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Self-supervised High-fidelity and Re-renderable 3D Facial Reconstruction from a Single Image

no code implementations16 Nov 2021 Mingxin Yang, Jianwei Guo, Zhanglin Cheng, Xiaopeng Zhang, Dong-Ming Yan

Although each method has its own advantage, none of them is capable of recovering a high-fidelity and re-renderable facial texture, where the term 're-renderable' demands the facial texture to be spatially complete and disentangled with environmental illumination.

3D Face Reconstruction Disentanglement +1

Robust Multi-view Registration of Point Sets with Laplacian Mixture Model

no code implementations26 Oct 2021 Jin Zhang, Mingyang Zhao, Xin Jiang, Dong-Ming Yan

The proposed method assumes each data point is generated by a Laplacian Mixture Model (LMM), where its centers are determined by the corresponding points in other point sets.

3D Reconstruction

Compound eye inspired flat lensless imaging with spatially-coded Voronoi-Fresnel phase

no code implementations28 Sep 2021 Qiang Fu, Dong-Ming Yan, Wolfgang Heidrich

We demonstrate and verify the imaging performance with a prototype Voronoi-Fresnel lensless camera on a 1. 6-megapixel image sensor in various illumination conditions.

Text-Aware Single Image Specular Highlight Removal

1 code implementation16 Aug 2021 Shiyu Hou, Chaoqun Wang, Weize Quan, Jingen Jiang, Dong-Ming Yan

The core goal is to improve the accuracy of text detection and recognition by removing the highlight from text images.

Highlight Detection

LARNet: Lie Algebra Residual Network for Face Recognition

1 code implementation15 Mar 2021 Xiaolong Yang, Xiaohong Jia, Dihong Gong, Dong-Ming Yan, Zhifeng Li, Wei Liu

We prove that face rotation in the image space is equivalent to an additive residual component in the feature space of CNNs, which is determined solely by the rotation.

Face Recognition Robust Face Recognition

Scene text removal via cascaded text stroke detection and erasing

1 code implementation19 Nov 2020 Xuewei Bian, Chaoqun Wang, Weize Quan, Juntao Ye, Xiaopeng Zhang, Dong-Ming Yan

Specifically, we decouple the text removal problem into text stroke detection and stroke removal.

Pixel-wise Dense Detector for Image Inpainting

no code implementations4 Nov 2020 Ruisong Zhang, Weize Quan, Baoyuan Wu, Zhifeng Li, Dong-Ming Yan

Recent GAN-based image inpainting approaches adopt an average strategy to discriminate the generated image and output a scalar, which inevitably lose the position information of visual artifacts.

Image Inpainting

MGCN: Descriptor Learning using Multiscale GCNs

no code implementations28 Jan 2020 Yiqun Wang, Jing Ren, Dong-Ming Yan, Jianwei Guo, Xiaopeng Zhang, Peter Wonka

Second, we propose a new multiscale graph convolutional network (MGCN) to transform a non-learned feature to a more discriminative descriptor.

Detecting Colorized Images via Convolutional Neural Networks: Toward High Accuracy and Good Generalization

no code implementations17 Feb 2019 Weize Quan, Dong-Ming Yan, Kai Wang, Xiaopeng Zhang, Denis Pellerin

First, we design and implement a base network, which can attain better performance in terms of classification accuracy and generalization (in most cases) compared with state-of-the-art methods.

Colorization General Classification

Learning 3D Keypoint Descriptors for Non-Rigid Shape Matching

no code implementations ECCV 2018 Hanyu Wang, Jianwei Guo, Dong-Ming Yan, Weize Quan, Xiaopeng Zhang

In this paper, we present a novel deep learning framework that derives discriminative local descriptors for 3D surface shapes.

Metric Learning

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