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Common Sense Reasoning for Deep Fake Detection

no code implementations31 Jan 2024 Yue Zhang, Ben Colman, Ali Shahriyari, Gaurav Bharaj

State-of-the-art approaches rely on image-based features extracted via neural networks for the deepfake detection binary classification.

Binary Classification Common Sense Reasoning +3

Common-Sense Bias Discovery and Mitigation for Classification Tasks

no code implementations24 Jan 2024 Miao Zhang, Zee Fryer, Ben Colman, Ali Shahriyari, Gaurav Bharaj

Machine learning model bias can arise from dataset composition: sensitive features correlated to the learning target disturb the model decision rule and lead to performance differences along the features.

Classification Common Sense Reasoning

Implicit Neural Head Synthesis via Controllable Local Deformation Fields

no code implementations CVPR 2023 Chuhan Chen, Matthew O'Toole, Gaurav Bharaj, Pablo Garrido

We build on part-based implicit shape models that decompose a global deformation field into local ones.

Few-shot Geometry-Aware Keypoint Localization

no code implementations CVPR 2023 Xingzhe He, Gaurav Bharaj, David Ferman, Helge Rhodin, Pablo Garrido

Supervised keypoint localization methods rely on large manually labeled image datasets, where objects can deform, articulate, or occlude.

Object Localization

Unsupervised Facial Performance Editing via Vector-Quantized StyleGAN Representations

no code implementations ICCV 2023 Berkay Kicanaoglu, Pablo Garrido, Gaurav Bharaj

Such representations along with 3D tracking can be used as self-supervision to train a generator with control over coarse expressions and finer facial attributes.

Face Generation Face Model +3

Towards Device Efficient Conditional Image Generation

no code implementations19 Mar 2022 Nisarg A. Shah, Gaurav Bharaj

We present a novel algorithm to reduce tensor compute required by a conditional image generation autoencoder without sacrificing quality of photo-realistic image generation.

Conditional Image Generation

Multi-Domain Multi-Definition Landmark Localization for Small Datasets

no code implementations19 Mar 2022 David Ferman, Gaurav Bharaj

Training a small dataset alongside a large(r) dataset helps with robust learning for the former, and provides a universal mechanism for facial landmark localization for new and/or smaller standard datasets.

Face Alignment

Generative Landmarks

no code implementations8 Apr 2021 David Ferman, Gaurav Bharaj

We propose a general purpose approach to detect landmarks with improved temporal consistency, and personalization.

Generative Adversarial Network Translation

Grapheme-to-Phoneme Transformer Model for Transfer Learning Dialects

no code implementations8 Apr 2021 Eric Engelhart, Mahsa Elyasi, Gaurav Bharaj

And transformer-based models require significant training data, and do not generalize well, especially for dialects with limited data.

Transfer Learning

Flavored Tacotron: Conditional Learning for Prosodic-linguistic Features

no code implementations8 Apr 2021 Mahsa Elyasi, Gaurav Bharaj

In this work, we propose a novel carefully designed strategy for conditioning Tacotron-2 on two fundamental prosodic features in English -- stress syllable and pitch accent, that help achieve more natural prosody.

Speech Synthesis Text-To-Speech Synthesis

Practical Face Reconstruction via Differentiable Ray Tracing

1 code implementation13 Jan 2021 Abdallah Dib, Gaurav Bharaj, Junghyun Ahn, Cédric Thébault, Philippe-Henri Gosselin, Marco Romeo, Louis Chevallier

The proposed method models scene illumination via a novel, parameterized virtual light stage, which in-conjunction with differentiable ray-tracing, introduces a coarse-to-fine optimization formulation for face reconstruction.

Attribute Face Reconstruction

StyleRig: Rigging StyleGAN for 3D Control over Portrait Images

no code implementations CVPR 2020 Ayush Tewari, Mohamed Elgharib, Gaurav Bharaj, Florian Bernard, Hans-Peter Seidel, Patrick Pérez, Michael Zollhöfer, Christian Theobalt

StyleGAN generates photorealistic portrait images of faces with eyes, teeth, hair and context (neck, shoulders, background), but lacks a rig-like control over semantic face parameters that are interpretable in 3D, such as face pose, expressions, and scene illumination.

Face Reflectance and Geometry Modeling via Differentiable Ray Tracing

no code implementations3 Oct 2019 Abdallah Dib, Gaurav Bharaj, Junghyun Ahn, Cedric Thebault, Philippe-Henri Gosselin, Louis Chevallier

We present a novel strategy to automatically reconstruct 3D faces from monocular images with explicitly disentangled facial geometry (pose, identity and expression), reflectance (diffuse and specular albedo), and self-shadows.

FML: Face Model Learning from Videos

no code implementations CVPR 2019 Ayush Tewari, Florian Bernard, Pablo Garrido, Gaurav Bharaj, Mohamed Elgharib, Hans-Peter Seidel, Patrick Pérez, Michael Zollhöfer, Christian Theobalt

In contrast, we propose multi-frame video-based self-supervised training of a deep network that (i) learns a face identity model both in shape and appearance while (ii) jointly learning to reconstruct 3D faces.

3D Reconstruction Face Model +1

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