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Learning by Active Forgetting for Neural Networks

no code implementations21 Nov 2021 Jian Peng, Xian Sun, Min Deng, Chao Tao, Bo Tang, Wenbo Li, Guohua Wu, QingZhu, Yu Liu, Tao Lin, Haifeng Li

This paper presents a learning model by active forgetting mechanism with artificial neural networks.

An Overview and Experimental Study of Learning-based Optimization Algorithms for Vehicle Routing Problem

no code implementations15 Jul 2021 Bingjie Li, Guohua Wu, Yongming He, Mingfeng Fan, Witold Pedrycz

Vehicle routing problem (VRP) is a typical discrete combinatorial optimization problem, and many models and algorithms have been proposed to solve VRP and variants.

Combinatorial Optimization

Curvature Graph Neural Network

no code implementations30 Jun 2021 Haifeng Li, Jun Cao, Jiawei Zhu, Yu Liu, Qing Zhu, Guohua Wu

And we propose Curvature Graph Neural Network (CGNN), which effectively improves the adaptive locality ability of GNNs by leveraging the structural property of graph curvature.

Node Classification

A Two-stage Framework and Reinforcement Learning-based Optimization Algorithms for Complex Scheduling Problems

no code implementations10 Mar 2021 Yongming He, Guohua Wu, Yingwu Chen, Witold Pedrycz

This offers a novel and general paradigm that combines RL with OR approaches to solving scheduling problems, which leverages the respective strengths of RL and OR: The MDP narrows down the search space of the original problem through an RL method, while the mixed-integer programming process is settled by an OR algorithm.

Combinatorial Optimization

Graph Information Vanishing Phenomenon inImplicit Graph Neural Networks

no code implementations2 Mar 2021 Haifeng Li, Jun Cao, Jiawei Zhu, Qing Zhu, Guohua Wu

A class of GNNs solves this problem by learning implicit weights to represent the importance of neighbor nodes, which we call implicit GNNs such as Graph Attention Network.

Graph Attention

Integrating Variable Reduction Strategy with Evolutionary Algorithm for Solving Nonlinear Equations Systems

no code implementations13 Jul 2020 Aijuan Song, Guohua Wu, Witold Pedrycz

To test the effectiveness of VRS in dealing with NESs, this paper integrates VRS into two existing state-of-the-art EA methods (i. e., MONES and DRJADE), respectively.

Bottom-up mechanism and improved contract net protocol for the dynamic task planning of heterogeneous Earth observation resources

no code implementations13 Jul 2020 Baoju Liu, Min Deng, Guohua Wu, Xinyu Pei, Haifeng Li, Witold Pedrycz

It also demonstrates that this method can help to efficiently obtain replanning schemes based on original scheme in dynamic environments.

Simulated annealing based heuristic for multiple agile satellites scheduling under cloud coverage uncertainty

no code implementations14 Mar 2020 Chao Han, Yi Gu, Guohua Wu, Xinwei Wang

We are the first to address multiple agile EOSs scheduling problem under cloud coverage uncertainty where the objective aims to maximize the entire observation profit.

Agile Earth observation satellite scheduling over 20 years: formulations, methods and future directions

no code implementations13 Mar 2020 Xinwei Wang, Guohua Wu, Lining Xing, Witold Pedrycz

Agile satellites with advanced attitude maneuvering capability are the new generation of Earth observation satellites (EOSs).

An adaptive Simulated Annealing-based satellite observation scheduling method combined with a dynamic task clustering strategy

no code implementations14 Jan 2014 Guohua Wu, Huilin Wang, Haifeng Li, Witold Pedrycz, Dishan Qiu, Manhao Ma, Jin Liu

In this study, we present an adaptive Simulated Annealing based scheduling algorithm aggregated with a dynamic task clustering strategy (or ASA-DTC for short) for satellite observation scheduling problems (SOSPs).

Across neighbourhood search for numerical optimization

no code implementations14 Jan 2014 Guohua Wu

In this study, a novel population-based across neighbourhood search (ANS) is proposed for numerical optimization.

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