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ProgressFace: Scale-Aware Progressive Learning for Face Detection

no code implementations ECCV 2020 Jiashu Zhu, Dong Li, Tiantian Han, Lu Tian, Yi Shan

In this work, we propose a novel scale-aware progressive training mechanism to address large scale variations across faces.

Face Detection

Towards Scale-Aware Full Surround Monodepth with Transformers

no code implementations15 Jul 2024 Yuchen Yang, Xinyi Wang, Dong Li, Lu Tian, Ashish Sirasao, Xun Yang

Full surround monodepth (FSM) methods can learn from multiple camera views simultaneously in a self-supervised manner to predict the scale-aware depth, which is more practical for real-world applications in contrast to scale-ambiguous depth from a standalone monocular camera.

Depth Estimation

Retain, Blend, and Exchange: A Quality-aware Spatial-Stereo Fusion Approach for Event Stream Recognition

1 code implementation27 Jun 2024 Lan Chen, Dong Li, Xiao Wang, Pengpeng Shao, Wei zhang, YaoWei Wang, Yonghong Tian, Jin Tang

In this paper, we propose a novel dual-stream framework for event stream-based pattern recognition via differentiated fusion, termed EFV++.

Graph Neural Network

Scaling Laws for Linear Complexity Language Models

1 code implementation24 Jun 2024 Xuyang Shen, Dong Li, Ruitao Leng, Zhen Qin, Weigao Sun, Yiran Zhong

In this study, we present the scaling laws for linear complexity language models to establish a foundation for their scalability.

Information Retrieval Retrieval

Amphista: Accelerate LLM Inference with Bi-directional Multiple Drafting Heads in a Non-autoregressive Style

no code implementations19 Jun 2024 Zeping Li, Xinlong Yang, Ziheng Gao, Ji Liu, Zhuang Liu, Dong Li, Jinzhang Peng, Lu Tian, Emad Barsoum

Large Language Models (LLMs) inherently use autoregressive decoding, which lacks parallelism in inference and results in significantly slow inference speeds, especially when hardware parallel accelerators and memory bandwidth are not fully utilized.

Fair Data Generation via Score-based Diffusion Model

no code implementations13 Jun 2024 Yujie Lin, Dong Li, Chen Zhao, Minglai Shao

Additionally, the distribution of test data may differ from that of the training set, potentially impacting the performance of the generated synthetic data in downstream tasks.

Attribute Decision Making +2

Perturbation Towards Easy Samples Improves Targeted Adversarial Transferability

1 code implementation NeurIPS 2023 Junqi Gao, Biqing Qi, Yao Li, Zhichang Guo, Dong Li, Yuming Xing, Dazhi Zhang

Based on the above facts, we verified that adding perturbations to easy samples in the target class improves targeted adversarial transferability of existing attack methods.

Density Estimation

You Only Scan Once: Efficient Multi-dimension Sequential Modeling with LightNet

no code implementations31 May 2024 Zhen Qin, Yuxin Mao, Xuyang Shen, Dong Li, Jing Zhang, Yuchao Dai, Yiran Zhong

Linear attention mechanisms have gained prominence in causal language models due to their linear computational complexity and enhanced speed.

Image Classification Image Generation +1

FourierMamba: Fourier Learning Integration with State Space Models for Image Deraining

no code implementations29 May 2024 Dong Li, Yidi Liu, Xueyang Fu, Senyan Xu, Zheng-Jun Zha

Specifically, in the spatial dimension Fourier space, we introduce the zigzag coding to scan the frequencies to rearrange the orders from low to high frequencies, thereby orderly correlating the connections between frequencies; in the channel dimension Fourier space with arranged orders of frequencies in axis, we can directly use Mamba to perform frequency correlation and improve the channel information representation.

Rain Removal

SMR: State Memory Replay for Long Sequence Modeling

no code implementations27 May 2024 Biqing Qi, Junqi Gao, Kaiyan Zhang, Dong Li, Jianxing Liu, Ligang Wu, BoWen Zhou

Experiments on long-range modeling tasks in autoregressive language modeling and Long Range Arena demonstrate the general effectiveness of the SMR mechanism for a series of SSM models.

Long-range modeling

MindStar: Enhancing Math Reasoning in Pre-trained LLMs at Inference Time

no code implementations25 May 2024 Jikun Kang, Xin Zhe Li, Xi Chen, Amirreza Kazemi, Qianyi Sun, Boxing Chen, Dong Li, Xu He, Quan He, Feng Wen, Jianye Hao, Jun Yao

Although Large Language Models (LLMs) achieve remarkable performance across various tasks, they often struggle with complex reasoning tasks, such as answering mathematical questions.

GSM8K Math +1

iVideoGPT: Interactive VideoGPTs are Scalable World Models

1 code implementation24 May 2024 Jialong Wu, Shaofeng Yin, Ningya Feng, Xu He, Dong Li, Jianye Hao, Mingsheng Long

World models empower model-based agents to interactively explore, reason, and plan within imagined environments for real-world decision-making.

Decision Making Model-based Reinforcement Learning +2

LADDER: An Efficient Framework for Video Frame Interpolation

no code implementations17 Apr 2024 Tong Shen, Dong Li, Ziheng Gao, Lu Tian, Emad Barsoum

Video Frame Interpolation (VFI) is a crucial technique in various applications such as slow-motion generation, frame rate conversion, video frame restoration etc.

Decoder Video Frame Interpolation

Disentangling Instructive Information from Ranked Multiple Candidates for Multi-Document Scientific Summarization

1 code implementation16 Apr 2024 Pancheng Wang, Shasha Li, Dong Li, Kehan Long, Jintao Tang, Ting Wang

Our insights are twofold: Firstly, summary candidates can provide instructive information from both positive and negative perspectives, and secondly, selecting higher-quality candidates from multiple options contributes to producing better summaries.


Sparse Laneformer

no code implementations11 Apr 2024 Ji Liu, Zifeng Zhang, Mingjie Lu, Hongyang Wei, Dong Li, Yile Xie, Jinzhang Peng, Lu Tian, Ashish Sirasao, Emad Barsoum

We analyze that dense anchors are not necessary for lane detection, and propose a transformer-based lane detection framework based on a sparse anchor mechanism.

Autonomous Driving Lane Detection

HGRN2: Gated Linear RNNs with State Expansion

2 code implementations11 Apr 2024 Zhen Qin, Songlin Yang, Weixuan Sun, Xuyang Shen, Dong Li, Weigao Sun, Yiran Zhong

Hierarchically gated linear RNN (HGRN, Qin et al. 2023) has demonstrated competitive training speed and performance in language modeling, while offering efficient inference.

Image Classification Language Modelling

Linear Attention Sequence Parallelism

2 code implementations3 Apr 2024 Weigao Sun, Zhen Qin, Dong Li, Xuyang Shen, Yu Qiao, Yiran Zhong

In this paper, we introduce Linear Attention Sequence Parallel (LASP), an efficient SP method tailored to linear attention-based language models.

Adaptive Decentralized Federated Learning in Energy and Latency Constrained Wireless Networks

no code implementations29 Mar 2024 Zhigang Yan, Dong Li

Considering the device heterogeneity, and energy cost associated with parameter aggregation, in this paper, the problem on how to efficiently leverage the limited resources available to enhance the model performance is investigated.

