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Reactor Optimization Benchmark by Reinforcement Learning

1 code implementation21 Mar 2024 Deborah Schwarcz, Nadav Schneider, Gal Oren, Uri Steinitz

Neutronic calculations for reactors are a daunting task when using Monte Carlo (MC) methods.


OMPGPT: A Generative Pre-trained Transformer Model for OpenMP

no code implementations28 Jan 2024 Le Chen, Arijit Bhattacharjee, Nesreen Ahmed, Niranjan Hasabnis, Gal Oren, Vy Vo, Ali Jannesari

Our extensive evaluations demonstrate that OMPGPT outperforms existing large language models specialized in OpenMP tasks and maintains a notably smaller size, aligning it more closely with the typical hardware constraints of HPC environments.

Code Completion Code Generation +3

Domain-Specific Code Language Models: Unraveling the Potential for HPC Codes and Tasks

2 code implementations20 Dec 2023 Tal Kadosh, Niranjan Hasabnis, Vy A. Vo, Nadav Schneider, Neva Krien, Mihai Capota, Abdul Wasay, Nesreen Ahmed, Ted Willke, Guy Tamir, Yuval Pinter, Timothy Mattson, Gal Oren

Specifically, we start off with HPC as a domain and build an HPC-specific LM, named MonoCoder, that is orders of magnitude smaller than existing LMs but delivers similar, if not better performance, on non-HPC and HPC tasks.

Code Generation

CompCodeVet: A Compiler-guided Validation and Enhancement Approach for Code Dataset

no code implementations11 Nov 2023 Le Chen, Arijit Bhattacharjee, Nesreen K. Ahmed, Niranjan Hasabnis, Gal Oren, Bin Lei, Ali Jannesari

The evaluation of CompCodeVet on two open-source code datasets shows that CompCodeVet has the ability to improve the training dataset quality for LLMs.

C++ code Code Generation +2

Scope is all you need: Transforming LLMs for HPC Code

2 code implementations18 Aug 2023 Tal Kadosh, Niranjan Hasabnis, Vy A. Vo, Nadav Schneider, Neva Krien, Abdul Wasay, Nesreen Ahmed, Ted Willke, Guy Tamir, Yuval Pinter, Timothy Mattson, Gal Oren

With easier access to powerful compute resources, there is a growing trend in the field of AI for software development to develop larger and larger language models (LLMs) to address a variety of programming tasks.

Code Completion

Explainable Multi-View Deep Networks Methodology for Experimental Physics

1 code implementation16 Aug 2023 Nadav Schneider, Muriel Tzdaka, Galit Sturm, Guy Lazovski, Galit Bar, Gilad Oren, Raz Gvishi, Gal Oren

In this paper, we suggest different multi-view architectures for the vision domain, each suited to another problem, and we also present a methodology for explaining these models.


Advising OpenMP Parallelization via a Graph-Based Approach with Transformers

2 code implementations16 May 2023 Tal Kadosh, Nadav Schneider, Niranjan Hasabnis, Timothy Mattson, Yuval Pinter, Gal Oren

Specifically, we propose a novel approach, called OMPify, to detect and predict the OpenMP pragmas and shared-memory attributes in parallel code, given its serial version.

Data Augmentation

Learning to Parallelize in a Shared-Memory Environment with Transformers

2 code implementations27 Apr 2022 Re'em Harel, Yuval Pinter, Gal Oren

As a result, there is a growing need to utilize these architectures by introducing shared memory parallelization schemes to software applications.


ChangeChip: A Reference-Based Unsupervised Change Detection for PCB Defect Detection

1 code implementation13 Sep 2021 Yehonatan Fridman, Matan Rusanovsky, Gal Oren

In this paper, we introduce ChangeChip, an automated and integrated change detection system for defect detection in PCBs, from soldering defects to missing or misaligned electronic elements, based on Computer Vision (CV) and UL.

Change Detection Defect Detection

An End-to-End Computer Vision Methodology for Quantitative Metallography

2 code implementations22 Apr 2021 Matan Rusanovsky, Ofer Beeri, Gal Oren

(4) Deep anomaly detection and pattern recognition is performed on the inclusions masks to determine spatial, shape and area anomaly detection of the inclusions.

Anomaly Detection Image Inpainting +1

Optimized Memoryless Fair-Share HPC Resources Scheduling using Transparent Checkpoint-Restart Preemption

no code implementations25 Feb 2021 Kfir Zvi, Gal Oren

Common resource management methods in supercomputing systems usually include hard divisions, capping, and quota allotment.

Fairness Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing

Complete CVDL Methodology for Investigating Hydrodynamic Instabilities

1 code implementation3 Apr 2020 Re'em Harel, Matan Rusanovsky, Yehonatan Fridman, Assaf Shimony, Gal Oren

In fluid dynamics, one of the most important research fields is hydrodynamic instabilities and their evolution in different flow regimes.

Image Retrieval Retrieval +2

MLography: An Automated Quantitative Metallography Model for Impurities Anomaly Detection using Novel Data Mining and Deep Learning Approach

1 code implementation27 Feb 2020 Matan Rusanovsky, Gal Oren, Sigalit Ifergane, Ofer Beeri

The micro-structure of most of the engineering alloys contains some inclusions and precipitates, which may affect their properties, therefore it is crucial to characterize them.

Anomaly Detection

Cooperative image captioning

no code implementations26 Jul 2019 Gilad Vered, Gal Oren, Yuval Atzmon, Gal Chechik

Second, we show that the generated descriptions can be kept close to natural by constraining them to be similar to human descriptions.

Image Captioning

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