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MUCIC@TamilNLP-ACL2022: Abusive Comment Detection in Tamil Language using 1D Conv-LSTM

1 code implementation DravidianLangTech (ACL) 2022 Fazlourrahman Balouchzahi, Anusha Gowda, Hosahalli Shashirekha, Grigori Sidorov

To address the automatic detection of abusive languages in online platforms, this paper describes the models submitted by our team - MUCIC to the shared task on “Abusive Comment Detection in Tamil-ACL 2022”.

Abusive Language

The IPN-CIC team system submission for the WMT 2020 similar language task

no code implementations WMT (EMNLP) 2020 Luis A. Menéndez-Salazar, Grigori Sidorov, Marta R. Costa-jussà

This paper describes the participation of the NLP research team of the IPN Computer Research center in the WMT 2020 Similar Language Translation Task.

Domain Adaptation Translation

Sarcasm Detection Framework Using Emotion and Sentiment Features

no code implementations23 Nov 2022 Oxana Vitman, Yevhen Kostiuk, Grigori Sidorov, Alexander Gelbukh

Sarcasm detection is an essential task that can help identify the actual sentiment in user-generated data, such as discussion forums or tweets.

Sarcasm Detection

The Effect of Normalization for Bi-directional Amharic-English Neural Machine Translation

2 code implementations27 Oct 2022 Tadesse Destaw Belay, Atnafu Lambebo Tonja, Olga Kolesnikova, Seid Muhie Yimam, Abinew Ali Ayele, Silesh Bogale Haile, Grigori Sidorov, Alexander Gelbukh

Machine translation (MT) is one of the main tasks in natural language processing whose objective is to translate texts automatically from one natural language to another.

Machine Translation Translation

PolyHope: Two-Level Hope Speech Detection from Tweets

no code implementations25 Oct 2022 Fazlourrahman Balouchzahi, Grigori Sidorov, Alexander Gelbukh

This strict annotation process resulted in promising performance for simple machine learning classifiers with only bi-grams; however, binary and multiclass hope speech detection results reveal that contextual embedding models have higher performance in this dataset.

Hope Speech Detection

Mapping Process for the Task: Wikidata Statements to Text as Wikipedia Sentences

no code implementations23 Oct 2022 Hoang Thang Ta, Alexander Gelbukha, Grigori Sidorov

Acknowledged as one of the most successful online cooperative projects in human society, Wikipedia has obtained rapid growth in recent years and desires continuously to expand content and disseminate knowledge values for everyone globally.

Data-to-Text Generation

Overview of Abusive and Threatening Language Detection in Urdu at FIRE 2021

1 code implementation14 Jul 2022 Maaz Amjad, Alisa Zhila, Grigori Sidorov, Andrey Labunets, Sabur Butta, Hamza Imam Amjad, Oxana Vitman, Alexander Gelbukh

In this paper, we present two shared tasks of abusive and threatening language detection for the Urdu language which has more than 170 million speakers worldwide.

Abusive Language

UrduFake@FIRE2021: Shared Track on Fake News Identification in Urdu

no code implementations11 Jul 2022 Maaz Amjad, Sabur Butt, Hamza Imam Amjad, Grigori Sidorov, Alisa Zhila, Alexander Gelbukh

This study reports the second shared task named as UrduFake@FIRE2021 on identifying fake news detection in Urdu language.

Fake News Detection

Overview of the Shared Task on Fake News Detection in Urdu at FIRE 2021

no code implementations11 Jul 2022 Maaz Amjad, Sabur Butt, Hamza Imam Amjad, Alisa Zhila, Grigori Sidorov, Alexander Gelbukh

Admittedly, while training sets from the past and the current years overlap to a large extent, the testing set provided this year is completely different.

Fake News Detection

What goes on inside rumour and non-rumour tweets and their reactions: A Psycholinguistic Analyses

no code implementations9 Nov 2021 Sabur Butt, Shakshi Sharma, Rajesh Sharma, Grigori Sidorov, Alexander Gelbukh

In the descriptive line of works, where researchers have tried to analyse rumours using NLP approaches, there isnt much emphasis on psycho-linguistics analyses of social media text.

Misinformation Rumour Detection

Data Augmentation using Machine Translation for Fake News Detection in the Urdu Language

no code implementations LREC 2020 Maaz Amjad, Grigori Sidorov, Alisa Zhila

As the fake news phenomenon is omnipresent across all languages, it is crucial to be able to efficiently solve this problem for languages other than English.

Data Augmentation Fake News Detection +2

The Role of Emotions in Native Language Identification

no code implementations WS 2018 Ilia Markov, Vivi Nastase, Carlo Strapparava, Grigori Sidorov

We explore the hypothesis that emotion is one of the dimensions of language that surfaces from the native language into a second language.

Deception Detection Native Language Identification +1

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