Federated Learning

Graphs Generalization under Distribution Shifts

no code implementations25 Mar 2024 Qin Tian, Wenjun Wang, Chen Zhao, Minglai Shao, Wang Zhang, Dong Li

Traditional machine learning methods heavily rely on the independent and identically distribution assumption, which imposes limitations when the test distribution deviates from the training distribution.

Attribute Graph Learning

Gemini 1.5: Unlocking multimodal understanding across millions of tokens of context

no code implementations8 Mar 2024 Gemini Team, Petko Georgiev, Ving Ian Lei, Ryan Burnell, Libin Bai, Anmol Gulati, Garrett Tanzer, Damien Vincent, Zhufeng Pan, Shibo Wang, Soroosh Mariooryad, Yifan Ding, Xinyang Geng, Fred Alcober, Roy Frostig, Mark Omernick, Lexi Walker, Cosmin Paduraru, Christina Sorokin, Andrea Tacchetti, Colin Gaffney, Samira Daruki, Olcan Sercinoglu, Zach Gleicher, Juliette Love, Paul Voigtlaender, Rohan Jain, Gabriela Surita, Kareem Mohamed, Rory Blevins, Junwhan Ahn, Tao Zhu, Kornraphop Kawintiranon, Orhan Firat, Yiming Gu, Yujing Zhang, Matthew Rahtz, Manaal Faruqui, Natalie Clay, Justin Gilmer, JD Co-Reyes, Ivo Penchev, Rui Zhu, Nobuyuki Morioka, Kevin Hui, Krishna Haridasan, Victor Campos, Mahdis Mahdieh, Mandy Guo, Samer Hassan, Kevin Kilgour, Arpi Vezer, Heng-Tze Cheng, Raoul de Liedekerke, Siddharth Goyal, Paul Barham, DJ Strouse, Seb Noury, Jonas Adler, Mukund Sundararajan, Sharad Vikram, Dmitry Lepikhin, Michela Paganini, Xavier Garcia, Fan Yang, Dasha Valter, Maja Trebacz, Kiran Vodrahalli, Chulayuth Asawaroengchai, Roman Ring, Norbert Kalb, Livio Baldini Soares, Siddhartha Brahma, David Steiner, Tianhe Yu, Fabian Mentzer, Antoine He, Lucas Gonzalez, Bibo Xu, Raphael Lopez Kaufman, Laurent El Shafey, Junhyuk Oh, Tom Hennigan, George van den Driessche, Seth Odoom, Mario Lucic, Becca Roelofs, Sid Lall, Amit Marathe, Betty Chan, Santiago Ontanon, Luheng He, Denis Teplyashin, Jonathan Lai, Phil Crone, Bogdan Damoc, Lewis Ho, Sebastian Riedel, Karel Lenc, Chih-Kuan Yeh, Aakanksha Chowdhery, Yang Xu, Mehran Kazemi, Ehsan Amid, Anastasia Petrushkina, Kevin Swersky, Ali Khodaei, Gowoon Chen, Chris Larkin, Mario Pinto, Geng Yan, Adria Puigdomenech Badia, Piyush Patil, Steven Hansen, Dave Orr, Sebastien M. R. Arnold, Jordan Grimstad, Andrew Dai, Sholto Douglas, Rishika Sinha, Vikas Yadav, Xi Chen, Elena Gribovskaya, Jacob Austin, Jeffrey Zhao, Kaushal Patel, Paul Komarek, Sophia Austin, Sebastian Borgeaud, Linda Friso, Abhimanyu Goyal, Ben Caine, Kris Cao, Da-Woon Chung, Matthew Lamm, Gabe Barth-Maron, Thais Kagohara, Kate Olszewska, Mia Chen, Kaushik Shivakumar, Rishabh Agarwal, Harshal Godhia, Ravi Rajwar, Javier Snaider, Xerxes Dotiwalla, YuAn Liu, Aditya Barua, Victor Ungureanu, Yuan Zhang, Bat-Orgil Batsaikhan, Mateo Wirth, James Qin, Ivo Danihelka, Tulsee Doshi, Martin Chadwick, Jilin Chen, Sanil Jain, Quoc Le, Arjun Kar, Madhu Gurumurthy, Cheng Li, Ruoxin Sang, Fangyu Liu, Lampros Lamprou, Rich Munoz, Nathan Lintz, Harsh Mehta, Heidi Howard, Malcolm Reynolds, Lora Aroyo, Quan Wang, Lorenzo Blanco, Albin Cassirer, Jordan Griffith, Dipanjan Das, Stephan Lee, Jakub Sygnowski, Zach Fisher, James Besley, Richard Powell, Zafarali Ahmed, Dominik Paulus, David Reitter, Zalan Borsos, Rishabh Joshi, Aedan Pope, Steven Hand, Vittorio Selo, Vihan Jain, Nikhil Sethi, Megha Goel, Takaki Makino, Rhys May, Zhen Yang, Johan Schalkwyk, Christina Butterfield, Anja Hauth, Alex Goldin, Will Hawkins, Evan Senter, Sergey Brin, Oliver Woodman, Marvin Ritter, Eric Noland, Minh Giang, Vijay Bolina, Lisa Lee, Tim Blyth, Ian Mackinnon, Machel Reid, Obaid Sarvana, David Silver, Alexander Chen, Lily Wang, Loren Maggiore, Oscar Chang, Nithya Attaluri, Gregory Thornton, Chung-Cheng Chiu, Oskar Bunyan, Nir Levine, Timothy Chung, Evgenii Eltyshev, Xiance Si, Timothy Lillicrap, Demetra Brady, Vaibhav Aggarwal, Boxi Wu, Yuanzhong Xu, Ross Mcilroy, Kartikeya Badola, Paramjit Sandhu, Erica Moreira, Wojciech Stokowiec, Ross Hemsley, Dong Li, Alex Tudor, Pranav Shyam, Elahe Rahimtoroghi, Salem Haykal, Pablo Sprechmann, Xiang Zhou, Diana Mincu, Yujia Li, Ravi Addanki, Kalpesh Krishna, Xiao Wu, Alexandre Frechette, Matan Eyal, Allan Dafoe, Dave Lacey, Jay Whang, Thi Avrahami, Ye Zhang, Emanuel Taropa, Hanzhao Lin, Daniel Toyama, Eliza Rutherford, Motoki Sano, HyunJeong Choe, Alex Tomala, Chalence Safranek-Shrader, Nora Kassner, Mantas Pajarskas, Matt Harvey, Sean Sechrist, Meire Fortunato, Christina Lyu, Gamaleldin Elsayed, Chenkai Kuang, James Lottes, Eric Chu, Chao Jia, Chih-Wei Chen, Peter Humphreys, Kate Baumli, Connie Tao, Rajkumar Samuel, Cicero Nogueira dos santos, Anders Andreassen, Nemanja Rakićević, Dominik Grewe, Aviral Kumar, Stephanie Winkler, Jonathan Caton, Andrew Brock, Sid Dalmia, Hannah Sheahan, Iain Barr, Yingjie Miao, Paul Natsev, Jacob Devlin, Feryal Behbahani, Flavien Prost, Yanhua Sun, Artiom Myaskovsky, Thanumalayan Sankaranarayana Pillai, Dan Hurt, Angeliki Lazaridou, Xi Xiong, Ce Zheng, Fabio