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Zero-shot Query Contextualization for Conversational Search

1 code implementation22 Apr 2022 Antonios Minas Krasakis, Andrew Yates, Evangelos Kanoulas

Current conversational passage retrieval systems cast conversational search into ad-hoc search by using an intermediate query resolution step that places the user's question in context of the conversation.

Conversational Search Passage Retrieval

Parameter-Efficient Abstractive Question Answering over Tables or Text

1 code implementation dialdoc (ACL) 2022 Vaishali Pal, Evangelos Kanoulas, Maarten de Rijke

In this work, we study parameter-efficient abstractive QA in encoder-decoder models over structured tabular data and unstructured textual data using only 1. 5% additional parameters for each modality.

abstractive question answering Question Answering

Towards Building Economic Models of Conversational Search

no code implementations21 Jan 2022 Leif Azzopardi, Mohammad Aliannejadi, Evangelos Kanoulas

Various conceptual and descriptive models of conversational search have been proposed in the literature -- while useful, they do not provide insights into how interaction between the agent and user would change in response to the costs and benefits of the different interactions.

Conversational Search

Scaling Up Query-Focused Summarization to Meet Open-Domain Question Answering

no code implementations14 Dec 2021 Weijia Zhang, Svitlana Vakulenko, Thilina Rajapakse, Evangelos Kanoulas

To address this extended task, we combine passage retrieval with text generation to produce the summary of the retrieved passages given the input query.

Open-Domain Question Answering Passage Retrieval +1

Controllable Recommenders using Deep Generative Models and Disentanglement

no code implementations11 Oct 2021 Samarth Bhargav, Evangelos Kanoulas

We show that by updating the disentangled latent space based on user feedback, and by exploiting the generative nature of the recommender, controlled and personalized recommendations can be produced.

Collaborative Filtering Disentanglement

Paint4Poem: A Dataset for Artistic Visualization of Classical Chinese Poems

1 code implementation23 Sep 2021 Dan Li, Shuai Wang, Jie Zou, Chang Tian, Elisha Nieuwburg, Fengyuan Sun, Evangelos Kanoulas

We create abenchmark for Paint4Poem: we train two representative text-to-image generation models: AttnGAN and MirrorGAN, and evaluate theirperformance regarding painting pictorial quality, painting stylistic relevance, and semantic relevance between poems and paintings. The results indicate that the models are able to generate paintings that have good pictorial quality and mimic Feng Zikai's style, but thereflection of poem semantics is limited.

Few-Shot Learning Text to image generation +1

Cross-Market Product Recommendation

no code implementations13 Sep 2021 Hamed Bonab, Mohammad Aliannejadi, Ali Vardasbi, Evangelos Kanoulas, James Allan

We introduce and formalize the problem of cross-market product recommendation, i. e., market adaptation.

Domain Adaptation Meta-Learning +1

Analysing Mixed Initiatives and Search Strategies during Conversational Search

1 code implementation13 Sep 2021 Mohammad Aliannejadi, Leif Azzopardi, Hamed Zamani, Evangelos Kanoulas, Paul Thomas, Nick Craswel

In this paper, we present a model for conversational search -- from which we instantiate different observed conversational search strategies, where the agent elicits: (i) Feedback-First, or (ii) Feedback-After.

Conversational Search

VerbCL: A Dataset of Verbatim Quotes for Highlight Extraction in Case Law

1 code implementation23 Aug 2021 Julien Rossi, Svitlana Vakulenko, Evangelos Kanoulas

Citing legal opinions is a key part of legal argumentation, an expert task that requires retrieval, extraction and summarization of information from court decisions.

Document Summarization Passage Retrieval

Legal Search in Case Law and Statute Law

no code implementations23 Aug 2021 Julien Rossi, Evangelos Kanoulas

In this work we describe a method to identify document pairwise relevance in the context of a typical legal document collection: limited resources, long queries and long documents.

Few-Shot Electronic Health Record Coding through Graph Contrastive Learning

1 code implementation29 Jun 2021 Shanshan Wang, Pengjie Ren, Zhumin Chen, Zhaochun Ren, Huasheng Liang, Qiang Yan, Evangelos Kanoulas, Maarten de Rijke

We seek to improve the performance for both frequent and rare ICD codes by using a contrastive graph-based EHR coding framework, CoGraph, which re-casts EHR coding as a few-shot learning task.

Contrastive Learning Few-Shot Learning

Category Aware Explainable Conversational Recommendation

no code implementations15 Mar 2021 Nikolaos Kondylidis, Jie Zou, Evangelos Kanoulas

We first perform an explainable user model in the form of preferences over the items' categories, and then use the category preferences to recommend items.

Ranking Clarifying Questions Based on Predicted User Engagement

1 code implementation10 Mar 2021 Tom Lotze, Stefan Klut, Mohammad Aliannejadi, Evangelos Kanoulas

This research demonstrates the potential for ranking clarification panes based on lexical information only and can serve as a first neural baseline for future research to improve on.

A Benchmark for Lease Contract Review

no code implementations20 Oct 2020 Spyretta Leivaditi, Julien Rossi, Evangelos Kanoulas

We focus on supporting the review of lease agreements, a contract type that has received little attention in the legal information extraction literature, and we define the types of entities and red flags needed for that task.

Language Modelling

An Empirical Study of Clarifying Question-Based Systems

no code implementations1 Aug 2020 Jie Zou, Evangelos Kanoulas, Yiqun Liu

Search and recommender systems that take the initiative to ask clarifying questions to better understand users' information needs are receiving increasing attention from the research community.

