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Open-TransMind: A New Baseline and Benchmark for 1st Foundation Model Challenge of Intelligent Transportation

1 code implementation12 Apr 2023 Yifeng Shi, Feng Lv, Xinliang Wang, Chunlong Xia, Shaojie Li, Shujie Yang, Teng Xi, Gang Zhang

To address these, we designed the 1st Foundation Model Challenge, with the goal of increasing the popularity of foundation model technology in traffic scenarios and promoting the rapid development of the intelligent transportation industry.

Image Retrieval Retrieval

A Unified Continual Learning Framework with General Parameter-Efficient Tuning

1 code implementation17 Mar 2023 Qiankun Gao, Chen Zhao, Yifan Sun, Teng Xi, Gang Zhang, Bernard Ghanem, Jian Zhang

The "pre-training $\rightarrow$ downstream adaptation" presents both new opportunities and challenges for Continual Learning (CL).

Continual Learning

CFNet: Cascade Fusion Network for Dense Prediction

1 code implementation13 Feb 2023 Gang Zhang, Ziyi Li, Jianmin Li, Xiaolin Hu

Multi-scale features are essential for dense prediction tasks, including object detection, instance segmentation, and semantic segmentation.

Instance Segmentation object-detection +2

Dual Relation Knowledge Distillation for Object Detection

no code implementations11 Feb 2023 ZhenLiang Ni, Fukui Yang, Shengzhao Wen, Gang Zhang

By distilling the global pixel relation, the student detector can learn the relation between foreground and background features, and avoid the difficulty of distilling features directly for the feature imbalance issue.

Knowledge Distillation Model Compression +2

Center Focusing Network for Real-Time LiDAR Panoptic Segmentation

no code implementations CVPR 2023 Xiaoyan Li, Gang Zhang, Boyue Wang, Yongli Hu, BaoCai Yin

LiDAR panoptic segmentation facilitates an autonomous vehicle to comprehensively understand the surrounding objects and scenes and is required to run in real time.

Panoptic Segmentation

Active Pointly-Supervised Instance Segmentation

1 code implementation23 Jul 2022 Chufeng Tang, Lingxi Xie, Gang Zhang, Xiaopeng Zhang, Qi Tian, Xiaolin Hu

In this paper, we present an economic active learning setting, named active pointly-supervised instance segmentation (APIS), which starts with box-level annotations and iteratively samples a point within the box and asks if it falls on the object.

Active Learning Instance Segmentation +1

CPGNet: Cascade Point-Grid Fusion Network for Real-Time LiDAR Semantic Segmentation

2 code implementations21 Apr 2022 Xiaoyan Li, Gang Zhang, Hongyu Pan, Zhenhua Wang

LiDAR semantic segmentation essential for advanced autonomous driving is required to be accurate, fast, and easy-deployed on mobile platforms.

Autonomous Driving LIDAR Semantic Segmentation +2

The Winning Solution to the iFLYTEK Challenge 2021 Cultivated Land Extraction from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image

1 code implementation22 Feb 2022 Zhen Zhao, Yuqiu Liu, Gang Zhang, Liang Tang, Xiaolin Hu

This report introduces our solution to the iFLYTEK challenge 2021 cultivated land extraction from high-resolution remote sensing image.

Instance Segmentation Semantic Segmentation

Equalized Focal Loss for Dense Long-Tailed Object Detection

1 code implementation CVPR 2022 Bo Li, Yongqiang Yao, Jingru Tan, Gang Zhang, Fengwei Yu, Jianwei Lu, Ye Luo

The conventional focal loss balances the training process with the same modulating factor for all categories, thus failing to handle the long-tailed problem.

object-detection Object Detection

An Information Theory-inspired Strategy for Automatic Network Pruning

1 code implementation19 Aug 2021 Xiawu Zheng, Yuexiao Ma, Teng Xi, Gang Zhang, Errui Ding, Yuchao Li, Jie Chen, Yonghong Tian, Rongrong Ji

This practically limits the application of model compression when the model needs to be deployed on a wide range of devices.

AutoML Model Compression +1

RefineMask: Towards High-Quality Instance Segmentation with Fine-Grained Features

1 code implementation CVPR 2021 Gang Zhang, Xin Lu, Jingru Tan, Jianmin Li, Zhaoxiang Zhang, Quanquan Li, Xiaolin Hu

In this work, we propose a new method called RefineMask for high-quality instance segmentation of objects and scenes, which incorporates fine-grained features during the instance-wise segmenting process in a multi-stage manner.

Instance Segmentation Semantic Segmentation +1

Coexistience of phononic six-fold, four-fold and three-fold excitations in ternary antimonide Zr3Ni3Sb4

no code implementations22 Feb 2021 Mingmin Zhong, Ying Liu, Feng Zhou, Minquan Kuang, Tie Yang, Xiaotian Wang, Gang Zhang

However, these materials are uncommon because these excitations in electronic systems are usually broken by spin-orbit coupling (SOC) and normally far from the Fermi level.

Materials Science

EC-DARTS: Inducing Equalized and Consistent Optimization Into DARTS

no code implementations ICCV 2021 Qinqin Zhou, Xiawu Zheng, Liujuan Cao, Bineng Zhong, Teng Xi, Gang Zhang, Errui Ding, Mingliang Xu, Rongrong Ji

EC-DARTS decouples different operations based on their categories to optimize the operation weights so that the operation gap between them is shrinked.

Equalization Loss v2: A New Gradient Balance Approach for Long-tailed Object Detection

2 code implementations CVPR 2021 Jingru Tan, Xin Lu, Gang Zhang, Changqing Yin, Quanquan Li

To address the problem of imbalanced gradients, we introduce a new version of equalization loss, called equalization loss v2 (EQL v2), a novel gradient guided reweighing mechanism that re-balances the training process for each category independently and equally.

Instance Segmentation object-detection +1

AutoPruning for Deep Neural Network with Dynamic Channel Masking

no code implementations22 Oct 2020 Baopu Li, Yanwen Fan, Zhihong Pan, Gang Zhang

In the process of pruning, we utilize a searchable hyperparameter, remaining ratio, to denote the number of channels in each convolution layer, and then a dynamic masking process is proposed to describe the corresponding channel evolution.

AutoML Network Pruning

Real Image Super Resolution Via Heterogeneous Model Ensemble using GP-NAS

no code implementations2 Sep 2020 Zhihong Pan, Baopu Li, Teng Xi, Yanwen Fan, Gang Zhang, Jingtuo Liu, Junyu Han, Errui Ding

With advancement in deep neural network (DNN), recent state-of-the-art (SOTA) image superresolution (SR) methods have achieved impressive performance using deep residual network with dense skip connections.

Image Super-Resolution Neural Architecture Search

Generative Adversarial Network with Spatial Attention for Face Attribute Editing

1 code implementation ECCV 2018 Gang Zhang, Meina Kan, Shiguang Shan, Xilin Chen

The generator contains an attribute manipulation network (AMN) to edit the face image, and a spatial attention network (SAN) to localize the attribute-specific region which restricts the alternation of AMN within this region.

Data Augmentation Face Recognition

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