Pardo, Dan Horgan, Joe Stanton, Moran Ambar, Fei Xia, Alejandro Lince, Mingqiu Wang, Basil Mustafa, Albert Webson, Hyo Lee, Rohan Anil, Martin Wicke, Timothy Dozat, Abhishek Sinha, Enrique Piqueras, Elahe Dabir, Shyam Upadhyay, Anudhyan Boral, Lisa Anne Hendricks, Corey Fry, Josip Djolonga, Yi Su, Jake Walker, Jane Labanowski, Ronny Huang, Vedant Misra, Jeremy Chen, RJ Skerry-Ryan, Avi Singh, Shruti Rijhwani, Dian Yu, Alex Castro-Ros, Beer Changpinyo, Romina Datta, Sumit Bagri, Arnar Mar Hrafnkelsson, Marcello Maggioni, Daniel Zheng, Yury Sulsky, Shaobo Hou, Tom Le Paine, Antoine Yang, Jason Riesa, Dominika Rogozinska, Dror Marcus, Dalia El Badawy, Qiao Zhang, Luyu Wang, Helen Miller, Jeremy Greer, Lars Lowe Sjos, Azade Nova, Heiga Zen, Rahma Chaabouni, Mihaela Rosca, Jiepu Jiang, Charlie Chen, Ruibo Liu, Tara Sainath, Maxim Krikun, Alex Polozov, Jean-Baptiste Lespiau, Josh Newlan, Zeyncep Cankara, Soo Kwak, Yunhan Xu, Phil Chen, Andy Coenen, Clemens Meyer, Katerina Tsihlas, Ada Ma, Juraj Gottweis, Jinwei Xing, Chenjie Gu, Jin Miao, Christian Frank, Zeynep Cankara, Sanjay Ganapathy, Ishita Dasgupta, Steph Hughes-Fitt, Heng Chen, David Reid, Keran Rong, Hongmin Fan, Joost van Amersfoort, Vincent Zhuang, Aaron Cohen, Shixiang Shane Gu, Anhad Mohananey, Anastasija Ilic, Taylor Tobin, John Wieting, Anna Bortsova, Phoebe Thacker, Emma Wang, Emily Caveness, Justin Chiu, Eren Sezener, Alex Kaskasoli, Steven Baker, Katie Millican, Mohamed Elhawaty, Kostas Aisopos, Carl Lebsack, Nathan Byrd, Hanjun Dai, Wenhao Jia, Matthew Wiethoff, Elnaz Davoodi, Albert Weston, Lakshman Yagati, Arun Ahuja, Isabel Gao, Golan Pundak, Susan Zhang, Michael Azzam, Khe Chai Sim, Sergi Caelles, James Keeling, Abhanshu Sharma, Andy Swing, Yaguang Li, Chenxi Liu, Carrie Grimes Bostock, Yamini Bansal, Zachary Nado, Ankesh Anand, Josh Lipschultz, Abhijit Karmarkar, Lev Proleev, Abe Ittycheriah, Soheil Hassas Yeganeh, George Polovets, Aleksandra Faust, Jiao Sun, Alban Rrustemi, Pen Li, Rakesh Shivanna, Jeremiah Liu, Chris Welty, Federico Lebron, Anirudh Baddepudi, Sebastian Krause, Emilio Parisotto, Radu Soricut, Zheng Xu, Dawn Bloxwich, Melvin Johnson, Behnam Neyshabur, Justin Mao-Jones, Renshen Wang, Vinay Ramasesh, Zaheer Abbas, Arthur Guez, Constant 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Tucker, Tamara von Glehn, Carrie Muir, Yiran Mao, Hideto Kazawa, Ambrose Slone, Kedar Soparkar, Disha Shrivastava, James Cobon-Kerr, Michael Sharman, Jay Pavagadhi, Carlos Araya, Karolis Misiunas, Nimesh Ghelani, Michael Laskin, David Barker, Qiujia Li, Anton Briukhov, Neil Houlsby, Mia Glaese, Balaji Lakshminarayanan, Nathan Schucher, Yunhao Tang, Eli Collins, Hyeontaek Lim, Fangxiaoyu Feng, Adria Recasens, Guangda Lai, Alberto Magni, Nicola De Cao, Aditya Siddhant, Zoe Ashwood, Jordi Orbay, Mostafa Dehghani, Jenny Brennan, Yifan He, Kelvin Xu, Yang Gao, Carl Saroufim, James Molloy, Xinyi Wu, Seb Arnold, Solomon Chang, Julian Schrittwieser, Elena Buchatskaya, Soroush Radpour, Martin Polacek, Skye Giordano, Ankur Bapna, Simon Tokumine, Vincent Hellendoorn, Thibault Sottiaux, Sarah Cogan, Aliaksei Severyn, Mohammad Saleh, Shantanu Thakoor, Laurent Shefey, Siyuan Qiao, Meenu Gaba, Shuo-Yiin Chang, Craig Swanson, Biao Zhang, Benjamin Lee, Paul Kishan Rubenstein, Gan Song, Tom Kwiatkowski, 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Rae, Gary Wang, Kareem Ayoub, Nicholas FitzGerald, Yao Zhao, Woohyun Han, Chris Alberti, Dan Garrette, Kashyap Krishnakumar, Mai Gimenez, Anselm Levskaya, Daniel Sohn, Josip Matak, Inaki Iturrate, Michael B. 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Hudson, Vaishakh Keshava, Shubham Agrawal, Kevin Ramirez, Zhichun Wu, Hoang Nguyen, Ji Liu, Madhavi Sewak, Bryce Petrini, DongHyun Choi, Ivan Philips, Ziyue Wang, Ioana Bica, Ankush Garg, Jarek Wilkiewicz, Priyanka Agrawal, Xiaowei Li, Danhao Guo, Emily Xue, Naseer Shaik, Andrew Leach, Sadh MNM Khan, Julia Wiesinger, Sammy Jerome, Abhishek Chakladar, Alek Wenjiao Wang, Tina Ornduff, Folake Abu, Alireza Ghaffarkhah, Marcus Wainwright, Mario Cortes, Frederick Liu, Joshua Maynez, Slav Petrov, Yonghui Wu, Demis Hassabis, Koray Kavukcuoglu, Jeffrey Dean, Oriol Vinyals

In this report, we introduce the Gemini 1. 5 family of models, representing the next generation of highly compute-efficient multimodal models capable of recalling and reasoning over fine-grained information from millions of tokens of context, including multiple long documents and hours of video and audio.

1 Image, 2*2 Stitching Code Generation +5

Contrastive Augmented Graph2Graph Memory Interaction for Few Shot Continual Learning

no code implementations7 Mar 2024 Biqing Qi, Junqi Gao, Xingquan Chen, Dong Li, Jianxing Liu, Ligang Wu, BoWen Zhou

However, current EM-based methods retrieves memory globally by performing Vector-to-Vector (V2V) interaction between features corresponding to the input and prototypes stored in EM, neglecting the geometric structure of local features.

