestrian tracking, by introducing a two-stage learning scheme to match pairs of detections.

Multiple People Tracking Optical Flow Estimation

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