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Unsupervised Microscopy Video Denoising

no code implementations17 Apr 2024 Mary Aiyetigbo, Alexander Korte, Ethan Anderson, Reda Chalhoub, Peter Kalivas, Feng Luo, Nianyi Li

In this paper, we introduce a novel unsupervised network to denoise microscopy videos featured by image sequences captured by a fixed location microscopy camera.

Denoising Video Denoising

Effectively Prompting Small-sized Language Models for Cross-lingual Tasks via Winning Tickets

no code implementations1 Apr 2024 Mingqi Li, Feng Luo

Then, we prepend soft prompts to the original pre-trained language model and only update the selected parameters together with prompt-related parameters when adapting to the downstream tasks.

Language Modelling Masked Language Modeling

Rewards-in-Context: Multi-objective Alignment of Foundation Models with Dynamic Preference Adjustment

1 code implementation15 Feb 2024 Rui Yang, Xiaoman Pan, Feng Luo, Shuang Qiu, Han Zhong, Dong Yu, Jianshu Chen

We consider the problem of multi-objective alignment of foundation models with human preferences, which is a critical step towards helpful and harmless AI systems.

Reinforcement Learning (RL)

Coupling Fairness and Pruning in a Single Run: a Bi-level Optimization Perspective

no code implementations15 Dec 2023 Yucong Dai, Gen Li, Feng Luo, Xiaolong Ma, Yongkai Wu

To address this, we define a fair pruning task where a sparse model is derived subject to fairness requirements.

Fairness Model Compression

Is GPT Powerful Enough to Analyze the Emotions of Memes?

no code implementations1 Nov 2023 Jingjing Wang, Joshua Luo, Grace Yang, Allen Hong, Feng Luo

Large Language Models (LLMs), representing a significant achievement in artificial intelligence (AI) research, have demonstrated their ability in a multitude of tasks.

Sentiment Analysis

Image Super-resolution Via Latent Diffusion: A Sampling-space Mixture Of Experts And Frequency-augmented Decoder Approach

1 code implementation18 Oct 2023 Feng Luo, Jinxi Xiang, Jun Zhang, Xiao Han, Wei Yang

To alleviate the huge computational cost required by pixel-based diffusion SR, latent-based methods utilize a feature encoder to transform the image and then implement the SR image generation in a compact latent space.

Blind Super-Resolution Image Generation +1

LIVABLE: Exploring Long-Tailed Classification of Software Vulnerability Types

1 code implementation12 Jun 2023 Xin-Cheng Wen, Cuiyun Gao, Feng Luo, Haoyu Wang, Ge Li, Qing Liao

(2) adaptive re-weighting module, which adjusts the learning weights for different types according to the training epochs and numbers of associated samples by a novel training loss.

Classification Representation Learning +1

Contrastive Representation Disentanglement for Clustering

no code implementations8 Jun 2023 Fei Ding, Dan Zhang, Yin Yang, Venkat Krovi, Feng Luo

We conduct a theoretical analysis of the proposed loss and highlight how it assigns different weights to negative samples during the process of disentangling the feature representation.

Clustering Contrastive Learning +2

Multi-level Distillation of Semantic Knowledge for Pre-training Multilingual Language Model

no code implementations2 Nov 2022 Mingqi Li, Fei Ding, Dan Zhang, Long Cheng, Hongxin Hu, Feng Luo

In this paper, we propose Multi-level Multilingual Knowledge Distillation (MMKD), a novel method for improving multilingual language models.

Knowledge Distillation Language Modelling +2

Understanding and Measuring Robustness of Multimodal Learning

no code implementations22 Dec 2021 Nishant Vishwamitra, Hongxin Hu, Ziming Zhao, Long Cheng, Feng Luo

We then introduce a new type of multimodal adversarial attacks called decoupling attack in MUROAN that aims to compromise multimodal models by decoupling their fused modalities.

Adversarial Robustness

Sk-Unet Model with Fourier Domain for Mitosis Detection

no code implementations1 Sep 2021 Sen yang, Feng Luo, Jun Zhang, Xiyue Wang

Mitotic count is the most important morphological feature of breast cancer grading.

Mitosis Detection Segmentation

MHER: Model-based Hindsight Experience Replay

no code implementations1 Jul 2021 Rui Yang, Meng Fang, Lei Han, Yali Du, Feng Luo, Xiu Li

Replacing original goals with virtual goals generated from interaction with a trained dynamics model leads to a novel relabeling method, model-based relabeling (MBR).

Multi-Goal Reinforcement Learning reinforcement-learning +1

A Coarse-to-Fine Instance Segmentation Network with Learning Boundary Representation

no code implementations18 Jun 2021 Feng Luo, Bin-Bin Gao, Jiangpeng Yan, Xiu Li

Experiments also show that our proposed method achieves competitive performance compared to existing boundary-based methods with a lightweight design and a simple pipeline.

Distance regression Instance Segmentation +2

Multi-level Knowledge Distillation via Knowledge Alignment and Correlation

1 code implementation1 Dec 2020 Fei Ding, Yin Yang, Hongxin Hu, Venkat Krovi, Feng Luo

While it is important to transfer the full knowledge from teacher to student, we introduce the Multi-level Knowledge Distillation (MLKD) by effectively considering both knowledge alignment and correlation.

Contrastive Learning Knowledge Distillation +2

Second-order Neural Network Training Using Complex-step Directional Derivative

no code implementations15 Sep 2020 Siyuan Shen, Tianjia Shao, Kun Zhou, Chenfanfu Jiang, Feng Luo, Yin Yang

We believe our method will inspire a wide-range of new algorithms for deep learning and numerical optimization.

Second-order methods

An STPA-based Approach for Systematic Security Analysis of In-vehicle Diagnostic and Software Update Systems

no code implementations16 Jun 2020 Jinghua Yu, Stefan Wagner, Feng Luo

In this paper, a system-oriented approach is proposed on the basis of the System-Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA).

Cryptography and Security Software Engineering Systems and Control Systems and Control

Double cycle-consistent generative adversarial network for unsupervised conditional generation

no code implementations13 Nov 2019 Fei Ding, Feng Luo, Yin Yang

We enforce the encoder and the generator of GAN to form an encoder-generator pair in addition to the generator-encoder pair, which enables us to avoid the low-diversity generation and the triviality of latent features.

Clustering Disentanglement +1

Community Detection on Networks with Ricci Flow

1 code implementation9 Jul 2019 Chien-Chun Ni, Yu-Yao Lin, Feng Luo, Jie Gao

Many complex networks in the real world have community structures -- groups of well-connected nodes with important functional roles.

Social and Information Networks Physics and Society

Variational Principles for Minkowski Type Problems, Discrete Optimal Transport, and Discrete Monge-Ampere Equations

1 code implementation22 Feb 2013 Xianfeng Gu, Feng Luo, Jian Sun, S. -T. Yau

In this paper, we develop several related finite dimensional variational principles for discrete optimal transport (DOT), Minkowski type problems for convex polytopes and discrete Monge-Ampere equation (DMAE).

Geometric Topology Differential Geometry Metric Geometry 52-XX I.3.5

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