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Beckmann's approach to multi-item multi-bidder auctions

no code implementations14 Mar 2022 Alexander V. Kolesnikov, Fedor Sandomirskiy, Aleh Tsyvinski, Alexander P. Zimin

We consider the problem of revenue-maximizing Bayesian auction design with several bidders having independent private values over several items.

Efficiency in Random Resource Allocation and Social Choice

no code implementations12 Mar 2022 Federico Echenique, Joseph Root, Fedor Sandomirskiy

We study efficiency in general collective choice problems where agents have ordinal preferences and randomization is allowed.

Bayesian Persuasion with Mediators

no code implementations8 Mar 2022 Itai Arieli, Yakov Babichenko, Fedor Sandomirskiy

For one mediator, the characterization has a geometric meaning of constrained concavification of sender's utility, optimal persuasion requires the same number of signals as without mediators, and the presence of the mediator is never profitable for the sender.

Private Private Information

no code implementations29 Dec 2021 Kevin He, Fedor Sandomirskiy, Omer Tamuz

In a private private information structure, agents' signals contain no information about the signals of their peers.

On social networks that support learning

no code implementations10 Nov 2020 Itai Arieli, Fedor Sandomirskiy, Rann Smorodinsky

We illustrate the power of the local learning requirement by constructing a family of social networks that guarantee information aggregation despite that no agent is a social hub (in other words, there are no opinion leaders).

Representative Committees of Peers

no code implementations14 Jun 2020 Reshef Meir, Fedor Sandomirskiy, Moshe Tennenholtz

We show that a k-sortition (a random committee of k voters with the majority vote within the committee) leads to an outcome within the factor 1+O(1/k) of the optimal social cost for any number of voters n, any number of issues $m$, and any preference profile.

Feasible Joint Posterior Beliefs

no code implementations26 Feb 2020 Itai Arieli, Yakov Babichenko, Fedor Sandomirskiy, Omer Tamuz

We study the set of possible joint posterior belief distributions of a group of agents who share a common prior regarding a binary state, and who observe some information structure.

Efficient Fair Division with Minimal Sharing

1 code implementation5 Aug 2019 Fedor Sandomirskiy, Erel Segal-haLevi

We show that, for a generic instance of the problem (all instances except a zero-measure set of degenerate problems), a fair fractionally Pareto-optimal division with the smallest possible number of shared objects can be found in polynomial time, assuming that the number of agents is fixed.

Computer Science and Game Theory Theoretical Economics

Protecting the Protected Group: Circumventing Harmful Fairness

no code implementations25 May 2019 Omer Ben-Porat, Fedor Sandomirskiy, Moshe Tennenholtz

In this family, we characterize conditions under which the fairness constraint helps the disadvantaged group.

Crime Prediction Fairness

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