Few-Shot Class-Incremental Learning Few-Shot Learning +1

Interactive Continual Learning: Fast and Slow Thinking

1 code implementation CVPR 2024 Biqing Qi, Xingquan Chen, Junqi Gao, Dong Li, Jianxing Liu, Ligang Wu, BoWen Zhou

Drawing on Complementary Learning System theory, this paper presents a novel Interactive Continual Learning (ICL) framework, enabled by collaborative interactions among models of various sizes.

Continual Learning Outlier Detection +1

Reinforced In-Context Black-Box Optimization

1 code implementation27 Feb 2024 Lei Song, Chenxiao Gao, Ke Xue, Chenyang Wu, Dong Li, Jianye Hao, Zongzhang Zhang, Chao Qian

In this paper, we propose RIBBO, a method to reinforce-learn a BBO algorithm from offline data in an end-to-end fashion.

In-Context Learning Meta-Learning

FinBen: A Holistic Financial Benchmark for Large Language Models

2 code implementations20 Feb 2024 Qianqian Xie, Weiguang Han, Zhengyu Chen, Ruoyu Xiang, Xiao Zhang, Yueru He, Mengxi Xiao, Dong Li, Yongfu Dai, Duanyu Feng, Yijing Xu, Haoqiang Kang, Ziyan Kuang, Chenhan Yuan, Kailai Yang, Zheheng Luo, Tianlin Zhang, Zhiwei Liu, Guojun Xiong, Zhiyang Deng, Yuechen Jiang, Zhiyuan Yao, Haohang Li, Yangyang Yu, Gang Hu, Jiajia Huang, Xiao-Yang Liu, Alejandro Lopez-Lira, Benyou Wang, Yanzhao Lai, Hao Wang, Min Peng, Sophia Ananiadou, Jimin Huang

Our evaluation of 15 representative LLMs, including GPT-4, ChatGPT, and the latest Gemini, reveals several key findings: While LLMs excel in IE and textual analysis, they struggle with advanced reasoning and complex tasks like text generation and forecasting.

Question Answering RAG +2

Supervised Algorithmic Fairness in Distribution Shifts: A Survey

no code implementations2 Feb 2024 Minglai Shao, Dong Li, Chen Zhao, Xintao Wu, Yujie Lin, Qin Tian

Supervised fairness-aware machine learning under distribution shifts is an emerging field that addresses the challenge of maintaining equitable and unbiased predictions when faced with changes in data distributions from source to target domains.


CO2: Efficient Distributed Training with Full Communication-Computation Overlap

1 code implementation29 Jan 2024 Weigao Sun, Zhen Qin, Weixuan Sun, Shidi Li, Dong Li, Xuyang Shen, Yu Qiao, Yiran Zhong

CO2 is able to attain a high scalability even on extensive multi-node clusters constrained by very limited communication bandwidth.

Real-Time Systems Optimization with Black-box Constraints and Hybrid Variables

no code implementations21 Jan 2024 Sen Wang, Dong Li, Shao-Yu Huang, Xuanliang Deng, Ashrarul H. Sifat, Changhee Jung, Ryan Williams, Haibo Zeng

When optimizing real-time systems, designers often face a challenging problem where the schedulability constraints are non-convex, non-continuous, or lack an analytical form to understand their properties.

Lightning Attention-2: A Free Lunch for Handling Unlimited Sequence Lengths in Large Language Models

2 code implementations9 Jan 2024 Zhen Qin, Weigao Sun, Dong Li, Xuyang Shen, Weixuan Sun, Yiran Zhong

With its ability to process tokens in linear computational complexities, linear attention, in theory, can handle sequences of unlimited length without sacrificing speed, i. e., maintaining a constant training speed for various sequence lengths with a fixed memory consumption.

A General and Scalable Method for Optimizing Real-Time Systems

no code implementations6 Jan 2024 Sen Wang, Dong Li, Shao-Yu Huang, Xuanliang Deng, Ashrarul H. Sifat, Changhee Jung, Ryan Williams, Haibo Zeng

In real-time systems optimization, designers often face a challenging problem posed by the non-convex and non-continuous schedulability conditions, which may even lack an analytical form to understand their properties.

HomoFormer: Homogenized Transformer for Image Shadow Removal

1 code implementation CVPR 2024 Jie Xiao, Xueyang Fu, Yurui Zhu, Dong Li, Jie Huang, Kai Zhu, Zheng-Jun Zha

The spatial non-uniformity and diverse patterns of shadow degradation conflict with the weight sharing manner of dominant models which may lead to an unsatisfactory compromise.

Diversity Image Shadow Removal +1

Improving Unsupervised Hierarchical Representation with Reinforcement Learning

1 code implementation CVPR 2024 Ruyi An, Yewen Li, Xu He, Pengjie Gu, Mengchen Zhao, Dong Li, Jianye Hao, Chaojie Wang, Bo An, Mingyuan Zhou

To address this issue we first analyze the shortcomings of existing methods for mitigating the "posterior collapse" from an information theory perspective then highlight the necessity of regularization for explicitly propagating data information to higher-level latent variables while maintaining the dependency between different levels.

reinforcement-learning Reinforcement Learning (RL)

PG-LBO: Enhancing High-Dimensional Bayesian Optimization with Pseudo-Label and Gaussian Process Guidance

1 code implementation28 Dec 2023 Taicai Chen, Yue Duan, Dong Li, Lei Qi, Yinghuan Shi, Yang Gao

Based on this technique, we assign appropriate training weights to unlabeled data to enhance the construction of a discriminative latent space.