Recommendation Systems

Towards Question-based Recommender Systems

1 code implementation28 May 2020 Jie Zou, Yi-fan Chen, Evangelos Kanoulas

Previous conversational recommender systems ask users to express their preferences over items or item facets.

Recommendation Systems

An Analysis of Mixed Initiative and Collaboration in Information-Seeking Dialogues

no code implementations25 May 2020 Svitlana Vakulenko, Evangelos Kanoulas, Maarten de Rijke

The ability to engage in mixed-initiative interaction is one of the core requirements for a conversational search system.

Conversational Search

Knowledge Graph Simple Question Answering for Unseen Domains

1 code implementation AKBC 2020 Georgios Sidiropoulos, Nikos Voskarides, Evangelos Kanoulas

Knowledge graph simple question answering (KGSQA), in its standard form, does not take into account that human-curated question answering training data only cover a small subset of the relations that exist in a Knowledge Graph (KG), or even worse, that new domains covering unseen and rather different to existing domains relations are added to the KG.

Domain Adaptation Question Answering +1

Query Resolution for Conversational Search with Limited Supervision

1 code implementation24 May 2020 Nikos Voskarides, Dan Li, Pengjie Ren, Evangelos Kanoulas, Maarten de Rijke

Context from the conversational history can be used to arrive at a better expression of the current turn query, defined as the task of query resolution.

Conversational Search Passage Retrieval

WN-Salience: A Corpus of News Articles with Entity Salience Annotations

no code implementations LREC 2020 Chuan Wu, Evangelos Kanoulas, Maarten de Rijke, Wei Lu

To support research on entity salience, we present a new dataset, the WikiNews Salience dataset (WN-Salience), which can be used to benchmark tasks such as entity salience detection and salient entity linking.

Entity Linking

Conversations with Search Engines: SERP-based Conversational Response Generation

1 code implementation29 Apr 2020 Pengjie Ren, Zhumin Chen, Zhaochun Ren, Evangelos Kanoulas, Christof Monz, Maarten de Rijke

In this paper, we address the problem of answering complex information needs by conversing conversations with search engines, in the sense that users can express their queries in natural language, and directly receivethe information they need from a short system response in a conversational manner.

Conversational Response Generation Conversational Search +1

Learning to Ask: Question-based Sequential Bayesian Product Search

1 code implementation30 Aug 2019 Jie Zou, Evangelos Kanoulas

The method learns the product relevance as well as the reward of the potential questions to be asked to the user by being trained on the search history and purchase behavior of a specific user together with that of other users.

Global Aggregations of Local Explanations for Black Box models

no code implementations5 Jul 2019 Ilse van der Linden, Hinda Haned, Evangelos Kanoulas

We present Global Aggregations of Local Explanations (GALE) with the objective to provide insights in a model's global decision making process.

Decision Making

Semi-supervised Ensemble Learning with Weak Supervision for Biomedical Relationship Extraction

1 code implementation AKBC 2019 Antonios Minas Krasakis, Evangelos Kanoulas, George Tsatsaronis

To tackle this problem, we propose a methodology for extending training datasets to arbitrarily big sizes and training complex, data-hungry models using weak supervision.

Drug Discovery Ensemble Learning +2

Examining Cooperation in Visual Dialog Models

1 code implementation4 Dec 2017 Mircea Mironenco, Dana Kianfar, Ke Tran, Evangelos Kanoulas, Efstratios Gavves

In this work we propose a blackbox intervention method for visual dialog models, with the aim of assessing the contribution of individual linguistic or visual components.

Visual Dialog

Neural Vector Spaces for Unsupervised Information Retrieval

4 code implementations9 Aug 2017 Christophe Van Gysel, Maarten de Rijke, Evangelos Kanoulas

We propose the Neural Vector Space Model (NVSM), a method that learns representations of documents in an unsupervised manner for news article retrieval.

Document Ranking Feature Engineering +2

Structural Regularities in Text-based Entity Vector Spaces

1 code implementation25 Jul 2017 Christophe Van Gysel, Maarten de Rijke, Evangelos Kanoulas

We discover how clusterings of experts correspond to committees in organizations, the ability of expert representations to encode the co-author graph, and the degree to which they encode academic rank.

Entity Retrieval Topic Models

Semantic Entity Retrieval Toolkit

1 code implementation12 Jun 2017 Christophe Van Gysel, Maarten de Rijke, Evangelos Kanoulas

Unsupervised learning of low-dimensional, semantic representations of words and entities has recently gained attention.

Entity Retrieval Representation Learning

Pyndri: a Python Interface to the Indri Search Engine

1 code implementation3 Jan 2017 Christophe Van Gysel, Evangelos Kanoulas, Maarten de Rijke

We introduce pyndri, a Python interface to the Indri search engine.

Learning Latent Vector Spaces for Product Search

2 code implementations25 Aug 2016 Christophe Van Gysel, Maarten de Rijke, Evangelos Kanoulas

We introduce a novel latent vector space model that jointly learns the latent representations of words, e-commerce products and a mapping between the two without the need for explicit annotations.


Lexical Query Modeling in Session Search

1 code implementation23 Aug 2016 Christophe Van Gysel, Evangelos Kanoulas, Maarten de Rijke

Lexical query modeling has been the leading paradigm for session search.

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