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Robust Adaptive Generalized Correntropy-based Smoothed Graph Signal Recovery with a Kernel Width Learning

no code implementations19 Sep 2022 Razieh Torkamani, Hadi Zayyani, Farokh Marvasti

In addition, some synthetic and real-world experiments show the advantage of the proposed algorithm in comparison to some other adaptive algorithms in the literature of adaptive graph signal recovery.

Ensemble Neural Representation Networks

1 code implementation7 Oct 2021 Milad Soltany Kadarvish, Hesam Mojtahedi, Hossein Entezari Zarch, Amirhossein Kazerouni, Alireza Morsali, Azra Abtahi, Farokh Marvasti

Hence, it is vital to suggest an optimization algorithm to find the sub-optimal structure of the ensemble network, which is done in this paper.

Efficient Sparse Artificial Neural Networks

no code implementations13 Mar 2021 Seyed Majid Naji, Azra Abtahi, Farokh Marvasti

In the proposed methods, the sparse structure of a network as well as the values of its parameters are trained and updated during the learning process.

Image Classification

Distributed interference cancellation in multi-agent scenarios

no code implementations22 Oct 2019 Mahdi Shamsi, Alireza Moslemi Haghighi, Farokh Marvasti

This paper considers the problem of detecting impaired and noisy nodes over network.

A Nonlinear Acceleration Method for Iterative Algorithms

no code implementations4 Jun 2019 Mahdi Shamsi, Mahmoud Ghandi, Farokh Marvasti

Iterative methods have led to better understanding and solving problems such as missing sampling, deconvolution, inverse systems, impulsive and Salt and Pepper noise removal problems.

Salt-And-Pepper Noise Removal

A Novel Approach to Quantized Matrix Completion Using Huber Loss Measure

no code implementations29 Oct 2018 Ashkan Esmaeili, Farokh Marvasti

Next, we form an unconstrained optimization problem by regularizing the rank function with Huber loss.

Matrix Completion Quantization

Transduction with Matrix Completion Using Smoothed Rank Function

no code implementations19 May 2018 Ashkan Esmaeili, Kayhan Behdin, Mohammad Amin Fakharian, Farokh Marvasti

In this paper, we propose two new algorithms for transduction with Matrix Completion (MC) problem.

Matrix Completion

Recovery of Missing Samples Using Sparse Approximation via a Convex Similarity Measure

no code implementations28 Jun 2017 Amirhossein Javaheri, Hadi Zayyani, Farokh Marvasti

In this paper, we study the missing sample recovery problem using methods based on sparse approximation.


Measurement-Adaptive Sparse Image Sampling and Recovery

no code implementations9 Jun 2017 Ali Taimori, Farokh Marvasti

In the proposed sampler, we adaptively determine the number of required samples for retrieving image based on space-frequency-gradient information content of image patches.

Compressive Sensing

OBTAIN: Real-Time Beat Tracking in Audio Signals

1 code implementation7 Apr 2017 Ali Mottaghi, Kayhan Behdin, Ashkan Esmaeili, Mohammadreza Heydari, Farokh Marvasti

In this paper, we design a system in order to perform the real-time beat tracking for an audio signal.

Online Beat Tracking

Recovery of Sparse and Low Rank Components of Matrices Using Iterative Method with Adaptive Thresholding

no code implementations9 Mar 2017 Nematollah Zarmehi, Farokh Marvasti

In this letter, we propose an algorithm for recovery of sparse and low rank components of matrices using an iterative method with adaptive thresholding.

A Convex Similarity Index for Sparse Recovery of Missing Image Samples

no code implementations25 Jan 2017 Amirhossein Javaheri, Hadi Zayyani, Farokh Marvasti

The proposed criterion called Convex SIMilarity (CSIM) index is a modified version of the Structural SIMilarity (SSIM) index, which despite its predecessor, is convex and uni-modal.


Using Empirical Covariance Matrix in Enhancing Prediction Accuracy of Linear Models with Missing Information

no code implementations21 Nov 2016 Ahmadreza Moradipari, Sina Shahsavari, Ashkan Esmaeili, Farokh Marvasti

When sparse models are also suffering from MI, the sparse recovery and inference of the missing models are taken into account simultaneously.

Learning Theory Matrix Completion

Fast Methods for Recovering Sparse Parameters in Linear Low Rank Models

no code implementations26 Jun 2016 Ashkan Esmaeili, Arash Amini, Farokh Marvasti

In this paper, we investigate the recovery of a sparse weight vector (parameters vector) from a set of noisy linear combinations.

Matrix Completion

Comparison of Several Sparse Recovery Methods for Low Rank Matrices with Random Samples

no code implementations12 Jun 2016 Ashkan Esmaeili, Farokh Marvasti

This paper will focus on comparing the power of IMAT in reconstruction of the desired sparse signal with LASSO.

BIG-bench Machine Learning

Real-Time Impulse Noise Suppression from Images Using an Efficient Weighted-Average Filtering

no code implementations10 Jul 2014 Hossein Hosseini, Farzad Hessar, Farokh Marvasti

In this paper, we propose a method for real-time high density impulse noise suppression from images.

Image Block Loss Restoration Using Sparsity Pattern as Side Information

no code implementations23 Jan 2014 Hossein Hosseini, Ali Goli, Neda Barzegar Marvasti, Masoume Azghani, Farokh Marvasti

In this paper, we propose a method for image block loss restoration based on the notion of sparse representation.

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