Bayesian Optimization Pseudo Label

Gemini: A Family of Highly Capable Multimodal Models

no code implementations The Keyword 2023 Gemini Team, Rohan Anil, Sebastian Borgeaud, Jean-Baptiste Alayrac, Jiahui Yu, Radu Soricut, Johan Schalkwyk, Andrew M. Dai, Anja Hauth, Katie Millican, David Silver, Melvin Johnson, Ioannis Antonoglou, Julian Schrittwieser, Amelia Glaese, Jilin Chen, Emily Pitler, Timothy Lillicrap, Angeliki Lazaridou, Orhan Firat, James Molloy, Michael Isard, Paul R. Barham, Tom Hennigan, Benjamin Lee, Fabio Viola, Malcolm Reynolds, Yuanzhong Xu, Ryan Doherty, Eli Collins, Clemens Meyer, Eliza Rutherford, Erica Moreira, Kareem Ayoub, Megha Goel, Jack Krawczyk, Ed Chi, Heng-Tze Cheng, Eric Ni, Purvi Shah, Patrick Kane, Betty Chan, Manaal Faruqui, Aliaksei Severyn, Hanzhao Lin, Yaguang Li, Yong Cheng, Mahdis Mahdieh, Mia Chen, Pei Sun, Dustin Tran, Sumit Bagri, Balaji Lakshminarayanan, Jeremiah Liu, Andras Orban, Fabian Güra, Hao Zhou, Xinying Song, Aurelien Boffy, Harish Ganapathy, Steven Zheng, HyunJeong Choe, Ágoston Weisz, Tao Zhu, Yifeng Lu, Siddharth Gopal, Jarrod Kahn, Maciej Kula, Jeff Pitman, Rushin Shah, Emanuel Taropa, Majd Al Merey, Martin Baeuml, Zhifeng Chen, Laurent El Shafey, Yujing Zhang, Olcan Sercinoglu, George Tucker, Enrique Piqueras, Maxim Krikun, Iain Barr, Nikolay Savinov, Ivo Danihelka, Becca Roelofs, Anaïs White, Anders Andreassen, Tamara von Glehn, Lakshman Yagati, Mehran Kazemi, Lucas Gonzalez, Misha Khalman, Jakub Sygnowski, Alexandre Frechette, Charlotte Smith, Laura Culp, Lev Proleev, Yi Luan, Xi Chen, James Lottes, Nathan Schucher, Federico Lebron, Alban Rrustemi, Natalie Clay, Phil Crone, Tomas Kocisky, Jeffrey Zhao, Bartek Perz, Dian Yu, Heidi Howard, Adam Bloniarz, Jack W. Rae, Han Lu, Laurent SIfre, Marcello Maggioni, Fred Alcober, Dan Garrette, Megan Barnes, Shantanu Thakoor, Jacob Austin, Gabriel Barth-Maron, William Wong, Rishabh Joshi, Rahma Chaabouni, Deeni Fatiha, Arun Ahuja, Gaurav Singh Tomar, Evan Senter, Martin Chadwick, Ilya Kornakov, Nithya Attaluri, Iñaki Iturrate, Ruibo Liu, Yunxuan Li, Sarah Cogan, Jeremy Chen, Chao Jia, Chenjie Gu, Qiao Zhang, Jordan Grimstad, Ale Jakse Hartman, Xavier Garcia, Thanumalayan Sankaranarayana Pillai, Jacob Devlin, Michael Laskin, Diego de Las Casas, Dasha Valter, Connie Tao, Lorenzo Blanco, Adrià Puigdomènech Badia, David Reitter, Mianna Chen, Jenny Brennan, Clara Rivera, Sergey Brin, Shariq Iqbal, Gabriela Surita, Jane Labanowski, Abhi Rao, Stephanie Winkler, Emilio Parisotto, Yiming Gu, Kate Olszewska, Ravi Addanki, Antoine Miech, Annie Louis, Denis Teplyashin, Geoff Brown, Elliot Catt, Jan Balaguer, Jackie Xiang, Pidong Wang, Zoe Ashwood, Anton Briukhov, Albert Webson, Sanjay Ganapathy, Smit Sanghavi, Ajay Kannan, Ming-Wei Chang, Axel Stjerngren, Josip Djolonga, Yuting Sun, Ankur Bapna, Matthew Aitchison, Pedram Pejman, Henryk Michalewski, Tianhe Yu, Cindy Wang, Juliette Love, Junwhan Ahn, Dawn Bloxwich, Kehang Han, Peter Humphreys, Thibault Sellam, James Bradbury, Varun Godbole, Sina Samangooei, Bogdan Damoc, Alex Kaskasoli, Sébastien M. R. Arnold, Vijay Vasudevan, Shubham Agrawal, Jason Riesa, Dmitry Lepikhin, Richard Tanburn, Srivatsan Srinivasan, Hyeontaek Lim, Sarah Hodkinson, Pranav Shyam, Johan Ferret, Steven Hand, Ankush Garg, Tom Le Paine, Jian Li, Yujia Li, Minh Giang, Alexander Neitz, Zaheer Abbas, Sarah York, Machel Reid, Elizabeth Cole, Aakanksha Chowdhery, Dipanjan Das, Dominika Rogozińska, Vitaliy Nikolaev, Pablo Sprechmann, Zachary Nado, Lukas Zilka, Flavien Prost, Luheng He, Marianne Monteiro, Gaurav Mishra, Chris Welty, Josh Newlan, Dawei Jia, Miltiadis Allamanis, Clara Huiyi Hu, Raoul de Liedekerke, Justin Gilmer, Carl Saroufim, Shruti Rijhwani, Shaobo Hou, Disha Shrivastava, Anirudh Baddepudi, Alex Goldin, Adnan Ozturel, Albin Cassirer, Yunhan Xu, Daniel Sohn, Devendra Sachan, Reinald Kim Amplayo, Craig Swanson, Dessie Petrova, Shashi Narayan, Arthur Guez, Siddhartha Brahma, Jessica Landon, Miteyan Patel, Ruizhe Zhao, Kevin Villela, Luyu Wang, Wenhao Jia, Matthew Rahtz, Mai Giménez, Legg Yeung, James Keeling, Petko Georgiev, Diana Mincu, Boxi Wu, Salem Haykal, Rachel Saputro, Kiran Vodrahalli, James Qin, Zeynep Cankara, Abhanshu Sharma, Nick Fernando, Will Hawkins, Behnam Neyshabur, Solomon Kim, Adrian Hutter, Priyanka Agrawal, Alex Castro-Ros, George van den Driessche, Tao Wang, Shuo-Yiin Chang, Paul Komarek, Ross Mcilroy, Mario Lučić, Guodong Zhang, Wael Farhan, Michael Sharman, Paul Natsev, Paul Michel, Yamini Bansal, Siyuan Qiao, Kris Cao, Siamak Shakeri, Christina Butterfield, Justin Chung, Paul Kishan Rubenstein, Shivani Agrawal, Arthur Mensch, Kedar Soparkar, Karel Lenc, Timothy Chung, Aedan Pope, Loren Maggiore, Jackie Kay, Priya Jhakra, Shibo Wang, Joshua Maynez, Mary Phuong, Taylor Tobin, Andrea Tacchetti, Maja Trebacz, Kevin Robinson, Yash Katariya, Sebastian Riedel, Paige Bailey, Kefan Xiao, Nimesh Ghelani, Lora Aroyo, Ambrose Slone, Neil Houlsby, Xuehan Xiong, Zhen Yang, Elena Gribovskaya, Jonas Adler, Mateo Wirth, Lisa Lee, Music Li, Thais Kagohara, Jay Pavagadhi, Sophie Bridgers, Anna Bortsova, Sanjay Ghemawat, Zafarali Ahmed, Tianqi Liu, Richard Powell, Vijay Bolina, Mariko Iinuma, Polina Zablotskaia, James Besley, Da-Woon Chung, Timothy Dozat, Ramona Comanescu, Xiance Si, Jeremy Greer, Guolong Su, Martin Polacek, Raphaël Lopez Kaufman, Simon Tokumine, Hexiang Hu, Elena Buchatskaya, Yingjie Miao, Mohamed Elhawaty, Aditya Siddhant, Nenad Tomasev, Jinwei Xing, Christina Greer, Helen Miller, Shereen Ashraf, Aurko Roy, Zizhao Zhang, Ada Ma, Angelos Filos, Milos Besta, Rory Blevins, Ted Klimenko, Chih-Kuan Yeh, Soravit Changpinyo, Jiaqi Mu, Oscar Chang, Mantas Pajarskas, Carrie Muir, Vered Cohen, Charline Le Lan, Krishna Haridasan, Amit Marathe, Steven Hansen, Sholto Douglas, Rajkumar Samuel, Mingqiu Wang, Sophia Austin, Chang Lan, Jiepu Jiang, Justin Chiu, Jaime Alonso Lorenzo, Lars Lowe Sjösund, Sébastien Cevey, Zach Gleicher, Thi Avrahami, Anudhyan Boral, Hansa Srinivasan, Vittorio Selo, Rhys May, Konstantinos Aisopos, Léonard Hussenot, Livio Baldini Soares, Kate Baumli, Michael B. Chang, Adrià Recasens, Ben Caine, Alexander Pritzel, Filip Pavetic, Fabio Pardo, Anita Gergely, Justin Frye, Vinay Ramasesh, Dan Horgan, Kartikeya