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Federated Face Forgery Detection Learning with Personalized Representation

no code implementations17 Jun 2024 Decheng Liu, Zhan Dang, Chunlei Peng, Nannan Wang, Ruimin Hu, Xinbo Gao

In addition, a personalized federated learning training strategy is utilized to update the parameters of the distributed detection model.

Personalized Federated Learning Representation Learning

Imperceptible Face Forgery Attack via Adversarial Semantic Mask

1 code implementation16 Jun 2024 Decheng Liu, Qixuan Su, Chunlei Peng, Nannan Wang, Xinbo Gao

With the great development of generative model techniques, face forgery detection draws more and more attention in the related field.

Adversarial Attack

Masked Attribute Description Embedding for Cloth-Changing Person Re-identification

1 code implementation11 Jan 2024 Chunlei Peng, Boyu Wang, Decheng Liu, Nannan Wang, Ruimin Hu, Xinbo Gao

To address this, we mask the clothing and color information in the personal attribute description extracted through an attribute detection model.

Attribute Cloth-Changing Person Re-Identification

Adv-Diffusion: Imperceptible Adversarial Face Identity Attack via Latent Diffusion Model

1 code implementation18 Dec 2023 Decheng Liu, Xijun Wang, Chunlei Peng, Nannan Wang, Ruiming Hu, Xinbo Gao

Adversarial attacks involve adding perturbations to the source image to cause misclassification by the target model, which demonstrates the potential of attacking face recognition models.

Image Generation

Symmetrical Bidirectional Knowledge Alignment for Zero-Shot Sketch-Based Image Retrieval

1 code implementation16 Dec 2023 Decheng Liu, Xu Luo, Chunlei Peng, Nannan Wang, Ruimin Hu, Xinbo Gao

In this paper, we propose a novel Symmetrical Bidirectional Knowledge Alignment for zero-shot sketch-based image retrieval (SBKA).

Knowledge Distillation Retrieval +1

DeepFidelity: Perceptual Forgery Fidelity Assessment for Deepfake Detection

2 code implementations7 Dec 2023 Chunlei Peng, Huiqing Guo, Decheng Liu, Nannan Wang, Ruimin Hu, Xinbo Gao

Considering the complexity of the quality distribution of both real and fake faces, we propose a novel Deepfake detection framework named DeepFidelity to adaptively distinguish real and fake faces with varying image quality by mining the perceptual forgery fidelity of face images.

DeepFake Detection Face Swapping

Toward Trustworthy Identity Tracing via Multi-attribute Synergistic Identification

no code implementations5 Nov 2023 Decheng Liu, Jiahao Yu, Ruimin Hu, Wenbin Feng

Based on the proposed identity model, we propose a trustworthy identity tracing framework (TITF) with multi-attribute synergistic identification to determine the identity of unknown objects, which can optimize the core identification set and provide an interpretable identity tracing process.


Gradient constrained sharpness-aware prompt learning for vision-language models

no code implementations14 Sep 2023 Liangchen Liu, Nannan Wang, Dawei Zhou, Xinbo Gao, Decheng Liu, Xi Yang, Tongliang Liu

This paper targets a novel trade-off problem in generalizable prompt learning for vision-language models (VLM), i. e., improving the performance on unseen classes while maintaining the performance on seen classes.

Attention Consistency Refined Masked Frequency Forgery Representation for Generalizing Face Forgery Detection

1 code implementation21 Jul 2023 Decheng Liu, Tao Chen, Chunlei Peng, Nannan Wang, Ruimin Hu, Xinbo Gao

Due to the successful development of deep image generation technology, visual data forgery detection would play a more important role in social and economic security.

Image Generation

MMNet: Multi-Collaboration and Multi-Supervision Network for Sequential Deepfake Detection

no code implementations6 Jul 2023 Ruiyang Xia, Decheng Liu, Jie Li, Lin Yuan, Nannan Wang, Xinbo Gao

Advanced manipulation techniques have provided criminals with opportunities to make social panic or gain illicit profits through the generation of deceptive media, such as forged face images.

DeepFake Detection Face Swapping

FedForgery: Generalized Face Forgery Detection with Residual Federated Learning

1 code implementation18 Oct 2022 Decheng Liu, Zhan Dang, Chunlei Peng, Yu Zheng, Shuang Li, Nannan Wang, Xinbo Gao

Experiments conducted on publicly available face forgery detection datasets prove the superior performance of the proposed FedForgery.

Federated Learning Image Generation

TransFA: Transformer-based Representation for Face Attribute Evaluation

1 code implementation12 Jul 2022 Decheng Liu, Weijie He, Chunlei Peng, Nannan Wang, Jie Li, Xinbo Gao

The multiple branches transformer is employed to explore the inter-correlation between different attributes in similar semantic regions for attribute feature learning.

Attribute Multi-Label Classification +1

Spatial-Temporal Frequency Forgery Clue for Video Forgery Detection in VIS and NIR Scenario

no code implementations5 Jul 2022 Yukai Wang, Chunlei Peng, Decheng Liu, Nannan Wang, Xinbo Gao

In recent years, with the rapid development of face editing and generation, more and more fake videos are circulating on social media, which has caused extreme public concerns.

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