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Learning Quality-aware Representation for Multi-person Pose Regression

no code implementations4 Jan 2022 Yabo Xiao, Dongdong Yu, Xiaojuan Wang, Lei Jin, Guoli Wang, Qian Zhang

Off-the-shelf single-stage multi-person pose regression methods generally leverage the instance score (i. e., confidence of the instance localization) to indicate the pose quality for selecting the pose candidates.

AdaptivePose: Human Parts as Adaptive Points

no code implementations27 Dec 2021 Yabo Xiao, Xiaojuan Wang, Dongdong Yu, Guoli Wang, Qian Zhang, Mingshu He

Multi-person pose estimation methods generally follow top-down and bottom-up paradigms, both of which can be considered as two-stage approaches thus leading to the high computation cost and low efficiency.

Multi-Person Pose Estimation

Trimap-guided Feature Mining and Fusion Network for Natural Image Matting

no code implementations1 Dec 2021 Weihao Jiang, Dongdong Yu, Zhaozhi Xie, Yaoyi Li, Zehuan Yuan, Hongtao Lu

For emerging content-based feature fusion, most existing matting methods only focus on local features which lack the guidance of a global feature with strong semantic information related to the interesting object.

Image Matting

Memory Based Video Scene Parsing

no code implementations1 Sep 2021 Zhenchao Jin, Dongdong Yu, Kai Su, Zehuan Yuan, Changhu Wang

Video scene parsing is a long-standing challenging task in computer vision, aiming to assign pre-defined semantic labels to pixels of all frames in a given video.

Scene Parsing Semantic Segmentation

Mining Contextual Information Beyond Image for Semantic Segmentation

1 code implementation ICCV 2021 Zhenchao Jin, Tao Gong, Dongdong Yu, Qi Chu, Jian Wang, Changhu Wang, Jie Shao

To address this, this paper proposes to mine the contextual information beyond individual images to further augment the pixel representations.

Semantic Segmentation

Body Meshes as Points

1 code implementation CVPR 2021 Jianfeng Zhang, Dongdong Yu, Jun Hao Liew, Xuecheng Nie, Jiashi Feng

In this work, we present a single-stage model, Body Meshes as Points (BMP), to simplify the pipeline and lift both efficiency and performance.

3D Human Pose Estimation 3D Pose Estimation

Conditional Hyper-Network for Blind Super-Resolution with Multiple Degradations

1 code implementation8 Apr 2021 Guanghao Yin, Wei Wang, Zehuan Yuan, Wei Ji, Dongdong Yu, Shouqian Sun, Tat-Seng Chua, Changhu Wang

We extract degradation prior at task-level with the proposed ConditionNet, which will be used to adapt the parameters of the basic SR network (BaseNet).

Blind Super-Resolution Image Super-Resolution

F2Net: Learning to Focus on the Foreground for Unsupervised Video Object Segmentation

no code implementations4 Dec 2020 Daizong Liu, Dongdong Yu, Changhu Wang, Pan Zhou

Specifically, our proposed network consists of three main parts: Siamese Encoder Module, Center Guiding Appearance Diffusion Module, and Dynamic Information Fusion Module.

Frame Semantic Segmentation +2

SPCNet:Spatial Preserve and Content-aware Network for Human Pose Estimation

no code implementations13 Apr 2020 Yabo Xiao, Dongdong Yu, Xiaojuan Wang, Tianqi Lv, Yiqi Fan, Lingrui Wu

To alleviate these issues, we propose a novel Spatial Preserve and Content-aware Network(SPCNet), which includes two effective modules: Dilated Hourglass Module(DHM) and Selective Information Module(SIM).

Pose Estimation

Towards Good Practices for Multi-Person Pose Estimation

no code implementations28 Oct 2019 Dongdong Yu, Kai Su, Changhu Wang

Multi-Person Pose Estimation is an interesting yet challenging task in computer vision.

Multi-Person Pose Estimation

A Context-and-Spatial Aware Network for Multi-Person Pose Estimation

no code implementations14 May 2019 Dongdong Yu, Kai Su, Xin Geng, Changhu Wang

In this paper, a novel Context-and-Spatial Aware Network (CSANet), which integrates both a Context Aware Path and Spatial Aware Path, is proposed to obtain effective features involving both context information and spatial information.

Multi-Person Pose Estimation

Mask Propagation Network for Video Object Segmentation

no code implementations24 Oct 2018 Jia Sun, Dongdong Yu, Yinghong Li, Changhu Wang

In this work, we propose a mask propagation network to treat the video segmentation problem as a concept of the guided instance segmentation.

Frame Instance Segmentation +5

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