Badola, Nora Kassner, Subhrajit Roy, Ethan Dyer, Víctor Campos Campos, Alex Tomala, Yunhao Tang, Dalia El Badawy, Elspeth White, Basil Mustafa, Oran Lang, Abhishek Jindal, Sharad Vikram, Zhitao Gong, Sergi Caelles, Ross Hemsley, Gregory Thornton, Fangxiaoyu Feng, Wojciech Stokowiec, Ce Zheng, Phoebe Thacker, Çağlar Ünlü, Zhishuai Zhang, Mohammad Saleh, James Svensson, Max Bileschi, Piyush Patil, Ankesh Anand, Roman Ring, Katerina Tsihlas, Arpi Vezer, Marco Selvi, Toby Shevlane, Mikel Rodriguez, Tom Kwiatkowski, Samira Daruki, Keran Rong, Allan Dafoe, Nicholas FitzGerald, Keren Gu-Lemberg, Mina Khan, Lisa Anne Hendricks, Marie Pellat, Vladimir Feinberg, James Cobon-Kerr, Tara Sainath, Maribeth Rauh, Sayed Hadi Hashemi, Richard Ives, Yana Hasson, Eric Noland, Yuan Cao, Nathan Byrd, Le Hou, Qingze Wang, Thibault Sottiaux, Michela Paganini, Jean-Baptiste Lespiau, Alexandre Moufarek, Samer Hassan, Kaushik Shivakumar, Joost van Amersfoort, Amol Mandhane, Pratik Joshi, Anirudh Goyal, Matthew Tung, Andrew Brock, Hannah Sheahan, Vedant Misra, Cheng Li, Nemanja Rakićević, Mostafa Dehghani, Fangyu Liu, Sid Mittal, Junhyuk Oh, Seb Noury, Eren Sezener, Fantine Huot, Matthew Lamm, Nicola De Cao, Charlie Chen, Sidharth Mudgal, Romina Stella, Kevin Brooks, Gautam Vasudevan, Chenxi Liu, Mainak Chain, Nivedita Melinkeri, Aaron Cohen, Venus Wang, Kristie Seymore, Sergey Zubkov, Rahul Goel, Summer Yue, Sai Krishnakumaran, Brian Albert, Nate Hurley, Motoki Sano, Anhad Mohananey, Jonah Joughin, Egor Filonov, Tomasz Kępa, Yomna Eldawy, Jiawern Lim, Rahul Rishi, Shirin Badiezadegan, Taylor Bos, Jerry Chang, Sanil Jain, Sri Gayatri Sundara Padmanabhan, Subha Puttagunta, Kalpesh Krishna, Leslie Baker, Norbert Kalb, Vamsi Bedapudi, Shuntong Lei, Anthony Yu, Oren Litvin, Xiang Zhou, Zhichun Wu, Sam Sobell, Andrea Siciliano, Alan Papir, Robby Neale, Jonas Bragagnolo, Tej Toor, Tina Chen, Valentin Anklin, Feiran Wang, Richie Feng, Milad Gholami, Kevin Ling, Lijuan Liu, Jules Walter, Hamid Moghaddam, Arun Kishore, Jakub Adamek, Tyler Mercado, Jonathan Mallinson, Siddhinita Wandekar, Stephen Cagle, Eran Ofek, Guillermo Garrido, Clemens Lombriser, Maksim Mukha, Botu Sun, Hafeezul Rahman Mohammad, Josip Matak, Yadi Qian, Vikas Peswani, Pawel Janus, Quan Yuan, Leif Schelin, Oana David, Ankur Garg, Yifan He, Oleksii Duzhyi, Anton Älgmyr, Timothée Lottaz, Qi Li, Vikas Yadav, Luyao Xu, Alex Chinien, Rakesh Shivanna, Aleksandr Chuklin, Josie Li, Carrie Spadine, Travis Wolfe, Kareem Mohamed, Subhabrata Das, Zihang Dai, Kyle He, Daniel von Dincklage, Shyam Upadhyay, Akanksha Maurya, Luyan Chi, Sebastian Krause, Khalid Salama, Pam G Rabinovitch, Pavan Kumar Reddy M, Aarush Selvan, Mikhail Dektiarev, Golnaz Ghiasi, Erdem Guven, Himanshu Gupta, Boyi Liu, Deepak Sharma, Idan Heimlich Shtacher, Shachi Paul, Oscar Akerlund, François-Xavier Aubet, Terry Huang, Chen Zhu, Eric Zhu, Elico Teixeira, Matthew Fritze, Francesco Bertolini, Liana-Eleonora Marinescu, Martin Bölle, Dominik Paulus, Khyatti Gupta, Tejasi Latkar, Max Chang, Jason Sanders, Roopa Wilson, Xuewei Wu, Yi-Xuan Tan, Lam Nguyen Thiet, Tulsee Doshi, Sid Lall, Swaroop Mishra, Wanming Chen, Thang Luong, Seth Benjamin, Jasmine Lee, Ewa Andrejczuk, Dominik Rabiej, Vipul Ranjan, Krzysztof Styrc, Pengcheng Yin, Jon Simon, Malcolm Rose Harriott, Mudit Bansal, Alexei Robsky, Geoff Bacon, David Greene, Daniil Mirylenka, Chen Zhou, Obaid Sarvana, Abhimanyu Goyal, Samuel Andermatt, Patrick Siegler, Ben Horn, Assaf Israel, Francesco Pongetti, Chih-Wei "Louis" Chen, Marco Selvatici, Pedro Silva, Kathie Wang, Jackson Tolins, Kelvin Guu, Roey Yogev, Xiaochen Cai, Alessandro Agostini, Maulik Shah, Hung Nguyen, Noah Ó Donnaile, Sébastien Pereira, Linda Friso, Adam Stambler, Adam Kurzrok, Chenkai Kuang, Yan Romanikhin, Mark Geller, ZJ Yan, Kane Jang, Cheng-Chun Lee, Wojciech Fica, Eric Malmi, Qijun Tan, Dan Banica, Daniel Balle, Ryan Pham, Yanping Huang, Diana Avram, Hongzhi Shi, Jasjot Singh, Chris Hidey, Niharika Ahuja, Pranab Saxena, Dan Dooley, Srividya Pranavi Potharaju, Eileen O'Neill, Anand Gokulchandran, Ryan Foley, Kai Zhao, Mike Dusenberry, YuAn Liu, Pulkit Mehta, Ragha Kotikalapudi, Chalence Safranek-Shrader, Andrew Goodman, Joshua Kessinger, Eran Globen, Prateek Kolhar, Chris Gorgolewski, Ali Ibrahim, Yang song, Ali Eichenbaum, Thomas Brovelli, Sahitya Potluri, Preethi Lahoti, Cip Baetu, Ali Ghorbani, Charles Chen, Andy Crawford, Shalini Pal, Mukund Sridhar, Petru Gurita, Asier Mujika, Igor Petrovski, Pierre-Louis Cedoz, Chenmei Li, Shiyuan Chen, Niccolò Dal Santo, Siddharth Goyal, Jitesh Punjabi, Karthik Kappaganthu, Chester Kwak, Pallavi LV, Sarmishta Velury, Himadri Choudhury, Jamie Hall, Premal Shah, Ricardo Figueira, Matt Thomas, Minjie Lu, Ting Zhou, Chintu Kumar, Thomas Jurdi, Sharat Chikkerur, Yenai Ma, Adams Yu, Soo Kwak, Victor Ähdel, 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Jiang, Jasper Snoek, Mukund Sundararajan, Xuezhi Wang, Zack Ontiveros, Itay Karo, Jeremy Cole, Vinu Rajashekhar, Lara Tumeh, Eyal Ben-David, Rishub Jain, Jonathan Uesato, Romina Datta, Oskar Bunyan, Shimu Wu, John Zhang, Piotr Stanczyk, Ye Zhang, David Steiner, Subhajit Naskar, Michael Azzam, Matthew Johnson, Adam Paszke, Chung-Cheng Chiu, Jaume Sanchez Elias, Afroz Mohiuddin, Faizan Muhammad, Jin Miao, Andrew Lee, Nino Vieillard, Jane Park, Jiageng Zhang, Jeff Stanway, Drew Garmon, Abhijit Karmarkar, Zhe Dong, Jong Lee, Aviral Kumar, Luowei Zhou, Jonathan Evens, William Isaac, Geoffrey Irving, Edward Loper, Michael Fink, Isha Arkatkar, Nanxin Chen, Izhak Shafran, Ivan Petrychenko, Zhe Chen, Johnson Jia, Anselm Levskaya, Zhenkai Zhu, Peter Grabowski, Yu Mao, Alberto Magni, Kaisheng Yao, Javier Snaider, Norman Casagrande, Evan Palmer, Paul Suganthan, Alfonso Castaño, Irene Giannoumis, Wooyeol Kim, Mikołaj Rybiński, Ashwin Sreevatsa, Jennifer Prendki, David Soergel, Adrian Goedeckemeyer, 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Dadashi, Colin Gaffney, Ken Franko, Anna Bulanova, Rémi Leblond, Shirley Chung, Harry Askham, Luis C. 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This report introduces a new family of multimodal models, Gemini, that exhibit remarkable capabilities across image, audio, video, and text understanding.

