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Efficient Face Detection with Audio-Based Region Proposals for Human-Robot Interactions

no code implementations14 Sep 2023 William Aris, François Grondin

However, computer vision tends to involve a large computational load due to the amount of data (i. e. pixels) that needs to be processed in a short amount of time.

Face Detection

Gray Jedi MVDR Post-filtering

1 code implementation10 Sep 2023 François Grondin, Caleb Rascón

Spatial filters can exploit deep-learning-based speech enhancement models to increase their reliability in scenarios with multiple speech sources scenarios.

Speech Enhancement

Real-time Audio Video Enhancement \\with a Microphone Array and Headphones

no code implementations2 Mar 2023 Jacob Kealey, Anthony Gosselin, Étienne Deshaies-Samson, Francis Cardinal, Félix Ducharme-Turcotte, Olivier Bergeron, Amélie Rioux-Joyal, Jérémy Bélec, François Grondin

Results demonstrate the feasibility of the approach, and opens the door to the exploration and validation of a wide range of beamformer and speech enhancement methods for real-time speech enhancement.

Face Detection Speech Enhancement +1

Fast Cross-Correlation for TDoA Estimation on Small Aperture Microphone Arrays

no code implementations28 Apr 2022 François Grondin, Marc-Antoine Maheux, Jean-Samuel Lauzon, Jonathan Vincent, François Michaud

This paper introduces the Fast Cross-Correlation (FCC) method for Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA) Estimation for pairs of microphones on a small aperture microphone array.

Machine Learning for Touch Localization on Ultrasonic Wave Touchscreen

no code implementations18 Feb 2022 Sahar Bahrami, Jérémy Moriot, Patrice Masson, François Grondin

Classification and regression employing a simple Deep Neural Network (DNN) are investigated to perform touch localization on a tactile surface using ultrasonic guided waves.

BIG-bench Machine Learning Classification

Learning Filterbanks for End-to-End Acoustic Beamforming

no code implementations8 Nov 2021 Samuele Cornell, Manuel Pariente, François Grondin, Stefano Squartini

We perform a detailed analysis using the recent Clarity Challenge data and show that by using learnt filterbanks it is possible to surpass oracle-mask based beamforming for short windows.

Lightweight Speech Enhancement in Unseen Noisy and Reverberant Conditions using KISS-GEV Beamforming

no code implementations6 Oct 2021 Thomas Bernard, François Grondin

This paper introduces a new method referred to as KISS-GEV (for Keep It Super Simple Generalized eigenvalue) beamforming.

Speech Enhancement

Neural Network Based Lidar Gesture Recognition for Realtime Robot Teleoperation

no code implementations17 Sep 2021 Simon Chamorro, Jack Collier, François Grondin

Pose estimates are predicted from lidar scans using a Convolutional Neural Network trained using an existing stereo-based pose estimation system.

Data Augmentation Gesture Recognition +1

ODAS: Open embeddeD Audition System

1 code implementation5 Mar 2021 François Grondin, Dominic Létourneau, Cédric Godin, Jean-Samuel Lauzon, Jonathan Vincent, Simon Michaud, Samuel Faucher, François Michaud

Artificial audition aims at providing hearing capabilities to machines, computers and robots.

BIRD: Big Impulse Response Dataset

1 code implementation19 Oct 2020 François Grondin, Jean-Samuel Lauzon, Simon Michaud, Mirco Ravanelli, François Michaud

This paper introduces BIRD, the Big Impulse Response Dataset.

Sound Audio and Speech Processing

Dynamic Object Tracking and Masking for Visual SLAM

1 code implementation31 Jul 2020 Jonathan Vincent, Mathieu Labbé, Jean-Samuel Lauzon, François Grondin, Pier-Marc Comtois-Rivet, François Michaud

In dynamic environments, performance of visual SLAM techniques can be impaired by visual features taken from moving objects.

Loop Closure Detection Object +2

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