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Super-Resolution Harmonic Retrieval of Non-Circular Signals

no code implementations17 Jan 2023 Yu Zhang, Yue Wang, Zhi Tian, Geert Leus, Gong Zhang

This paper proposes a super-resolution harmonic retrieval method for uncorrelated strictly non-circular signals, whose covariance and pseudo-covariance present Toeplitz and Hankel structures, respectively.

Retrieval Super-Resolution

Trading off Quality for Efficiency of Community Detection: An Inductive Method across Graphs

no code implementations29 Sep 2022 Meng Qin, Chaorui Zhang, Bo Bai, Gong Zhang, Dit-yan Yeung

The trained model is then directly generalized to new unseen graphs for online CD without additional optimization, where a better trade-off between quality and efficiency can be achieved.

Combinatorial Optimization Community Detection

Grasping the Arrow of Time from the Singularity: Decoding Micromotion in Low-dimensional Latent Spaces from StyleGAN

1 code implementation27 Apr 2022 Qiucheng Wu, Yifan Jiang, Junru Wu, Kai Wang, Gong Zhang, Humphrey Shi, Zhangyang Wang, Shiyu Chang

To study the motion features in the latent space of StyleGAN, in this paper, we hypothesize and demonstrate that a series of meaningful, natural, and versatile small, local movements (referred to as "micromotion", such as expression, head movement, and aging effect) can be represented in low-rank spaces extracted from the latent space of a conventionally pre-trained StyleGAN-v2 model for face generation, with the guidance of proper "anchors" in the form of either short text or video clips.

Disentanglement Face Generation

More Control for Free! Image Synthesis with Semantic Diffusion Guidance

no code implementations10 Dec 2021 Xihui Liu, Dong Huk Park, Samaneh Azadi, Gong Zhang, Arman Chopikyan, Yuxiao Hu, Humphrey Shi, Anna Rohrbach, Trevor Darrell

We investigate fine-grained, continuous control of this model class, and introduce a novel unified framework for semantic diffusion guidance, which allows either language or image guidance, or both.

Continuous Control Denoising +1

Trading Quality for Efficiency of Graph Partitioning: An Inductive Method across Graphs

no code implementations29 Sep 2021 Meng Qin, Chaorui Zhang, Bo Bai, Gong Zhang, Dit-yan Yeung

IGP is also a generic framework that can capture the permutation invariant partitioning ground-truth of historical snapshots in the offline training and tackle the online GP on graphs with non-fixed number of nodes and clusters.

Combinatorial Optimization graph partitioning

Cross-lingual Entity Alignment with Adversarial Kernel Embedding and Adversarial Knowledge Translation

1 code implementation16 Apr 2021 Gong Zhang, Yang Zhou, Sixing Wu, Zeru Zhang, Dejing Dou

With the guidance of known aligned entities in the context of multiple random walks, an adversarial knowledge translation model is developed to fill and translate masked entities in pairwise random walks from two KGs.

Entity Alignment Knowledge Graphs +1

A Convergent Semi-Proximal Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for Recovering Internet Traffics from Link Measurements

no code implementations5 Feb 2021 Zhenyu Ming, Liping Zhang, Hao Wu, Yanwei Xu, Mayank Bakshi, Bo Bai, Gong Zhang

Our model can be divided into a series of subproblems, which only relate to the traffics in a certain individual time interval.

Optimization and Control

Lower Bound on the Optimal Access Bandwidth of ($K+2,K,2$)-MDS Array Code with Degraded Read Friendly

no code implementations4 Feb 2021 Ting-Yi Wu, Yunghsiang S. Han, Zhengrui Li, Bo Bai, Gong Zhang, Liang Chen, Xiang Wu

Accessing the data in the failed disk (degraded read) with low latency is crucial for an erasure-coded storage system.

Information Theory Information Theory

Query-aware Tip Generation for Vertical Search

no code implementations19 Oct 2020 Yang Yang, Junmei Hao, Canjia Li, Zili Wang, Jingang Wang, Fuzheng Zhang, Rao Fu, Peixu Hou, Gong Zhang, Zhongyuan Wang

Existing work on tip generation does not take query into consideration, which limits the impact of tips in search scenarios.

Decision Making

Joint Bandwidth Allocation and Path Selection in WANs with Path Cardinality Constraints

no code implementations10 Aug 2020 Jinxin Wang, Fan Zhang, Zhonglin Xie, Gong Zhang, Zaiwen Wen

Almost all existing works deal with such a problem using relaxation techniques to transform it to be a convex optimization problem.


AHash: A Load-Balanced One Permutation Hash

1 code implementation25 Sep 2019 Chenxingyu Zhao, Jie Gui, Yixiao Guo, Jie Jiang, Tong Yang, Bin Cui, Gong Zhang

Unlike the densification to fill the empty bins after they undesirably occur, our design goal is to balance the load so as to reduce the empty bins in advance.

X-Forest: Approximate Random Projection Trees for Similarity Measurement

1 code implementation25 Sep 2019 Yikai Zhao, Peiqing Chen, Zidong Zhao, Tong Yang, Jie Jiang, Bin Cui, Gong Zhang, Steve Uhlig

First, we introduced RP Trees into the tasks of similarity measurement such that accuracy is improved.

GCN-GAN: A Non-linear Temporal Link Prediction Model for Weighted Dynamic Networks

no code implementations26 Jan 2019 Kai Lei, Meng Qin, Bo Bai, Gong Zhang, Min Yang

Different from conventional techniques of temporal link prediction that ignore the potential non-linear characteristics and the informative link weights in the dynamic network, we introduce a novel non-linear model GCN-GAN to tackle the challenging temporal link prediction task of weighted dynamic networks.

Link Prediction

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