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Texture-Based Error Analysis for Image Super-Resolution

no code implementations CVPR 2022 Salma Abdel Magid, Zudi Lin, Donglai Wei, Yulun Zhang, Jinjin Gu, Hanspeter Pfister

Our key contribution is to leverage a texture classifier, which enables us to assign patches with semantic labels, to identify the source of SR errors both globally and locally.

Image Super-Resolution SSIM

PyTorch Connectomics: A Scalable and Flexible Segmentation Framework for EM Connectomics

1 code implementation10 Dec 2021 Zudi Lin, Donglai Wei, Jeff Lichtman, Hanspeter Pfister

We present PyTorch Connectomics (PyTC), an open-source deep-learning framework for the semantic and instance segmentation of volumetric microscopy images, built upon PyTorch.

Instance Segmentation Semantic Segmentation

MedMNIST v2: A Large-Scale Lightweight Benchmark for 2D and 3D Biomedical Image Classification

2 code implementations27 Oct 2021 Jiancheng Yang, Rui Shi, Donglai Wei, Zequan Liu, Lin Zhao, Bilian Ke, Hanspeter Pfister, Bingbing Ni

We introduce MedMNIST v2, a large-scale MNIST-like dataset collection of standardized biomedical images, including 12 datasets for 2D and 6 datasets for 3D.

AutoML Benchmark +2

RibSeg Dataset and Strong Point Cloud Baselines for Rib Segmentation from CT Scans

1 code implementation17 Sep 2021 Jiancheng Yang, Shixuan Gu, Donglai Wei, Hanspeter Pfister, Bingbing Ni

Manual rib inspections in computed tomography (CT) scans are clinically critical but labor-intensive, as 24 ribs are typically elongated and oblique in 3D volumes.

Computed Tomography (CT)

Consistent Recurrent Neural Networks for 3D Neuron Segmentation

no code implementations1 Feb 2021 Felix Gonda, Donglai Wei, Hanspeter Pfister

We present a recurrent network for the 3D reconstruction of neurons that sequentially generates binary masks for every object in an image with spatio-temporal consistency.

3D Reconstruction

Dynamic High-Pass Filtering and Multi-Spectral Attention for Image Super-Resolution

no code implementations ICCV 2021 Salma Abdel Magid, Yulun Zhang, Donglai Wei, Won-Dong Jang, Zudi Lin, Yun Fu, Hanspeter Pfister

Specifically, we propose a dynamic high-pass filtering (HPF) module that locally applies adaptive filter weights for each spatial location and channel group to preserve high-frequency signals.

Image Super-Resolution

Context Reasoning Attention Network for Image Super-Resolution

no code implementations ICCV 2021 Yulun Zhang, Donglai Wei, Can Qin, Huan Wang, Hanspeter Pfister, Yun Fu

However, the basic convolutional layer in CNNs is designed to extract local patterns, lacking the ability to model global context.

Image Super-Resolution

Super-BPD: Super Boundary-to-Pixel Direction for Fast Image Segmentation

1 code implementation CVPR 2020 Jianqiang Wan, Yang Liu, Donglai Wei, Xiang Bai, Yongchao Xu

In this paper, we propose a fast image segmentation method based on a novel super boundary-to-pixel direction (super-BPD) and a customized segmentation algorithm with super-BPD.

BSDS500 Semantic Segmentation +1

A Topological Nomenclature for 3D Shape Analysis in Connectomics

1 code implementation27 Sep 2019 Abhimanyu Talwar, Zudi Lin, Donglai Wei, Yuesong Wu, Bowen Zheng, Jinglin Zhao, Won-Dong Jang, Xueying Wang, Jeff W. Lichtman, Hanspeter Pfister

Next, we develop nomenclature rules for pyramidal neurons and mitochondria from the reduced graph and finally learn the feature embedding for shape manipulation.

3D Shape Classification 3D Shape Retrieval

Parallel Separable 3D Convolution for Video and Volumetric Data Understanding

no code implementations11 Sep 2018 Felix Gonda, Donglai Wei, Toufiq Parag, Hanspeter Pfister

For video and volumetric data understanding, 3D convolution layers are widely used in deep learning, however, at the cost of increasing computation and training time.

Action Recognition Brain Segmentation +1

Detecting Synapse Location and Connectivity by Signed Proximity Estimation and Pruning with Deep Nets

1 code implementation8 Jul 2018 Toufiq Parag, Daniel Berger, Lee Kamentsky, Benedikt Staffler, Donglai Wei, Moritz Helmstaedter, Jeff W. Lichtman, Hanspeter Pfister

The few methods that computes direction along with contact location have only been demonstrated to work on either dyadic (most common in vertebrate brain) or polyadic (found in fruit fly brain) synapses, but not on both types.

Understanding Intra-Class Knowledge Inside CNN

no code implementations9 Jul 2015 Donglai Wei, Bolei Zhou, Antonio Torrabla, William Freeman

Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) has been successful in image recognition tasks, and recent works shed lights on how CNN separates different classes with the learned inter-class knowledge through visualization.

Image Retrieval

Seeing the Arrow of Time

no code implementations CVPR 2014 Lyndsey C. Pickup, Zheng Pan, Donglai Wei, YiChang Shih, Chang-Shui Zhang, Andrew Zisserman, Bernhard Scholkopf, William T. Freeman

We explore whether we can observe Time's Arrow in a temporal sequence--is it possible to tell whether a video is running forwards or backwards?

Computer Vision General Classification +1

A Video Representation Using Temporal Superpixels

no code implementations CVPR 2013 Jason Chang, Donglai Wei, John W. Fisher III

We develop a generative probabilistic model for temporally consistent superpixels in video sequences.


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