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Training face verification models from generated face identity data

no code implementations2 Aug 2021 Dennis Conway, Loic Simon, Alexis Lechervy, Frederic Jurie

We find that the addition of a small amount of private data greatly improves the performance of our model, which highlights the limitations of using synthetic data to train machine learning models.

Face Recognition Face Verification +1

This Person (Probably) Exists. Identity Membership Attacks Against GAN Generated Faces

no code implementations13 Jul 2021 Ryan Webster, Julien Rabin, Loic Simon, Frederic Jurie

Recently, generative adversarial networks (GANs) have achieved stunning realism, fooling even human observers.

Detecting Overfitting of Deep Generative Networks via Latent Recovery

1 code implementation CVPR 2019 Ryan Webster, Julien Rabin, Loic Simon, Frederic Jurie

Using this methodology, this paper shows that overfitting is not detectable in the pure GAN models proposed in the literature, in contrast with those using hybrid adversarial losses, which are amongst the most widely applied generative methods.

Facial Inpainting Super-Resolution

Unsupervised part learning for visual recognition

no code implementations CVPR 2017 Ronan Sicre, Yannis Avrithis, Ewa Kijak, Frederic Jurie

This strategy opens the door to the use of PBM in new applications for which the notion of image categories is irrelevant, such as instance-based image retrieval, for example.

Classification General Classification +2

Automatic discovery of discriminative parts as a quadratic assignment problem

no code implementations14 Nov 2016 Ronan Sicre, Julien Rabin, Yannis Avrithis, Teddy Furon, Frederic Jurie

Part-based image classification consists in representing categories by small sets of discriminative parts upon which a representation of the images is built.

General Classification Image Classification

Deep fusion of visual signatures for client-server facial analysis

no code implementations1 Nov 2016 Binod Bhattarai, Gaurav Sharma, Frederic Jurie

The challenge addressed in this paper is to design a common universal representation such that a single merged signature is transmitted to the server, whatever be the type and number of features computed by the client, ensuring nonetheless an optimal performance.

CP-mtML: Coupled Projection multi-task Metric Learning for Large Scale Face Retrieval

no code implementations CVPR 2016 Binod Bhattarai, Gaurav Sharma, Frederic Jurie

The experiments clearly demonstrate the scalability and improved performance of the proposed method on the tasks of identity and age based face image retrieval compared to competitive existing methods, on the standard datasets and with the presence of a million distractor face images.

Face Image Retrieval Metric Learning +1

Local Higher-Order Statistics (LHS) describing images with statistics of local non-binarized pixel patterns

no code implementations2 Oct 2015 Gaurav Sharma, Frederic Jurie

We propose a new image representation for texture categorization and facial analysis, relying on the use of higher-order local differential statistics as features.


Expanded Parts Model for Semantic Description of Humans in Still Images

no code implementations14 Sep 2015 Gaurav Sharma, Frederic Jurie, Cordelia Schmid

We validate our method on three recent challenging datasets of human attributes and actions.

Hybrid multi-layer Deep CNN/Aggregator feature for image classification

no code implementations13 Mar 2015 Praveen Kulkarni, Joaquin Zepeda, Frederic Jurie, Patrick Perez, Louis Chevallier

A second variant of our approach that includes the fully connected DCNN layers significantly outperforms Fisher vector schemes and performs comparably to DCNN approaches adapted to Pascal VOC 2007, yet at only a small fraction of the training and testing cost.

Classification General Classification +1

Histograms of Pattern Sets for Image Classification and Object Recognition

no code implementations CVPR 2014 Winn Voravuthikunchai, Bruno Cremilleux, Frederic Jurie

This paper introduces a novel image representation capturing feature dependencies through the mining of meaningful combinations of visual features.

Binarization General Classification +3

Expanded Parts Model for Human Attribute and Action Recognition in Still Images

no code implementations CVPR 2013 Gaurav Sharma, Frederic Jurie, Cordelia Schmid

We propose a new model for recognizing human attributes (e. g. wearing a suit, sitting, short hair) and actions (e. g. running, riding a horse) in still images.

Action Recognition In Still Images

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