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Enabling more efficient and cost-effective AI/ML systems with Collective Mind, virtualized MLOps, MLPerf, Collective Knowledge Playground and reproducible optimization tournaments

3 code implementations24 Jun 2024 Grigori Fursin

I achieved that with the help of portable, reusable and technology-agnostic automation recipes (ResearchOps) for MLOps and DevOps (CM4MLOps) discovered in close collaboration with academia and industry when reproducing more than 150 research papers and organizing the 1st mass-scale community benchmarking of ML and AI systems using CM and MLPerf.


CodeReef: an open platform for portable MLOps, reusable automation actions and reproducible benchmarking

2 code implementations22 Jan 2020 Grigori Fursin, Herve Guillou, Nicolas Essayan

We present CodeReef - an open platform to share all the components necessary to enable cross-platform MLOps (MLSysOps), i. e. automating the deployment of ML models across diverse systems in the most efficient way.

Benchmarking object-detection +1

SysML'19 demo: customizable and reusable Collective Knowledge pipelines to automate and reproduce machine learning experiments

no code implementations31 Mar 2019 Grigori Fursin

Reproducing, comparing and reusing results from machine learning and systems papers is a very tedious, ad hoc and time-consuming process.

Benchmarking BIG-bench Machine Learning

Introducing ReQuEST: an Open Platform for Reproducible and Quality-Efficient Systems-ML Tournaments

7 code implementations19 Jan 2018 Thierry Moreau, Anton Lokhmotov, Grigori Fursin

Co-designing efficient machine learning based systems across the whole hardware/software stack to trade off speed, accuracy, energy and costs is becoming extremely complex and time consuming.

BIG-bench Machine Learning

A Collective Knowledge workflow for collaborative research into multi-objective autotuning and machine learning techniques

3 code implementations19 Jan 2018 Grigori Fursin, Anton Lokhmotov, Dmitry Savenko, Eben Upton

Developing efficient software and hardware has never been harder whether it is for a tiny IoT device or an Exascale supercomputer.

Human-Computer Interaction Computers and Society

Collective Mind, Part II: Towards Performance- and Cost-Aware Software Engineering as a Natural Science

22 code implementations20 Jun 2015 Grigori Fursin, Abdul Memon, Christophe Guillon, Anton Lokhmotov

Nowadays, engineers have to develop software often without even knowing which hardware it will eventually run on in numerous mobile phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, data centers, supercomputers and cloud services.

Finding representative sets of optimizations for adaptive multiversioning applications

10 code implementations14 Jul 2014 Lianjie Luo, Yang Chen, Chengyong Wu, Shun Long, Grigori Fursin

Iterative compilation is a widely adopted technique to optimize programs for different constraints such as performance, code size and power consumption in rapidly evolving hardware and software environments.

Community-driven reviewing and validation of publications

1 code implementation16 Jun 2014 Grigori Fursin, Christophe Dubach

In this report, we share our practical experience on crowdsourcing evaluation of research artifacts and reviewing of publications since 2008.

Digital Libraries

Collective Mind: cleaning up the research and experimentation mess in computer engineering using crowdsourcing, big data and machine learning

no code implementations11 Aug 2013 Grigori Fursin

Software and hardware co-design and optimization of HPC systems has become intolerably complex, ad-hoc, time consuming and error prone due to enormous number of available design and optimization choices, complex interactions between all software and hardware components, and multiple strict requirements placed on performance, power consumption, size, reliability and cost.

Problem Decomposition

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