1 Image, 2*2 Stitching Arithmetic Reasoning +6

Revisiting Recommendation Loss Functions through Contrastive Learning (Technical Report)

no code implementations13 Dec 2023 Dong Li, Ruoming Jin, Bin Ren

Inspired by the success of contrastive learning, we systematically examine recommendation losses, including listwise (softmax), pairwise (BPR), and pointwise (MSE and CCL) losses.

Contrastive Learning

(Debiased) Contrastive Learning Loss for Recommendation (Technical Report)

no code implementations13 Dec 2023 Ruoming Jin, Dong Li

In this paper, we perform a systemic examination of the recommendation losses, including listwise (softmax), pairwise(BPR), and pointwise (mean-squared error, MSE, and Cosine Contrastive Loss, CCL) losses through the lens of contrastive learning.

Contrastive Learning

Semantic-Aware Frame-Event Fusion based Pattern Recognition via Large Vision-Language Models

1 code implementation30 Nov 2023 Dong Li, Jiandong Jin, Yuhao Zhang, Yanlin Zhong, Yaoyang Wu, Lan Chen, Xiao Wang, Bin Luo

Current methods typically employ backbone networks to individually extract the features of RGB frames and event streams, and subsequently fuse these features for pattern recognition.

Language Modelling Prompt Engineering

Optimizing Logical Execution Time Model for Both Determinism and Low Latency

no code implementations30 Oct 2023 Sen Wang, Dong Li, Ashrarul H. Sifat, Shao-Yu Huang, Xuanliang Deng, Changhee Jung, Ryan Williams, Haibo Zeng

Therefore, fLET has the potential to significantly improve the end-to-end timing performance while keeping the benefits of deterministic behavior on timing and dataflow.

HarmonyDream: Task Harmonization Inside World Models

1 code implementation30 Sep 2023 Haoyu Ma, Jialong Wu, Ningya Feng, Chenjun Xiao, Dong Li, Jianye Hao, Jianmin Wang, Mingsheng Long

Model-based reinforcement learning (MBRL) holds the promise of sample-efficient learning by utilizing a world model, which models how the environment works and typically encompasses components for two tasks: observation modeling and reward modeling.

Atari Games 100k Model-based Reinforcement Learning +1

Impression-Informed Multi-Behavior Recommender System: A Hierarchical Graph Attention Approach

no code implementations6 Sep 2023 Dong Li, Divya Bhargavi, Vidya Sagar Ravipati

While recommender systems have significantly benefited from implicit feedback, they have often missed the nuances of multi-behavior interactions between users and items.

Graph Attention Graph Neural Network +3

Contrastive Representation Learning Based on Multiple Node-centered Subgraphs

no code implementations31 Aug 2023 Dong Li, Wenjun Wang, Minglai Shao, Chen Zhao

As the basic element of graph-structured data, node has been recognized as the main object of study in graph representation learning.

Contrastive Learning Graph Representation Learning

Performance Analysis for Resource Constrained Decentralized Federated Learning Over Wireless Networks

no code implementations12 Aug 2023 Zhigang Yan, Dong Li

Specifically, we provide convergence bounds for both digital and analog transmission approaches, enabling analysis of the model performance trained on DFL.

Federated Learning

TransNormerLLM: A Faster and Better Large Language Model with Improved TransNormer

2 code implementations27 Jul 2023 Zhen Qin, Dong Li, Weigao Sun, Weixuan Sun, Xuyang Shen, Xiaodong Han, Yunshen Wei, Baohong Lv, Xiao Luo, Yu Qiao, Yiran Zhong

TransNormerLLM evolves from the previous linear attention architecture TransNormer by making advanced modifications that include positional embedding, linear attention acceleration, gating mechanisms, tensor normalization, and inference acceleration and stabilization.

Language Modelling Large Language Model

Event Detection from Social Media Stream: Methods, Datasets and Opportunities

no code implementations28 Jun 2023 Quanzhi Li, Yang Chao, Dong Li, Yao Lu, Chi Zhang

Social media streams contain large and diverse amount of information, ranging from daily-life stories to the latest global and local events and news.

