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Generating people flow from architecture of real unseen environments

1 code implementation23 Aug 2022 Francesco Verdoja, Tomasz Piotr Kucner, Ville Kyrki

In this work we propose a novel approach to learn people dynamics from geometry, where a model is trained and evaluated on real human trajectories in large-scale environments.

DDGC: Generative Deep Dexterous Grasping in Clutter

no code implementations8 Mar 2021 Jens Lundell, Francesco Verdoja, Ville Kyrki

Multi-finger grasping in cluttered scenes, on the other hand, remains mostly unexplored due to the added difficulty of reasoning over obstacles which greatly increases the computational time to generate high-quality collision-free grasps.

Robotic Grasping

Multi-FinGAN: Generative Coarse-To-Fine Sampling of Multi-Finger Grasps

1 code implementation17 Dec 2020 Jens Lundell, Enric Corona, Tran Nguyen Le, Francesco Verdoja, Philippe Weinzaepfel, Gregory Rogez, Francesc Moreno-Noguer, Ville Kyrki

While there exists many methods for manipulating rigid objects with parallel-jaw grippers, grasping with multi-finger robotic hands remains a quite unexplored research topic.

Probabilistic Surface Friction Estimation Based on Visual and Haptic Measurements

no code implementations16 Oct 2020 Tran Nguyen Le, Francesco Verdoja, Fares J. Abu-Dakka, Ville Kyrki

Accurately modeling local surface properties of objects is crucial to many robotic applications, from grasping to material recognition.

Material Recognition

Notes on the Behavior of MC Dropout

1 code implementation6 Aug 2020 Francesco Verdoja, Ville Kyrki

Among the various options to estimate uncertainty in deep neural networks, Monte-Carlo dropout is widely popular for its simplicity and effectiveness.

Beyond Top-Grasps Through Scene Completion

no code implementations15 Sep 2019 Jens Lundell, Francesco Verdoja, Ville Kyrki

Current end-to-end grasp planning methods propose grasps in the order of seconds that attain high grasp success rates on a diverse set of objects, but often by constraining the workspace to top-grasps.

Grasp Generation

Robust Grasp Planning Over Uncertain Shape Completions

2 code implementations2 Mar 2019 Jens Lundell, Francesco Verdoja, Ville Kyrki

We present a method for planning robust grasps over uncertain shape completed objects.


Deep Network Uncertainty Maps for Indoor Navigation

1 code implementation13 Sep 2018 Francesco Verdoja, Jens Lundell, Ville Kyrki

Most mobile robots for indoor use rely on 2D laser scanners for localization, mapping and navigation.

Autonomous Navigation

Hallucinating robots: Inferring Obstacle Distances from Partial Laser Measurements

1 code implementation31 May 2018 Jens Lundell, Francesco Verdoja, Ville Kyrki

However, those sensors are unable to correctly provide distance to obstacles such as glass panels and tables whose actual occupancy is invisible at the height the sensor is measuring.

Graph Laplacian for Image Anomaly Detection

1 code implementation27 Feb 2018 Francesco Verdoja, Marco Grangetto

Reed-Xiaoli detector (RXD) is recognized as the benchmark algorithm for image anomaly detection; however, it presents known limitations, namely the dependence over the image following a multivariate Gaussian model, the estimation and inversion of a high-dimensional covariance matrix, and the inability to effectively include spatial awareness in its evaluation.

Anomaly Detection

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