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LLM Voting: Human Choices and AI Collective Decision Making

no code implementations31 Jan 2024 Joshua C. Yang, Damian Dailisan, Marcin Korecki, Carina I. Hausladen, Dirk Helbing

This paper investigates the voting behaviors of Large Language Models (LLMs), specifically GPT-4 and LLaMA-2, their biases, and how they align with human voting patterns.

Decision Making Diversity

Nanowars can cause epidemic resurgence and fail to promote cooperation

no code implementations13 Jan 2022 Dirk Helbing, Matjaž Perc

In a non-sustainable, "over-populated" world, what might the use of nanotechnology-based targeted, autonomous weapons mean for the future of humanity?

How Value-Sensitive Design Can Empower Sustainable Consumption

no code implementations20 Apr 2020 Thomas Asikis, Johannes Klinglmayr, Dirk Helbing, Evangelos Pournaras

In a so-called overpopulated world, sustainable consumption is of existential importance. However, the expanding spectrum of product choices and their production complexity challenge consumers to make informed and value-sensitive decisions.

Sensing Social Media Signals for Cryptocurrency News

no code implementations27 Mar 2019 Johannes Beck, Roberta Huang, David Lindner, Tian Guo, Ce Zhang, Dirk Helbing, Nino Antulov-Fantulin

The ability to track and monitor relevant and important news in real-time is of crucial interest in multiple industrial sectors.

BIG-bench Machine Learning

Generalized Network Dismantling

2 code implementations4 Jan 2018 Xiao-Long Ren, Niels Gleinig, Dirk Helbing, Nino Antulov-Fantulin

In this paper, we introduce the generalized network dismantling problem, which aims to find the set of nodes that, when removed from a network, results in a network fragmentation into subcritical network components at minimum cost.

Social and Information Networks Statistical Mechanics Physics and Society Computation

How intelligence can change the course of evolution

2 code implementations1 Oct 2017 Stefano Bennati, Leonel Aguilar, Dirk Helbing

Plasticity is known to influence the speed of evolution towards a specific genetic configuration, but whether it also influences what that genetic configuration is, is still an open question.

Open-Ended Question Answering

When slower is faster

no code implementations22 Jun 2015 Carlos Gershenson, Dirk Helbing

The slower is faster (SIF) effect occurs when a system performs worse as its components try to do better.

Enhanced Intelligent Driver Model to Access the Impact of Driving Strategies on Traffic Capacity

2 code implementations18 Dec 2009 Arne Kesting, Martin Treiber, Dirk Helbing

With an increasing number of vehicles equipped with adaptive cruise control (ACC), the impact of such vehicles on the collective dynamics of traffic flow becomes relevant.

Physics and Society

Simulating Dynamical Features of Escape Panic

1 code implementation28 Sep 2000 Dirk Helbing, Illes Farkas, Tamas Vicsek

One of the most disastrous forms of collective human behaviour is the kind of crowd stampede induced by panic, often leading to fatalities as people are crushed or trampled.

Statistical Mechanics Soft Condensed Matter

Congested Traffic States in Empirical Observations and Microscopic Simulations

3 code implementations11 Feb 2000 Martin Treiber, Ansgar Hennecke, Dirk Helbing

Combined states are observed as well, like the coexistence of moving localized clusters and clusters pinned at road inhomogeneities, or regions of oscillating congested traffic upstream of nearly homogeneous congested traffic.

Statistical Mechanics

Social Force Model for Pedestrian Dynamics

3 code implementations20 May 1998 Dirk Helbing, Peter Molnar

The corresponding force concept is discussed in more detail and can be also applied to the description of other behaviors.

Statistical Mechanics Pattern Formation and Solitons patt-sol

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