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GraphFit: Learning Multi-scale Graph-Convolutional Representation for Point Cloud Normal Estimation

1 code implementation23 Jul 2022 Keqiang Li, Mingyang Zhao, Huaiyu Wu, Dong-Ming Yan, Zhen Shen, Fei-Yue Wang, Gang Xiong

We propose a precise and efficient normal estimation method that can deal with noise and nonuniform density for unstructured 3D point clouds.

Surface Normals Estimation

TTAGN: Temporal Transaction Aggregation Graph Network for Ethereum Phishing Scams Detection

no code implementations28 Apr 2022 Sijia Li, Gaopeng Gou, Chang Liu, Chengshang Hou, Zhenzhen Li, Gang Xiong

In this paper, we propose a Temporal Transaction Aggregation Graph Network (TTAGN) to enhance phishing scams detection performance on Ethereum.

Representation Learning

6GAN: IPv6 Multi-Pattern Target Generation via Generative Adversarial Nets with Reinforcement Learning

1 code implementation21 Apr 2022 Tianyu Cui, Gaopeng Gou, Gang Xiong, Chang Liu, Peipei Fu, Zhen Li

6GAN forces multiple generators to train with a multi-class discriminator and an alias detector to generate non-aliased active targets with different addressing pattern types.

Decision Making reinforcement-learning +1

6GCVAE: Gated Convolutional Variational Autoencoder for IPv6 Target Generation

no code implementations20 Apr 2022 Tianyu Cui, Gaopeng Gou, Gang Xiong

IPv6 scanning has always been a challenge for researchers in the field of network measurement.

ET-BERT: A Contextualized Datagram Representation with Pre-training Transformers for Encrypted Traffic Classification

1 code implementation13 Feb 2022 Xinjie Lin, Gang Xiong, Gaopeng Gou, Zhen Li, Junzheng Shi, Jing Yu

In this paper, we propose a new traffic representation model called Encrypted Traffic Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformer (ET-BERT), which pre-trains deep contextualized datagram-level representation from large-scale unlabeled data.

Classification Management +1

6VecLM: Language Modeling in Vector Space for IPv6 Target Generation

no code implementations5 Aug 2020 Tianyu Cui, Gang Xiong, Gaopeng Gou, Junzheng Shi, Wei Xia

Fast IPv6 scanning is challenging in the field of network measurement as it requires exploring the whole IPv6 address space but limited by current computational power.

Language Modelling

Using Non-invertible Data Transformations to Build Adversarial-Robust Neural Networks

no code implementations6 Oct 2016 Qinglong Wang, Wenbo Guo, Alexander G. Ororbia II, Xinyu Xing, Lin Lin, C. Lee Giles, Xue Liu, Peng Liu, Gang Xiong

Deep neural networks have proven to be quite effective in a wide variety of machine learning tasks, ranging from improved speech recognition systems to advancing the development of autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous Vehicles Dimensionality Reduction +2

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