Event Detection

Steganographic Capacity of Deep Learning Models

no code implementations25 Jun 2023 Lei Zhang, Dong Li, Olha Jurečková, Mark Stamp

We find that the steganographic capacity of the learning models tested is surprisingly high, and that in each case, there is a clear threshold after which model performance rapidly degrades.

Malware Classification

Toeplitz Neural Network for Sequence Modeling

2 code implementations8 May 2023 Zhen Qin, Xiaodong Han, Weixuan Sun, Bowen He, Dong Li, Dongxu Li, Yuchao Dai, Lingpeng Kong, Yiran Zhong

Sequence modeling has important applications in natural language processing and computer vision.

Language Modelling Position

Accelerated Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Based on New Affinity Filtering and Membership Scaling

no code implementations14 Feb 2023 Dong Li, Shuisheng Zhou, Witold Pedrycz

However, FCM and its many accelerated variants have low efficiency in the mid-to-late stage of the clustering process.


Multi-Prototypes Convex Merging Based K-Means Clustering Algorithm

no code implementations14 Feb 2023 Dong Li, Shuisheng Zhou, Tieyong Zeng, Raymond H. Chan

Specifically, CM can obtain the optimal merging and estimate the correct k. By integrating these two techniques with K-Means algorithm, the proposed MCKM is an efficient and explainable clustering algorithm for escaping the undesirable local minima of K-Means problem without given k first.


AttMEMO : Accelerating Transformers with Memoization on Big Memory Systems

no code implementations23 Jan 2023 Yuan Feng, Hyeran Jeon, Filip Blagojevic, Cyril Guyot, Qing Li, Dong Li

Transformer models gain popularity because of their superior inference accuracy and inference throughput.

Edge-Aware Regional Message Passing Controller for Image Forgery Localization

no code implementations CVPR 2023 Dong Li, Jiaying Zhu, Menglu Wang, Jiawei Liu, Xueyang Fu, Zheng-Jun Zha

In the second step, guided by the learnable edges, a region message passing controller is devised to weaken the message passing between the forged and authentic regions.

Binarization graph construction

FDViT: Improve the Hierarchical Architecture of Vision Transformer

no code implementations ICCV 2023 Yixing Xu, Chao Li, Dong Li, Xiao Sheng, Fan Jiang, Lu Tian, Ashish Sirasao

In this paper, we propose FDViT to improve the hierarchical architecture of the vision transformer by using a flexible downsampling layer that is not limited to integer stride to smoothly reduce the sizes of the middle feature maps.

Generation-Augmented Query Expansion For Code Retrieval

no code implementations20 Dec 2022 Dong Li, Yelong Shen, Ruoming Jin, Yi Mao, Kuan Wang, Weizhu Chen

Pre-trained language models have achieved promising success in code retrieval tasks, where a natural language documentation query is given to find the most relevant existing code snippet.

Code Generation Retrieval

State-Aware Proximal Pessimistic Algorithms for Offline Reinforcement Learning

no code implementations28 Nov 2022 Chen Chen, Hongyao Tang, Yi Ma, Chao Wang, Qianli Shen, Dong Li, Jianye Hao

The key idea of SA-PP is leveraging discounted stationary state distribution ratios between the learning policy and the offline dataset to modulate the degree of behavior regularization in a state-wise manner, so that pessimism can be implemented in a more appropriate way.

Offline RL Q-Learning +2

Towards Reliable Item Sampling for Recommendation Evaluation

no code implementations28 Nov 2022 Dong Li, Ruoming Jin, Zhenming Liu, Bin Ren, Jing Gao, Zhi Liu

Since Rendle and Krichene argued that commonly used sampling-based evaluation metrics are "inconsistent" with respect to the global metrics (even in expectation), there have been a few studies on the sampling-based recommender system evaluation.

Recommendation Systems

Prototypical context-aware dynamics generalization for high-dimensional model-based reinforcement learning

no code implementations23 Nov 2022 Junjie Wang, Yao Mu, Dong Li, Qichao Zhang, Dongbin Zhao, Yuzheng Zhuang, Ping Luo, Bin Wang, Jianye Hao

The latent world model provides a promising way to learn policies in a compact latent space for tasks with high-dimensional observations, however, its generalization across diverse environments with unseen dynamics remains challenging.

Model-based Reinforcement Learning reinforcement-learning +1

Linear Video Transformer with Feature Fixation

no code implementations15 Oct 2022 Kaiyue Lu, Zexiang Liu, Jianyuan Wang, Weixuan Sun, Zhen Qin, Dong Li, Xuyang Shen, Hui Deng, Xiaodong Han, Yuchao Dai, Yiran Zhong

Therefore, we propose a feature fixation module to reweight the feature importance of the query and key before computing linear attention.

Feature Importance Video Classification

On the Convergence Theory of Meta Reinforcement Learning with Personalized Policies

no code implementations21 Sep 2022 Haozhi Wang, Qing Wang, Yunfeng Shao, Dong Li, Jianye Hao, Yinchuan Li

Modern meta-reinforcement learning (Meta-RL) methods are mainly developed based on model-agnostic meta-learning, which performs policy gradient steps across tasks to maximize policy performance.

Continuous Control Meta-Learning +3

Mutual Harmony: Sequential Recommendation with Dual Contrastive Network

1 code implementation18 Sep 2022 GuanYu Lin, Chen Gao, Yinfeng Li, Yu Zheng, Zhiheng Li, Depeng Jin, Dong Li, Jianye Hao, Yong Li

Such user-centric recommendation will make it impossible for the provider to expose their new items, failing to consider the accordant interactions between user and item dimensions.

Contrastive Learning Representation Learning +1

Multi-Document Scientific Summarization from a Knowledge Graph-Centric View

1 code implementation COLING 2022 Pancheng Wang, Shasha Li, Kunyuan Pang, Liangliang He, Dong Li, Jintao Tang, Ting Wang

Multi-Document Scientific Summarization (MDSS) aims to produce coherent and concise summaries for clusters of topic-relevant scientific papers.

Decoder Descriptive +1

Coarse-to-Fine Knowledge-Enhanced Multi-Interest Learning Framework for Multi-Behavior Recommendation

no code implementations3 Aug 2022 Chang Meng, Ziqi Zhao, Wei Guo, Yingxue Zhang, Haolun Wu, Chen Gao, Dong Li, Xiu Li, Ruiming Tang

More specifically, we propose a novel Coarse-to-fine Knowledge-enhanced Multi-interest Learning (CKML) framework to learn shared and behavior-specific interests for different behaviors.

Neural Architecture Search on Efficient Transformers and Beyond

no code implementations28 Jul 2022 Zexiang Liu, Dong Li, Kaiyue Lu, Zhen Qin, Weixuan Sun, Jiacheng Xu, Yiran Zhong

To address this issue, we propose a new framework to find optimal architectures for efficient Transformers with the neural architecture search (NAS) technique.

Computational Efficiency Image Classification +2

Auto Machine Learning for Medical Image Analysis by Unifying the Search on Data Augmentation and Neural Architecture

no code implementations21 Jul 2022 Jianwei Zhang, Dong Li, Lituan Wang, Lei Zhang

To address the problem, an improved augmentation search strategy, named Augmented Density Matching, was proposed by randomly sampling policies from a prior distribution for training.

AutoML Data Augmentation