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Nkululeko: A Tool For Rapid Speaker Characteristics Detection

1 code implementation LREC 2022 Felix Burkhardt, Johannes Wagner, Hagen Wierstorf, Florian Eyben, Björn Schuller

We present advancements with a software tool called Nkululeko, that lets users perform (semi-) supervised machine learning experiments in the speaker characteristics domain.

Emotion Classification regression

Testing Speech Emotion Recognition Machine Learning Models

no code implementations11 Dec 2023 Anna Derington, Hagen Wierstorf, Ali Özkil, Florian Eyben, Felix Burkhardt, Björn W. Schuller

Machine learning models for speech emotion recognition (SER) can be trained for different tasks and are usually evaluated on the basis of a few available datasets per task.

Fairness Speech Emotion Recognition

audb -- Sharing and Versioning of Audio and Annotation Data in Python

1 code implementation1 Mar 2023 Hagen Wierstorf, Johannes Wagner, Florian Eyben, Felix Burkhardt, Björn W. Schuller

Driven by the need for larger and more diverse datasets to pre-train and fine-tune increasingly complex machine learning models, the number of datasets is rapidly growing.


Probing Speech Emotion Recognition Transformers for Linguistic Knowledge

no code implementations1 Apr 2022 Andreas Triantafyllopoulos, Johannes Wagner, Hagen Wierstorf, Maximilian Schmitt, Uwe Reichel, Florian Eyben, Felix Burkhardt, Björn W. Schuller

Large, pre-trained neural networks consisting of self-attention layers (transformers) have recently achieved state-of-the-art results on several speech emotion recognition (SER) datasets.

Automatic Speech Recognition Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) +2

Multistage linguistic conditioning of convolutional layers for speech emotion recognition

no code implementations13 Oct 2021 Andreas Triantafyllopoulos, Uwe Reichel, Shuo Liu, Stephan Huber, Florian Eyben, Björn W. Schuller

In this contribution, we investigate the effectiveness of deep fusion of text and audio features for categorical and dimensional speech emotion recognition (SER).

Speech Emotion Recognition

The voice of COVID-19: Acoustic correlates of infection

no code implementations17 Dec 2020 Katrin D. Bartl-Pokorny, Florian B. Pokorny, Anton Batliner, Shahin Amiriparian, Anastasia Semertzidou, Florian Eyben, Elena Kramer, Florian Schmidt, Rainer Schönweiler, Markus Wehler, Björn W. Schuller

Group differences in the front vowels /i:/ and /e:/ are additionally reflected in the variation of the fundamental frequency and the harmonics-to-noise ratio, group differences in back vowels /o:/ and /u:/ in statistics of the Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients and the spectral slope.

On Laughter and Speech-Laugh, Based on Observations of Child-Robot Interaction

no code implementations30 Aug 2019 Anton Batliner, Stefan Steidl, Florian Eyben, Björn Schuller

In this article, we study laughter found in child-robot interaction where it had not been prompted intentionally.

Descriptive feature selection +2

audEERING's approach to the One-Minute-Gradual Emotion Challenge

no code implementations3 May 2018 Andreas Triantafyllopoulos, Hesam Sagha, Florian Eyben, Björn Schuller

This paper describes audEERING's submissions as well as additional evaluations for the One-Minute-Gradual (OMG) emotion recognition challenge.

Emotion Recognition

A Broadcast News Corpus for Evaluation and Tuning of German LVCSR Systems

no code implementations15 Dec 2014 Felix Weninger, Björn Schuller, Florian Eyben, Martin Wöllmer, Gerhard Rigoll

Transcription of broadcast news is an interesting and challenging application for large-vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR).

speech-recognition Speech Recognition

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